I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 74- Rank up and a Request from Drome

[Luna POV]

We spent the next few months making our way through the dungeon.  All three of us have gotten stronger through this journey.  Velvet reached level 60 and got two of her stats to S.  Since Nia has been at level 100 the entire time, her stats needed special items to increase further and we managed to find some, so she also has at least one stat at S.  As for me, all of my stats hit S at around level 25, and they stopped going up.  Tamamo told me that the only way Im going to increase them any further is to get more tails which wont take much longer since Im at level 29.

Right now, we were taking a break before entering the final boss room.  Velvet was making sure her sword was good, and Nia was drinking a mana potion.  I was preparing some arrows with a paralyzing poison and putting another item on my belt.

“Hey Luna, what is that thing you just put on your belt?” (Velvet)

“Something Grey gave me a few weeks ago.  He called it a potion of greater hurting.” (Luna)

“What does it do exactly?” (Nia)

“Thats the thing, its just lemon juice in a glass bottle.  Grey called it a potion of greater hurting because it gets the lemon juice into the cuts made from the broken glass of the bottle.  I figured that, even if it doesnt manage to do a lot of damage, it could at least distract whatever were fighting.” (Luna)

“Are you both ready?” (Velvet)

“I am.” (Nia)

“Lets do this.” (Luna)

Me and Velvet opened the doors that we were in front of and we entered the room.  I saw the boss laying curled up in the center of the room.  The doors shut behind us with a loud rumbling and a clang when they fully closed.  This made the boss move.  It was something I was familiar with from my past life.

“A hydra, huh.  Thisll be interesting.” (Luna)

Its nine heads started swaying around and it let out a loud roar.  Since I didnt want to drag this battle out since everyone else here was rather tired, I decided to make the first move.  I readied all of my paralyzing arrows and fired them at the heads.  I managed to hit four of them while the other five heads dodged them.  I wasnt finished though, I pulled out two throwing knives, charged them with lightning magic and threw them.

The knives flew through the air and hit the two head I was aiming for.  The heads that were hit exploded due to the magic in the knives, leaving three heads for us.

“You sure you want our help, Luna?” (Nia)

“Well, the two of you have been helping me a lot, so I thought we could all get the achievement of killing the thing.  I just took out those heads so that we could have an easier time.” (Luna)

“Thanks, I dont think I could have lasted for long while managing more than one head at a time.” (Velvet)

The hydra was still stunned from having most of its head out of commission, so we continued our attack.  Nia took on her head with her sword and water magic.  She used the water to distract the head while closing in on it and slashing her sword through its throat.

Velvet was also making quick work of her head.  She ran to the side of it and extended her sword into its whip mode.  It wrapped around the neck a few times and she pulled it taught.  The blades cut into the neck while the whip was retracting acting like a saw.  Once the whip looked more like a sword again, the head Velvet wasfighting fell to the ground with a loud thud.

As for me, the head was staring down at me with hatred and fear.  It struck at me like a coiled snake but ended up striking right beside me.  I was using my illusions to mess with its depth perception.  It tried striking a few more times when I threw the potion of greater hurting into its eyes.  It let out a pained roar and tried to draw back, but I had its neck trapped in shackles of ice.

“Ive been meaning to try this out for a while but never had the chance to.” (Luna)

“What are you talking about?” (Velvet)

“Offensive healing magic.” (Luna)

“Isnt that a bit backwards?” (Nia)

“Just watch.” (Luna)

I placed my hand on the hydras head and started to use healing magic.  The head started to swell up and eventually it popped like a balloon.  I was saved from taking a bath in blood and other viscera due to the space barrier I set up in front of me.

“Ok.  Im never doing that again, that was disgusting.” (Luna)

“Just what happened?” (Nia)

“This is what happens when a body is, in a certain sense, too healthy.  The tissue doesnt stop making more of itself until it becomes too much and, in this case, it was also going too fast so it popped.” (Luna)

Velvet wasnt saying anything and was puking in the corner of the room.

“Luna, please never do that again.” Was what Velvet said after a few minutes.

“I didnt think you were bad with stuff like that.” (Luna)

“Im normally not, but I wasnt prepared for the smell of all the blood.  It was overwhelming since I was so close.” (Velvet)


I fell to my knees from the sudden pain in my back.  I balled my hands into fists and punched the ground causing cracks to fissure out from the impact.

