I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 58- Heading to Nias Home

[Luna POV]

When we got to the bottom floor of the inn we were staying at, we found Jarl and his party already there.  Jarl was passed out at a table with a mug in his hand, Apollo, Zan and Gief were sitting around him eating.  We walked up to them and started chatting.

“Morning everyone.” (Luna)

“Morning girlies.” (Apollo)

“”!!!”” (Zan, Gief)

“Is Jarl fine?” (Velvet)

“Hes fine, he always drinks till he passes out when we finish a job.” (Apollo)

“I see, he does realize that we still need to go to the guild, right?” (Luna)

“Hell wake up soon, what are you two going to do now?” (Apollo)

“Well walk around a bit, find something to eat, then head to the guild.  There is someone there well be meeting.” (Luna)

I must have had a strange look on my face because Apollo asked me about our meeting at the guild.

“If I may be so bold, who are you meeting?”

“Some old acquaintances that I havent seen in a while.”

“I see, then lets meet again some other time, Jarl still owes you a drink.”

“Fufufu, till we meet again.”

After saying that, we left.  Outside the inn, we walked sown the street that was already becoming busy.

“Luna, Im trusting your nose to find something good.”

“Hmm.  Follow me then.” I said as I sniffed the air and smelled something grilling.

We followed the smell until we found the source of the smell.  It was a small plaza of stalls set up in a circle.  They were all selling something different, one was selling some skewers of meat, another had bread, and one was selling some kind of juice.  Velvet and I decided to get us something from these three stalls.  Once we did, we sat down on a bench that was nearby and started to eat.

“This is great.” I said as I bit off some meat from the skewer.

“I agree, we should follow your nose more often.” She said as she took a bite of bread.

“I wonder what this juice comes from, it tastes familiar, but I just cant remember why.”

“Im not sure either, I dont really know what kind of things grow in this kingdom besides wheat.”

We finished our breakfast and stood up.  After looking around a bit more we made our way to the guild.  It wasnt hard to find since it was near the inn we stayed at.  After entering, we headed towards the counter and a free receptionist.  The person we went to had white hair that started to turn a light orange near the end with red and black horns.  Her eyes were red with orange pupils that made it look like there was a fire burning behind them.

“Welcome, my name is Tomoe, how can I help you?”

“Good morning, Miss Tomoe, were here to turn in a completed quest.” I said as I handed over the quest form we received from the merchant yesterday.

“Very well and congratulations, since you have completed this quest, you two can be promoted to C-rank adventurers, just hand over your cards and Ill handle the rest.”

We handed over our cards and she placed them under the card reading tool.  It glowed for a second and she handed us our updated cards.

“Is there anything else I can help you two with today?”

“Not at this very moment, well be waiting for someone that will be here shortly, but before we move away, are you the Tomoe who is related to Shuten and Ibaraki?”

“You know those two?  I am, how are they doing?”

“Last we saw them they were fine, though we only spoke to Shuten last we saw them.”

“I assume the two of you just got here?”

“Yesterday, we left Savanna after the Vanquishing Festival and Shuten said Ibaraki had a hangover.”

*Sigh*”Ibaraki should know better than to drink, one sip of alcohol and shell be out with a hangover for three days.  Anyway, come to me if you have any other business after the person youre waiting for gets here and Ill help you out to the best of my abilities.”

“Thank you, it wont be long until they get here, so well take you up on the offer then.”

We walked over to a place by the entrance and waited for Nia to get here.

“Why didnt you say anything Velvet?”

“Im not sure, it just felt like someone was watching us, so I wasnt paying too much attention.”

“Huh.  I didnt feel anything.”

“I could have been wrong.”

‘Do you know anything Tamamo?

{I do, the two of you dont need to worry about it, Grey was just observing the two of you.}


{God of Adventure, Atmoss husband, and Grand Guild Master of the Adventurers Guild, youll meet him when Nia gets here, and you show that Tomoe girl the medallion.}

‘Ok, Ill tell Velvet.

I then explained to Velvet what she was feeling earlier, and she relaxed a bit.  When I got done explaining I saw someone walk through the entrance of the guild.  She had long silver hair and blue eyes.  I immediately recognized her and walked up to her.

“Its been a long time, Nia.” I said as I gave her a hug in greeting.

“It really has been, hasnt it Luna, youve grown bigger since I last saw you.” She said as she hugged me back.

“Before we go any further, this is Velvet my party member and best friend.”

Velvet then walked up and gave her introduction, “Its nice to meet you, Im Velvet.”

“Im Nia, Id give you all of my epithets some other time, but please just call me Nia for now.”

They shook hands and we all went back over to Tomoe.  When she saw who we brought with us she got surprised, but as she was a professional guild receptionist, she only showed the surprise on her face.

