[Luna POV]

It was early in the morning but Nia, Velvet, and I were all up and getting ready to start dungeon diving again.  Once we were done, I teleported us a little way away from the dungeon and we headed to the guild branch.  When we got there, we went to the counter and asked to use the newly established gateway.  We showed the person our passes and he immediately let led us there.  We stepped into the center of the pillars and teleported into the stone room on the other side.

“Im glad the grand master asked you to make that, Luna.  It would take us so much longer to get through the dungeon if we had to trek through every floor again and again.” (Nia)

“I agree, it was getting annoying going back through all of the floors we travelled through on the way back.” (Velvet)

“But isnt it common sense that you need to go back on foot in a dungeon?” (Luna)

“Dont talk to us about common sense, Luna.  It makes you sound like a hypocrite.” (Velvet)

“I agree with Velvet, you talking about common sense doesnt sound right.” (Nia)

“Guh.” (Luna)

{If its any consolation, I think you are perfect the way you are, common sense be damned.}

‘At least you get me, Tamamo.

We exited the building and started our journey through the snow.  After a while we started to run into areas where it reached up to our waists, so I decided to try out walking in my fox form.

Once I transformed, I noticed that I didnt sink into it as deep and decided to stay this way for a while.  Velvet started using her fire magic to melt a path for her and Nia.  We walked like this for a while when I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye.  I ran over to where whatever I saw was, jumped into the air, and dove headfirst into the snow.

When I dug myself out, I had a red lizard in my mouth.  It tasted spicy, but it wasnt an unpleasant feeling.  I looked over to Nia and Velvet and they were both staring at me while trying to hold back their laughter.  At that moment I realized just what I did, and I wanted to bury myself in a hole.

{Dont worry Luna, Ive been having the urge to do the same thing seeing all of that snow.}

Although Tamamos words were comforting, they still didnt ease the embarrassment I felt.

“If the two of you dont stop laughing, I wont share this warm lizard with you.” (Luna)

“Hahaha.  Dont be upset Luna, that was rather cute.” (Velvet)

“Fine then, Nia, take the lizard and warm your hands. Then release it back into the snow.  It seems like Velvet doesnt need it.” (Luna)

Nia took the lizard from me, and I could tell that she was happy to have her hands be warm again.

“Were you serious about not letting me hold that?” Velvet asked as she looked at the lizard with longing.

“Yes.” (Luna)

“Please dont be like that.  I havent said anything about it, but I cant feel my hands.” (Velvet)

I looked into Velvets eyes without saying anything.

“Look, Im sorry I laughed at you.” (Velvet)

“Nia, hand her the lizard.” (Luna)

Nia did as I said and gave Velvet the lizard and she sighed in relief.

“You two are fun.” (Nia)

We finally reached the forest part of the floor, and this was where we started to find monsters.  The majority of things we fought were ice trolls and wolves.

‘Hey Tamamo, is there a Fenrir in this world?

{Shes the Goddess of the North, why?}

‘I was just wondering.  From the perspective of my past life, this world is a fantasy world and Fenrirs are staple creatures in stories about fantasy worlds.

{Now Im curious.  What are they like?}

‘Well, its always one of two options.  One is as an enemy that is fought at some point.  The other is that one is found as a puppy and raised as a familiar.  There is also one in mythology that is a god eater, but Im not going to go into that.

{Very interesting.  In this world, she is a very nice person who is very playful.}

‘It sounds like the two of you get along.

{We do, we just dont see each other much.}

‘Will she also come to see you perform on the night of the new year?

{I havent heard any confirmation or denial from her, so I dont know.}

As I was busy conversing with Tamamo a giant red lizard blasted out of some particularly deep snow and let out an ear-piercing shriek.

“Is this a floor boss?” (Velvet)

“I dont think so.  I think its just a rare spawning monster.” (Nia)

I used my appraisal on it.

Flare Lizard

Average stat total: C

Main attribute: Fire


“Its pretty weak.” (Luna)

“Weak for you, or weak for an average person?” (Velvet)

“Appraisal said its stat average is C.” (Luna)

“So, on-level for me.” (Velvet)

“Havent you been leveling up since we started the dungeon though?  You should be at a minimum average of B across the board by now, right?” (Luna)

“Youre not wrong, but itll still be a small challenge.” (Velvet)

“How do the two of you want to handle it?” (Nia)

“Ill let Luna take care of it.  By the looks of it, it might give her another level or at least bring her closer to one.” (Velvet)

“Have at it, Luna.” (Nia)

“Thanks.” (Luna)

I snapped my fingers, and the flare lizard froze solid.  I then touched it and used blink and brought it up high into the air and blinked myself back to Nia and Velvet.  We waited for about five minutes and the lizard popsicle shattered when it hit the ground in front of us.

“Yay!  I got a level.” (Luna)


{One step closer.}


Just before we set off again, I found a red crystal in the lizard rubble and picked it up.  It was warm to the touch and looked like it had a tiny fire inside of it.