“Luna, whats wrong!?” (Nia)

“Step away Nia.  This happened last time she got another tail.  Itll probably calm down in an hour or two.” (Velvet)

I managed to pull out something to bite down on and put it in my mouth all the while in searing pain.  It was worse than the last time as I was close to losing consciousness.  I could barely think of anything and what felt like days went by.  When the pain started to fade and I could think again, I notice the softness at my back increased.  I was still a little out of it when Velvet and Nia came over to me.

“Luna, can you tell what Im saying?” (Velvet)

“Hey Velvet, seems like I got another tail.” I said weakly.

“You did, but I hope the next time this happens, you dont unconsciously start blasting lightning magic everywhere.” (Velvet)

“Did I do that this time?” (Luna)

“Yes.  That was the hardest thing weve dealt with this entire dungeon dive.” (Nia)

“Sorry, I didnt know I was doing that.  I couldnt really think about anything.” (Luna)

“Its fine, what are we going to do about the salvageable parts of the hydra?” (Nia)

“Is hydra tasty?” (Luna)

“No, its entire body is poisonous.” (Nia)

“Can its blood be used for anything?” (Luna)

“Its a really potent poison.” (Nia)

‘Can the two of you get as much of that for me as possible.” (Luna)

“Sure, what are you going to do?” (Nia)

“Wait until I can move.” (Luna)

“Is it like last time?” (Velvet)

“No, its a little better since Im using some healing magic to at least regain some feeling, but it will take a bit for me to be at 100% again.” (Luna)

“Want me to move you somewhere better?” (Velvet)

“No, Ill just lay here.” (Luna)

I manipulated my inventory skill to spit out some empty bottles for hydra blood, which Nia and Velvet picked up and got to work and I checked my stats.

Name: Luna

Race: Kitsune(Three-tailed)

Sex: Female

Level: 30

Class: Quad-mage

HP: 100%-SS

MP: 35%- SS+

Vit: S

Def: S

Res: S

Str: S

Int: SS

Agi: S+

Dex: S+

Skills: Presence detection, Trap detection, Trap disarming, Trap creation, Dagger LV. 10, Short sword LV. 10, Archery LV.10, Poison crafting, Appraisal LV.10, Mana Regeneration LV.10, Stealth LV.10, Cooking LV.10, Sewing LV.9, Sleep Resistance LV.10, Restraint LV.10, Brushing Technique LV.10, Telepathy LV.10, Intimidation LV.7, Parallel Processing, Cartography LV.8, Singing LV.6, Woodcarving LV.4

Magic Skills: Ice Magic LV.10, Lightning Magic LV.10, Healing Magic LV.10, Space Magic LV.10

Race Skills: Illusion Magic LV.10, Spirit Vision, Fox Fire, Fox Transformation, Enhanced Senses, Night Vision, Enhanced Physical Strength

Unique Skills: Status Effect Immunity, Ice Mist, Language Comprehension, Infinite Inventory, Divine Fluff Technique

Blessings, Divine Protection, and Titles:

Divine Protection of the Moon Goddess, Reincarnated, Fated One of the Moon Goddess, Abyssal Fluff, Master of Ice, Master of Lightning, Master of Illusions, Short sword Master, Magic Swordsman, Master Healer, Master of Space, Sage, Master Archer, Trap Master: Dismantling, Dagger Master, Master Chef, Ninja, Dungeon Clearer,

Depth:[email protected]#%^#%

{Congratulations of getting your third tail Luna.}

‘Thanks Tamamo.  Where were you this whole time?

{I had some business to take care of that Ill tell you about after you get five tails.}

‘Ok.  By the way, it was more painful than last time, do you know why?

{Thats just how it is.  Its not pleasant, but the results are amazing.}

‘I agree, but I think it takes the sayingno pain, no gain, a little too literally.

{Ufufufu.  Never heard that saying before, but it fits with the situation perfectly.}

It took Velvet and Nia an hour to collect what hydra blood they could and when they were done, they came back over to me.