“So, this is the person you were waiting for, Miss Luna?”

“Yes, can you please take this for a second.” I said as I took out the medallion dad gave me before I left the first time.

When Tomoe got a good look at the medallion I handed to her, she was even more shocked than when she saw Nia.

“Ill go and show him immediately, please hold on for a moment.”

She rushed off into the back of the guild and after a minute of waiting, she came back.

“I have verified its authenticity, please, follow me.”

We followed Tomoe to the back of the guild and went down a set of stairs.  After five minutes of walking, we found ourselves in a short hallway lined with heavy looking doors that reminded me of vaults.  At the end of the hallway was a normal set of wooden doors that didnt match the surroundings and Tomoe knocked on them.

“Please enter, Tomoe you can head back.” Said the voice we could hear from behind the doors.  It was a deep voice that gave off a dignified vibe.

“I understand.” Was all Tomoe said then she turned on her heel and went back the way we came.  Before she passed me, she handed the medallion back and continued on her way.

Velvet, Nia, and I then entered the room and were met with a tall muscular man that had several scars on his arms.  On the walls of the room hung several weapons and shields.  There were also several mounted heads of monsters hung up behind the man sitting at a large desk.

“Welcome you three, its nice to see you again, Princess Nia, and its a pleasure to meet the two of you, Luna and Velvet.  I am Grey, the Grand Guild Master.” (Grey)

“Its good to see you again, Sir Grey, I hope youve been well.” (Nia)

“Its nice to meet you.” (Velvet)

“Nice to meet you.” (Luna)

“Can I offer you all some coffee before we get to business?” (Grey)

“Ill take some, if you dont mind.” (Luna)

“Ill have to pass.” (Nia)

“Same as Nia.” (Velvet)

“Guess itll just be me and Luna then.” (Grey)

He pulled out two cups and a container of hot coffee from nowhere and filled them up.  He handed me a cup and we all sat down on some couches that were on the other side of the room.  When I took a sip of the coffee, it tasted familiar.

“I didnt think I would have any of this again so soon, but I guess I should have expected as much from you.” (Luna)

“Youve had some before?” (Grey)

“When me and Tamamo had our date.” (Luna)

“Oh, I remember Atmos telling me about that.  By the way, do you know why she was acting all serious last night?” (Grey)

“She was visiting Tamamo when I got there and I let her brush a tail, when she was done, she said she needed to contemplate things.” (Luna)

“She does love fluffy things.” (Grey)

“Can you two explain whats going on?  I understand Luna, but why are you calling the Goddess of Fate by her name, Sir Grey?” (Nia)

“Shes my wife, so why wouldnt I?” (Grey)

“Eh!” (Nia)

“Oh right, only certain people know that.” (Grey)

As I was watching those two converse; I took another sip of coffee.

‘We should drink some more of this next time, Tamamo.

{I agree, it was really good last time.}

‘Ill even provide the scenery.

{I cant wait.}

“Oh right, hey Tamamo, since you also have a hand in those curses you can come and bear witness to the execution in person.” (Grey)

“””Eh!””” (Luna, Velvet, Nia)

“Fufufufufufu.  This is a nice surprise; I get to see Tamamo two days in a row.” (Luna)

As I said this, there was a flash of light in the center of the room and Tamamo appeared.

“♪Tamamo!♪” (Luna)

Using my full Agi stat, I jumped up and hugged Tamamo.

{Ufufufufu. Hello Luna.}

“Hahahahahahaha!  Atmos was right, she is fun.” (Grey)

“”Hello Goddess.”” (Velvet, Nia)

“Did you know you could be here for this Tamamo?” (Luna)

{No, this is the first time Ive heard that gods could witness the execution of people they cursed in person.  Who told you about that Grey?}

“The Goddess of Justice, I told her that the two most recent cases of divine curses were about to be resolved and she told me about this rule.” (Grey)

{I guess I should go and give her my thanks for telling you that.}

“Thank her for me as well.” I said while still hugging Tamamo.

“Um, Luna, I can understand why youre excited, but can you calm down.  Your tails are starting to make blow things around.” (Velvet)

“Wait, when did you get a second tail, Luna?” (Nia)

“Wait, you shouldnt be able to see that.” (Luna)

“Sorry about that, down here illusions dont work.  Its a safety precaution.” (Grey)

“Then does Tomoe know?” (Luna)

“She probably noticed, but she wont tell a soul.  I guarantee that.” (Grey)

{How much time do I have here, Grey?}

“Until the execution is over, but the sooner we get that done the better.” (Grey)

“Well, at least those two are still useful for something.” (Luna)

“Where are those two anyway?” (Nia)

“All of you follow me and Ill show you.” (Grey)

He stood up and exited the room and the rest of us followed.  He led us to the closest vault door and opened it.  It made a loud rumbling noise as it slowly swung open.  When we could see inside, the room was empty except for two very large clocks on the floor.  Standing in the middle of the clocks were Shin and Sara Grayson.

