I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 49- Morning Conversations

[Luna POV]

To prepare for my date with Tamamo tonight, I spent all day dredging up memories of places that I visited in my previous life.  After discussing what to do with mom yesterday, we decided to use my illusion magic to conjure images of my old world.  I was worried about how much mana this would use but Tamamo offered to fuel the spell with hers.

“I dont know why I feel so nervous right now.”

“You should be fully prepared, unless you plan on doing something that I didnt help you figure out.”

I averted my gaze from mom.  There was that one thing I was going to do.  I would have talked with mom about it, but Tamamo was also listening in, and I didnt want to ruin the surprise.

“What else are you planning to do, Luna?”

I glanced at the ring finger on my left hand in a way mom would notice.

“I see, do you already have what you need?”

“Yeah, I have for a while.”

“Then there is no need to be nervous.  Tell me one thing though, why do this now?”

“So I can have physical proof to show people not to court me.  I figured if I do this, people who would try would leave me alone.”

“Thatll work for most people, yes, but there will still be some who dont care about that.”

“I know, Ill just have to ignore the ones who disregard it.”

“And for the ones who still persist even after that?”

“Dad will have to teach another one-armed soldier.”

“Lets hope it doesnt come to that.”

“I agree.”

Having this conversation calmed me down a bit and I noticed the moon starting to rise.

“Im heading to my room now, see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow, Luna.  Just remember to have fun tonight, that is the whole point of a date.  Oh, I plan on hearing every detail tomorrow with Ana.  No is not an option.”

“Ill think about it.”

“You will tell us, and well tell you about our first real dates.”

“If Tamamo is fine with it.”

{Ill consider it afterwards.}

I walked out of moms office and headed to my room.  When I got there, I saw Velvet waiting outside my door.

“I just wanted to say have fun.”

“I plan on it.”

She smiled and walked off the way I came from.

I entered my room, laid on my bed, and instantly my consciousness disappeared.  I woke up again to see Tamamos face right above me, her silver hair surrounding our faces and her golden, shining eyes staring right into mine.

“Hello Tamamo, Im happy to see you in person again.”

{The feelings mutual.}

We just stared into each others eyes for a few minutes when Tamamo broke eye contact.

{Before we start with the magic, Ill do what I promised yesterday and show you my fox form.}

I sat up from the heavenly lap pillow and moved a bit away.  When I was a good enough distance, I turned around to look at Tamamo.  She nodded her head and then she was surrounded in a bright light.  When the light faded, I saw a silver fox the size of a four-story building.  The nine tails were as long as a train car and looked extremely fluffy.

“Youre extremely beautiful, even in this form.”

{Im glad you like it, I even made sure my tails were extra fluffy for today.}


“I noticed.”

Tamamo returned back to human form, and I walked closer to her.

“Do you ever really need to use that form?”

{No, but its good for a change of pace every so often.  The first time I used that form, Atmos used my tails as a bed.  It was a weird experience.}

“Does she do that often?”

{Unfortunately, it does if Im ever in that form for a long time.}

“I wonder what would happen if she slept in my tails?”

{I dont think you have to worry about that for now, itll take at least a thousand years for you fox form to get that big.  When it does, though, Ill be the first one to try.  Then we could say that I was completely submerged in the Abyss of Fluff.}

“Heh.  Of course, my wife will be the first to experience the full Abyss.  Once that happens, we can spread it to others and let them know what true fluff is.  Those who can handle it will receive its blessing, and those who cant will drown in the deep.”

{Its good to see you start embracing that side of your personality, Luna.}

“Now, shall we get this date started?”


“How are you going to fuel the spell, and do you have any preference to a location you want to see first?”

{Ill channel my mana through you, and you add the illusion magic to it, as for location, how about a city.}

“Ok, just remember that these will be from my past memories so they will probably be a bit different from the actual places, especially since its been so long since Ive actually seen these places.”

Tamamo placed her hand on my back and started channeling her mana into me.  It felt really warm and comforting and I wanted to get lost in this feeling, but I needed to focus.

‘There will be time for that when we can spend all of our time together.

I brought up the memory of the time I visited New York City and cast the spell.  I saw the buildings rise up around us and a street form under our feet.  The place that we were standing turned into an image of Times Square.  There were even illusory people, but none of them had faces, so it was a bit creepy.

“Ignoring all of the faceless people, I tried my best to get the looks just right.”

{Where is this place, Luna?}

“One of the most popular cities from my previous world.  I only visited it once, but this should do as a good enough representation of the place.  As long as we dont try to go further than the edge of those buildings over there, we can explore a bit.  How long do you want to keep this illusion going?”

{Not too long, we only have a limited amount of time and I want to end this date with the coffee shop plan that gave rise to this whole date idea.}

“Ok then, lets walk around for a bit.  Try thinking of the next kind of place you want to see as well.”

After about 30 minutes of walking around my passible version of Times Square, we changed the scenery to the Grand Canyon.  After that it was Niagara Falls, then the Redwood Forest.  I also showed some places that I went to more often like some places in Tennessee where me and my family went to camp at every year.