“How you doing Luna?” (Nia)

“I can move now.” (Luna)

“Good, because we need to start making our way back now.” (Velvet)

“Actually, we just need to touch the core to get out.  No one understands why it happens, but its useful.” (Nia)

‘Tamamo, do you know why that happens?

{The dungeon is doing its job and rejecting people that are too close to the Ether source that made the dungeon.  Remember, the only reason people can enter dungeons is to clean them of monsters that are spawned from the excess magic in the area.}

I stood up from where I was laying and we all walked over to the dungeon core.  We placed our hands on it and we were suddenly transported in front of the entrance to the dungeon.  When we appeared, we surprised the party that was heading toward the entrance to head inside.

“Ugh, that was worse than normal.” (Luna)

“Hey, are you guys ok?”

“Were fine, just finished clearing the dungeon and were thrown out by the core.” (Nia)

“Yeah, thats always unpleasant.”

“Well get out of your way.” (Velvet)

“Your fine, congrats on the clear.”

The leader of the party said this as they went into the dungeon.

“Do we need to go to the guild branch to report this, or can I bring us to your villa Nia” (Luna)

“We can go to the villa, but why not go to the inn instead?” (Nia)

“Because I feel like Im about to fall asleep for longer than usual and I dont want to stay in the inn for that.  I have no problem with the inn, Im just being selfish for wanting to sleep in a bed made for royals today.” (Luna)

I grabbed the both of them and teleported us to the villa.  We appeared in the room I stayed in and I instantly fell onto the bed.

“At least change into something else before you fall asleep.” (Velvet)

“Mph.” (Luna)

I used my inventory skill to quickchange into something else that wasnt my armor which made me ask myself why I never tried doing so before.  Not long after that I fell asleep.

[Velvet POV]

“And shes asleep.”

“Not surprising, shes looked exhausted ever since the whole tail thing.”

We were about to leave when Lunas mirror somehow appeared in front of us and the Goddess started to speak.

{Good job with the dungeon clearing.}

“Thank you, Goddess.” (Velvet)

“Was there something that you needed to tell us?” (Nia)

{I was going to tell you both that Anastasia was just appointed as the Apostle of Gravity while you were in the dungeon.}

“I remember that she was the leading candidate for that position, but didnt she learn how to reach the benchmark to qualify only a few months ago?” (Velvet)

{Motivation is very effective when it comes to getting things done.}

“Was Lord Deacon ever given the choice?” (Velvet)

{Grey offered and he accepted back when he was over here.  Its the reason he stayed longer than the other generals.}

“So, the only people that havent been given the choice are Blake and Rex?” (Nia)

{Only Rex.  Blake got the position from the God of Blacksmithing a little after making the mirrors.}

“Actually, I might have a fix for that.” (Atmos)

{When did you get here Atmos?}

“Just now.  Hey Nia, Velvet.” (Atmos)

““Hello Goddess of Fate.””

{Did you find someone with a free Apostle slot?}

“Possibly.  Nia, how good is Rex with solar magic?” (Atmos)

“I dont remember off the top of my head, but I think he had it at around level eight.” (Nia)

“Get him to max it out and Quetz will offer him the position.” (Atmos)

{How did you mange to get her to agree to that?}

“She made me promise to not prank her for 2000 years.” (Atmos)

{Thats so smart.}

“I know right.” (Atmos)

“So with this, Lunas immediate family is pretty much all immortal or very close to it?” (Velvet)

{Yes.  The only one left out right now is Soleil, but its only a matter of time until she becomes an Apostle.}

“Speaking of, did you guys manage to find that key in the dungeon?” (Atmos)

“The Key of the Sky Temple?” (Velvet)

“Thats the one.  When you get there, make sure Luna is the only one to challenge the guardian before the heading to the island.” (Atmos)

“What does that mean?” (Velvet)

“Youll get it when you get there.” (Atmos)

{I think weve discussed enough about this for now, I dont want Luna to wake up and hear us.}

“See you all again sometime.” (Atmos)

Lunas mirror then went and to float around Lunas bed.  Me and Nia left the room and decided to also go and get some sleep.

Author ’s Note:

Luna: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

*Whispering* Hey Tamamo, the author ’s note is a special place, so you can physically be with Luna while here.

Tamamo: *Whispering* Thank you for telling me.

*Whispering* No problem, just don ’t go to crazy.

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