When I saw their faces, I couldnt help but scowl.

“I guess I was wrong Tamamo, Im not very indifferent after all.” (Luna)

{Seems so, honestly, I share your frustration.  Even if I should feel thankful for them for letting me find you after you died, I still hate them for nearly making you not have a father anymore.}

“I guess I need to thank Atmos for helping him out, huh?” (Luna)

“Ill let her know you said that.” (Grey)

“Why do they look like they havent aged since we brought them here?” (Nia)

“The seals theyre in were provided by the God of Time,  I asked him to lend them to me as a favor and he did.” (Grey)

“Why would you seal them instead of just keeping them in a prison?” (Velvet)

“Why would we want to waste money on them?  Holding them prisoner would take a lot of resources over time, so this was the best solution until Luna arrived here.” (Grey)

“Let me know when and Ill start the process to unseal them.” (Grey)

“Should we shut the door so they dont try to escape?” (Velvet)

“I wouldnt recommend that, wed be locked in here otherwise and these doors lock from the other side.” (Grey)

“Also, they wouldnt be able to get past any of us here. Due to one of their curses, theyre only as strong as five-year-olds.” (Nia)

“Ill freeze the entrance anyway.” (Luna)

When I spoke, my voice was very cold.  I knew I was wrong about being indifferent when I saw their faces, but I didnt realize I hated them this much.  I turned around and froze the door and told Grey to start unsealing them.

“Are you ok, Luna?  Youre acting like you were the time you froze that guys arm off.” (Velvet)

{Shes fine Velvet.  Unlike that time, her anger is rather tame.  By the way, Luna, when your eyes glow like that they look cute.}

“My eyes are glowing?” (Luna)

{Yeah, they always do when you use magic, its just that its more noticeable right now.}

“I never noticed.” (Luna)

{You normally wouldnt.  Youre like me in that aspect.}

“But your eyes are always glowing like that Tamamo.  Not just when you use magic, not that I would know.  I dont think Ive ever seen you use magic.” (Luna)

{Yours will start glowing like mine the more tails you get.}

“Guess thats something else Ill have to hide here then.” (Luna)

{Not necessarily, the only times right now that it can be notices is when you feel strong emotions and in darker places.  You can pass it off as you constantly using spirit sight as well once it becomes more noticeable.}

“Guess Ill do that, then.  And thanks for helping me calm down a bit.” (Luna)

{Any time.}

“Hey Miss Velvet, I know Luna can speak to the Goddess whenever she wants, but are the two of them always like this?” (Nia)

“Pretty much.  I normally never hear what they are saying because they dont speak out loud, but its easy to tell what Luna thinks by her expressions.  The way she is right now is what its like when they talk telepathically.” (Velvet)

Just then there was a sound like a clock chime and the two seals on the ground disappeared, causing the ones in the seals to fall to the floor.

“You ungrateful plebs, release us at once!” (Sara)

“The second I get free, Ill kill all of you then Ill move on to your families!” (Shin)

“Shut up the both of you, its time to face judgment.”

Although he said it quietly, Greys voice sounded like the crashing of thunder.

“Pass judgement on us for what!?  We saved your world!” (Sara)

{Your crimes are as follows: Multiple accounts of theft and arson.  Allowing the King of Fiends to live longer than necessary.  Attempted assassination of a General in charge of the United Army.  And, most grievous of all; murder of the summoned hero Jason Strider.}

“Who is that, and who are you?  More importantly, youre the most beautiful woman Ive ever seen, if you get me and my sister out of here, Ill make you my woman.” (Shin)

“Oh, you just had a good idea, Shin, though once you break her, Ill have to end her for daring to look better than me.” (Sara)

“Thats fine Sara.” (Shin)

“Thats enough out of you mongrels.  I was mad enough that you two killed me previously, but now that you said you wanted my wife, you pushed me over the edge.” (Luna)

“Who are you?” (Sara)

“Im not going to answer a mongrel like you, Im just going to end you in the most fitting way for a pair of narcissists.” (Luna)

I was so angry at their words that I was unconsciously letting out ice mist that brought the rooms temperature to below zero.  I walked loser to the two of them and produced ice spikes from below Shin, killing him instantly.

“SHIN!” (Sara)

“Heh. Fitting for him to die the same way I did.” (Luna)

“Now for you.  By the way, its been several years after the King of Fiends died.  Did you know that the two of you are never mentioned by name?  When you die, youll have died in obscurity, no fame, no renown, just dead in a basement.” (Luna)

“HOW DARE YOU!” (Sara)

She started to run at me, but I made ice spikes impale her like they did to her brother.  Seeing how I killed these two, it brought back the image of spikes shooting out of every angle and piercing me. It made me start trembling for a different reason than anger.  That was when I felt someone hug me from behind.