{Come to think of it, I managed to learn a few things about your previous family.}

“Do tell.”

{While it took them a while to get over your disappearance, they managed to move on when they accepted the explanations from the few classmates you were acquainted with.  Your parents started to do well for themselves, and your father managed to retire early.  The both of them now travel around the country camping like they always dreamed of doing.  Your little sister decided to continue with your dream and opened a coffee shop.  It took off and now she manages the second most popular chain of shops in the country.}

“Thats good, Im happy that they are doing well.  Speaking of coffee, I think its about time for that.”

{I didnt think about this earlier, but how exactly are we going to prepare this coffee?}

“Thats the glory of physical illusions, Tamamo.  Theyre basically indistinguishable from real things.  The best illusions are the kind that you can touch and use as if you had the actual thing.  Of course, this is only possible here and with your help.  Ive tried making these kinds of illusions before, and they didnt last too long or didnt work too well.”

{You realize that with that kind of thinking, you are basically using creation magic, right?}

“Thats a thing?”

{Of course it is, though the only ones who can use it are the God of Creation and those who earn his blessing.}

“Will I ever have to meet him?”

{Probably, he is one of the top gods along with the god of time.  You will have to meet them at least once.}

“What are they like?”

{Hmm.  The god of creation is the curious type of person.  He likes to watch other worlds and hopes that this one will develop interesting technologies like them.  The god of time is the god of creations twin brother.  He is more laid back and enjoys reading a lot of books.  He is also the go-to person when Atmos gets out of hand with her pranks.}

“Is there any reason for that?”

{Its because their Authorities can interfere with each other.  In the past, Atmoss pranks made use of her Authority over fate to make it so they always succeeded.  These pranks started to interfere with the work of other gods, so the god of time used his Authority over time to warn others about what will happen.  He also put Atmos in a time loop of one of her more embarrassing moments for about a hundred years.  After that she calmed down for a while and he became the official Atmos deterrent.}

“Interesting.  Anyway, time for my final illusion for the night.”

Tamamo put her hand on my back again and channeled her mana into me.  I brought up the image of Mister Barts shop and made the illusion.  I also added a few of the things to make coffee from my previous world to make it easier.

“Can you hand me the stuff you prepared for today.”

{Here you go.}

Tamamo handed me a bag with ground coffee inside it.

‘This is convenient, I wont have to go with the full process then.  Now, I hope these will work.”

I walked over to the machines I conjured and started working on the coffee.  To my relief they worked, and quite well at that.  Soon, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the place.  I walked back over to Tamamo and placed a cup in front of her.

“Here you go, I dont know how you like your coffee made, so I just made it how I usually would.  If you want to add anything to it, you can use the other stuff I have with me.”

I pulled out sugar and some milk.  I would have also brought out some other things but I couldn ’t find them on the market.

{Thank you, Luna.  It smells great.}

“Dont mention it, if anything, you should thank the one who gave us this coffee, its the best quality Ive ever seen.”

{Of course, this comes straight from the God of Coffee himself.  He doesnt slack when it comes to any kind of coffee.}

Tamamo added a little sugar and milk to her coffee while I just added milk.  We both took a sip and let out sighs of content.  I thought now would be the perfect time to give Tamamo that gift, so I put my cup down and pulled out the items.

“Hey Tamamo, will you indulge me on one of my mortal whims?”

{Anything for you, Luna.}

“Then please, hold out your left hand.”

She did as I asked, and I pulled out one of the rings.  I placed it on her ring finger and started talking.

“I know that we dont really need these since I have the divine protection and all, but I wanted to have a physical symbol to show off.”

Tamamo didnt say anything and just stared at her hand.  She was so quiet that I thought I might have messed up, but that thought went away when she brought her hand to her chest and like she was hugging it.

{Thank you, Luna.  I dont know what else to say, doing this just makes me so happy.}

“Then I have succeeded.”

{Were not done yet, though.  I still need to do the same to you if you want these rings to work.}

I handed the other ring to Tamamo, and she placed it on my left ring finger.  Once she did that, a bright light shone and after it disappeared, the rings on our fingers turned into tattoos that matched the color of our hair and eyes.  Mine was gold and silver, while Tamamos was black and silver.

When seeing the rings on our fingers, I couldnt hold myself back anymore.  I stood up, walked over to Tamamo, and stole her lips.  I could taste the coffee that we were just drinking.  Her lips were so soft that they could give my tails a run for their money.  She was surprised at first, but she quickly figured out what was happening and started kissing me back.

We lost track of time completely and by the time I knew what was happening, my body started to glow signifying that it was time for me to leave.  I decided not to say anything and just continue what we were doing until I disappeared.  After a few more minutes, I found myself laying in my bed.  I looked at my left hand to see the ring tattoo there and couldnt help but smile.

Author ’s Note:

Here is the chapter I was looking forward to writing so much.  I hope I delivered something that lives up to the hype, considering I have no experience with actual dates.  Thanks for reading.

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