[General Deacon POV]

We have been fighting the King of Fiends for the whole day.  While we are holding back the smaller fiends, the heroes were taking on the King.  As the sun starts to set, I can see the Hero unleash his holy sword skill and bring down a massive pillar of light, splitting the King of Fiends in half.  After the light fades, the Saint uses her Holy Purification to finish it off before it could regenerate.  As the golden light of purification covers the King of Fiends, it lets out a scream of pain and fury.


The scream is so loud I and almost all the other beastkin become disoriented.  I can feel my eardrums burst and I become dizzy from the pain.  While recovering from the dizziness, I see the light fade and a discolored corpse is all that remains of the King of Fiends.  A strong wind then blows across the battlefield and the corpse crumbles into a pile of ashes.  Once the King was killed, the rest of the smaller fiends begin to fall as well.

I pull out a healing potion and drink it.  Once I finish drinking it and the healing kicks in, my hearing starts to slowly return.  When I can clearly make out words, I hear the Demon general say,

“I guess we lucked out this time since all the fiends died after their king.”

“Yeah, I dont think we all would have lasted if they didnt.”  I replied.

After saying this all the heroes, except for two, are bathed in a blinding purple light.

[Blake Smith POV]

When the purple light died down, me and the others find ourselves in a white space.  In the center of this space stands an old man with a pair of horns on his head.  Once everyone calms down the old man speaks to us,

“Welcome, oh great heroes, to my realm in the divine domain.  I am the God of Summoning and I thank you all for killing the King of Fiends and cleansing the world of its miasma.  Since you have accomplished your mission in this world, I will offer you all a choice.  Will you return to your previous world, or will you choose to remain in this one?”

After a moment to contemplate his question, someone asks him a question.

“What happens if we choose to go back to our original world?”

“You will be sent back to the moment you were summoned and all of the power you accumulated in this world will be gone, though you will retain your memories and be blessed with good fortune as compensation.” He said.

“And if we stay here?” Another asked.

“You will be sent back to the place you were when the King of Fiends was killed.  You will start to age again, and your stats and levels will be lowered a tiny bit so that you are on par with the higher ranked soldiers that you fought so long with.  This will be done so that countries are discouraged from taking you captive and using you as tools for war.  I will give you all an hour to decide.  Of course, you are also free to choose before this hour ends.”

After saying this the God of Summoning moves over and sits on a throne that wasnt there previously.  After seeing this I dive into my thoughts.  What do I want to do?  Is there any reason for me to go back?  The only thing that will await me back there is a monotonous life where nothing changes.  Sure, my family is there, but they will probably understand my choice if I stay here.  I have felt more alive in this world than I ever did back there.

“I guess Ive made up my mind.”

I walk up to the God of Summoning and tell him my choice.

“I see, then welcome to your new home Blake Smith.”  He says with a smile.

“Here is a little bit of advice, make you home in the capital of Savanna, if you do you might meet an old friend of yours.”  After telling me this, I get surrounded by the purple light again.

“Wait, what do you me..” Before I can finish, I find my self back in the field.

[General Deacon POV]

After the purple light fades, most of the heroes have disappeared.  Of the 31 heroes, only two four are still here.  There are the false Hero and Saint, the problem Alchemist, and the blacksmith, Blake.  I run up to Blake and ask him what happened.

“Sir Blake, what was that purple light just now and where did all of the other heroes go?” I asked with concern.

“General Deacon, that light just now was the doing of the God of Summoning.  He brought all of us into the Divine Domain and asked if we will stay in this world or go back to our previous one.  It seems like only me and these three troublesome people are left.” He says while looking around.

“We might want to wait here and rest for a while, he gave us an hour to choose so more might appear here.”

“I see, then I will announce to the rest that we will rest here for a few days and then start the march back.” I said when the Saint walks up to us.

“Hey, Bloke or whatever your name is, where did everyone go?” She asked, with an annoyed face.

“Oh, werent you brought with us and given a choice to go back?” He asked with clear sarcasm while trying to suppress a grin and failing miserably.

“No, we werent.” She said, her face growing more annoyed by his grin.

“Oh right, I guess you werent.” He said, while starting to laugh.

Just before this conversation continued, I felt a large amount of killing intent from behind me.  I turned around and saw the Hero running toward me and swinging his sword down.  Before I can pull my sword from its scabbard, the Hero trips over a corpse and lands face firs in the dirt, sliding a bit from the momentum.

Before he gets back up several of Princess Nias soldiers run over and restrain the Hero.  While this is happening, Princess Nia and the other generals walk over. 

“Grab the Hero and bring him back to base, someone bring me some sealing restraints for the Saint as well.” Princess Nia orders.

“Right away, Maam.” Said a soldier running off.

“What is the meaning of this!?” The Saint yells while running over to the Hero.

“You two are being detained on the grounds of attempted assassination of General Deacon.” Said the Elf general.

“We never tried anything of the sort.” The Saint yells angrily.

Everyone in the area stops and stares all while thinking the same thing.

“Then what was the Hero doing just now?”

When someone voices this thought, the Saint gets flustered then tells the Hero to use light magic to blind us.  Nothing happens.  We are all just staring at the Saint and Hero.  Suddenly Sir Blake starts laughing uncontrollably.