{Youre fine now, Luna.  That was in the past, these two are dead and they cant do anything.  While I cant physically be here with you when you go to the dungeon, Ill always be watching.  Know that Ill always be there for you.}

I hugged Tamamo back and realized that I was crying.

“Ill transport you two into my office.  Take some time to clam down.” (Grey)

{Thank you, Grey.}

[Velvet POV]

After Grand Master Grey transported Luna and the Goddess out of the vault, me and Nia let out sighs of relief.

“Ive never seen Luna that angry or sad before.  Thank you for fending off her mist Grand Master.” (Velvet)

“No problem, will the two of you help me clear up all of this stuff that popped out of these two?” (Grey)

“”Sure.”” (Velvet, Nia)

All three of us started picking up all of the things that appeared when Luna killed the two false heroes when Nia asked something of me.

“Miss Velvet, I know that the two of you will inevitably enter dungeons at one point.  Please watch out for her.  After seeing what Luna was like when she realized just how she killed those two, I think she is traumatized by her death in her previous life.  I dont know if the trauma will rear its head in every dungeon or just the one she died in before, but please keep her safe.” (Nia)

“Dont worry, as her friend and Apostle, Ill keep her safe no matter what.” (Velvet)

“That reminds me, Princess Nia, do you know what General Deacons reply was?” (Grey)

“Yes, hell be here this time next week.  Ill tell him you want to meet with him.” (Nia)

“Thanks.  By the way, have you given any thought to Atmoss proposal?” (Grey)

“I have.  I also know my answer, but Im holding off for a while to prepare myself for the side effect.” (Nia)

“Thats smart, Ill let her know, though she probably already knew what you would choose.” (Grey)

“Can I ask what all that is about?” (Velvet)

“Since youre already an Apostle, Ill tell you.  Im going to ask Deacon to be the Apostle of Adventure and Princess Nia here was asked to become the Apostle of Fate.” (Grey)

“It feels like youre trying to make Lunas whole family immortal.” (Velvet)

“We are, ever since meeting Luna, Tamamo has been cashing in the favors the gods owe her in order to make Lunas future happy.  The only setback so far is getting Princess Nias husband an Apostle position.” (Grey)

‘I guess that goes to show how much Tamamo cares for Luna.

Once we finished up cleaning the vault, we headed back to the Grand Masters office.  When he opened the door and we entered, we found Luna asleep with her head in the Goddesss lap.  She had several of her tails over Luna like a blanket.

{Thank you again for sending me and Luna in here Grey, she finally calmed down after crying a bit.  Velvet, Nia, while she is in this country, please watch out for her.  Atmos told me that when you go to clear that dungeon, she will have a hard time at first, especially on the fifth floor.}

“You dont have to worry, Goddess, I will make sure to keep an eye out for Luna while she is here.  I even put in a request to the knights for extended leave to join her while she is here.”  (Nia)

“Ill always help her, Goddess.  Shes my best friend so there is no way Ill never not help her.” (Velvet)

{Thank you both.  Its a shame I cant be here when she wakes up, but thats the way things are.  Ill see you both again one day.}

As soon as she said that; the Goddess shone and disappeared leaving Luna lying down on the couch.

“After actually meeting the Goddess, I can see why Luna looks forward to the full moon every month.” (Velvet)

“I agree, and, while I hate to admit it, the false hero was right about her being the most beautiful woman seen.” (Nia)

“In my opinion, Atmos can rival her.” (Grey)

“Miss Velvet, will you take care of Luna for now.  I need to discuss some things regarding how to report this to the King with Sir Grey.” (Nia)

“Theres no need for that, I already sent him a message saying that those two were going to be executed today.  I bet hell come to your home to discuss it with the related parties in a bit, so the three of you should head there soon.” (Grey)

“I guess Ill wake up Luna then.” (Velvet)

“Ill go call a carriage.” (Nia)

“I had Tomoe do that already.” (Grey)

“When?” (Nia)

“Just now.  Im a god too you know, I can give oracles to my followers.” (Grey)

“Does that mean she knows who you are?” (Velvet)

“Yeah, shes not just a receptionist, shes the sub-master here, so she knows most of the guilds secrets, thats also why its ok to trust her not to talk about Lunas tails.” (Grey)

As the Grand Master was saying this Luna finally started to wake up.

Author ’s Note:

Here is an extra long chapter since I didn ’t want to break it into parts, I hope you all enjoyed.  Let me know how you liked the way I handled the end of the false heroes and if it was satisfying for you.  Thanks for reading.

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