“Hey Nia, Velvet, take turns holding on to this while were still on this floor.” (Luna)

I handed it over to them and they let out happy sighs.

“Thanks Luna.” (Nia)

“Thank you very much.” (Velvet)

We continued onwards when we found the exit of the floor.  We walked down the stairs but halfway through and I started to frown.

“Ugh, I hate the next floor already.” (Luna)

“Why?” (Nia)

“It smells like humidity.” (Luna)

They both let out groans of disgust.

“How bad are you thinking?” (Velvet)

“Tropical after rain during the summer.” (Luna)

“Lets just get it over with.  If we hurry, we might be able to make it through quickly.” (Velvet)

“Unfortunately, we might want to look around this floor a bit.” (Nia)


“Because Im getting a feeling that were supposed to find something on this floor.” (Nia)

“Where is this coming from all of a sudden?” (Luna)

“My Blessing of Fate.” (Nia)

“Since when did you have that?” (Luna)

“Since the time I fought fiends with your father.  It doesnt do much, but the times it does do something, its usually good.” (Nia)

“Nia, next time we get a break, can I talk with you in private?” (Velvet)

“Sure.” (Nia)

We finished our slog down the rest of the stairs and came out into what I could only describe as a jungle.  The humidity was even worse than I thought it would be and my tails were already starting to be affected.

“Should I just use my ice mist to freeze this entire floor?” (Luna)

“Can you do that?” (Velvet)

“I dont know.” (Luna)

“While I think that would be better, dont.  We still need to look for the source of my feeling and I dont want to take longer by searching through fog.” (Nia)

“Tch.  Fine, but once we find whatever it is, Im using my mist.” (Luna)

We looked around the stupid jungle floor for what felt like hours when we came upon a place that looked like temple ruins.  The most intact place was a step pyramid like the kinds the Mayans made in my previous world.

“Whatever were looking for is around here.” (Nia)

“Want to check the top of the pyramid?” (Luna)

“Sure, if its not up there, we can look around the crumbling buildings next.” (Velvet)

The three of us climbed up to the top of the pyramid and found a stone structure that resembled a shrine.  Inside the structure was a few stone chests of which all but one were opened and empty.

“Go and open the chest Luna.” (Nia)

“While I dont mind, why me?” (Luna)

“Not sure, I just know that whatever is in there is meant for you.” (Nia)

“Fine then.” (Luna)

I walked up to the chest and pushed the lid off.  I was expecting a ton of dust to fly up, but that didnt happen.  Inside the chest was a stone circle about the size of my mirror with designs carved into it, it reminded me of a Mayan calendar.  I appraised it and was surprised at what I learned.

Key of the Sky Temple: Key to an ancient temple built on an island in the sky.  Bring this to the Land of Demons and conquer the island in order to claim it for yourself.

When I read the item description, I couldnt help but get a crazed grin on my face.

“Ku! Kuku! Kuahahahahahahahahahaha!  A wonderful discovery!” (Luna)

“Was the three-stage laugh really necessary Luna?” (Velvet)

“Very necessary Velvet.  I now know what our next adventure is going to be.” (Luna)

“Do tell, Luna.” (Nia)

“We go to find a floating island in the Land of Demons with a temple like this one on top of it.” (Luna)

“Ok, but what does that have to do with the thing that was in the chest?” (Velvet)

“The thing in the chest was the key that will allow me to make the island mine.  Now we just need to find and conquer it.” (Luna)

“Just what do you want a floating island for, Luna?” (Nia)

“I will make it into my and Tamamos castle in the sky.  I already have what I want it to look like in my head and everything.  Fufu.  Ufufufufufufufufufufufufufufu.” (Luna)

“Will you even be able to take it with you into the divine domain?” (Velvet)

“Apparently I will, at least according to what Atmos told Tamamo.  Maybe Ill be able to do it when I get the Authority of Space?” (Luna)

“Well, youll never get to go there if you dont finish this dungeon first.” (Nia)

“Then theres no time to lose.” (Luna)

“Then well start really conquering tomorrow.” (Nia)

“Buuuuuuuut Niaaaaaaaaaaa!” (Luna)

“No, Luna.” (Nia)

“Fine.” (Luna)

We climbed down from the top of the pyramid and I surrounded all three of us with my mist.  We headed back to the stairs like this and eventually made our way out of the dungeon.

Author ’s Note:

Tamamo: So Luna, what will our castle in the sky look like?

Luna: Though you probably won ’t understand when I say it, I want it to look like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon from Fate/Apocrypha.

Tamamo: You ’re right, I don ’t know what that is.

I and at least a few of the reader do, but I like the way you think Luna.

Luna: Thanks Author.

Tamamo: Whatever the case; I ’m looking forward to it.

Atmos: Will others be invited to hang out with the two of you there?

Luna: Depends.

Atmos: I ’ll give you some information on places to find good things for you next big present for Tamamo.

Luna: You can come, but only if Tamamo and I give you permission.  Every other time is off limits.

Tamamo: Ufufufufu.

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