“Hahahahahahahahahaha, this is hilarious!  Hey General Deacon, remember what their stats were?  His Int. stat was so low it was in the negatives.  Even his most basic magic would cost mare mana than he has currently.”  He says before laughing some more.

“Pfft. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!  Oh, right that was the case wasnt it.  Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” I think back to before the battle started and remember the statuses of both idiots.

“Princess Nia, remember we will need to protect these two until we return.  As they are now, they are now as strong as five-year-old children.” I say, reining in my laughter.

“Thats true, isnt it.  Heheheheheh.”  Princess Nia says chuckling.

After a few more minutes the soldier returns with sealing restraints and places them on the Saint.

“You cant do this to us, were the Hero and Saint!  We saved your world for you, you should all get on your hands and knees and worship us, you ungrateful mongrels!” She screamed while being dragged away.

At this point Im glad my ears are still healing, or that would cause them to start ringing.  Its sometimes a real pain to have such good hearing.

“Everyone with that taken care of, we will all take a few days rest here then start the march back home.  This has been a long battle, but weve made it through.”  As I finished relaying orders, the entire battlefield erupted into cheers.


That night, the generals were holding a closing meeting to discuss the time it will take to return to our home countries as well as what to do with the Hero and the Saint.

“So, by the projections, we should arrive at the border of the beast kingdom in six months since we no longer have to worry about being attacked.”  Said the Demon general while taking a drink of dwarf whiskey.

“Yes, though that is only if we rush and only take the minimum number of brakes on the way.” Said the Elf general, while sipping her wine.

“Before we all get too drunk, what are we going to do about those two prisoners of ours?” I asked.

Before anyone can answer, someone asks for permission to enter.  Once they come in, its revealed to be Sir Blake.

“General Deacon, I was going through my inventory earlier and I found a message written for you.” Said Blake, while scratching his head, clearly confused.

“It wasnt in there earlier, so I dont know where it came from.” He said.

“Let me see it.” I say as I take the message from him.

{Hello General Deacon, this message is from the Goddess of Fate.  Im glad to see you survived the ordeal with the King of Fiends.  Regarding the false Hero and Saint, you and the other generals are to bring and hand them over to the main office of the Adventurers Guild in the Celestia Kingdom.  After doing that, give the medallion that the blacksmith Blake has just been given to the Grand Master, he will understand what to do from there.  Once that has been done, tell your daughter to go and become an adventurer when she becomes 15.  At that time, give her the other letter that Blake has.

P.S.: Tell that Princess Knight that, since her love life has been so entertaining, I will give her the Blessing of Fate.}

After finishing the message, I turn to Sir Blake and ask;  “Sir Blake, is there now a medallion in your inventory?”

“There shouldnt be, just give me a second.”  He says as he starts moving his finger in the air.

“Well would you look at that there is one.  Here you go.” He says while handing me the medallion.

Its a small golden circle with a picture of the moon on one side and the symbol of the Adventurers Guild on the other.

“The message says to hand over the two idiots to the main office of the Adventurers Guild along with the medallion directly to the Grand Master.”  I relay the instructions from the message to everyone gathered here.

“Who is that message from anyway?” Asked the Dwarf general.

“Its from the Goddess of Fate.” I said.

Everyones faces become stiff.

“Oi, really, thats some serious stuff right there.” Said the Elf general, her eyes still wide in shock.

“I guess those rumors that the Adventurers Guild has a connection the to gods is true then.” Said Princess Nia.

“Guess so.” Said the Demon general agreeing with her.

“Sir Blake, the message also said you would get another message to hand over to me.” I said, looking back at Sir Blake.

“Looks like it.  I wonder who Luna is?” He said, handing over the other message.

“That is the name of my daughter.” I said, clarifying.

“I see, on another note, can I ask a favor of you, General Deacon?” Asked Sir Blake.

“What is it?” I asked, tilting my head.

“Its nothing important, its just, before sending me back here, the God of Summoning told me to make my home in this world in the capital of Savanna.  So, I was wondering if you would be able to assist me with that.” He asked.

“I dont see why not.  Once we get back, come with me, I will let you stay with my family until you can find a place.”  I said.

“Thank you very much.” He said, bowing his head.

“Think nothing of it.” I said.

“Well, with this taken care of, lets conclude our meeting here.  Everyone, have a good night.” Said Princess Nia as she left the tent.

Once everyone left, I laid down on the mat and started to drift off to sleep when the thought I was forgetting something came to me.

“Eh, it probably wasnt that important.”

After mumbling this, I finally went to sleep.  The next morning, I would wake up with a very flustered Princess Knight running around and remember,

“Oh right, the Blessing.”

Author ’s Note:

Here is the last of the side chapters for now.  Next time will be back to the MC ’s POV.  To be completely honest, I was surprised at how fun it was to write these side chapters.  For some reason they were super easy to write, and before I knew it they got longer and longer.  While I can ’t make any promises, I will try to keep the chapter length the same to maybe a little shorter after this.  If you have any questions about anything please ask and I will try to answer without spoiling what I want to happen as much as possible.  Thanks for reading and see you all again soon.

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