Sophia chuckled before going to her class. She successfully registered and didn expect to be the new hottie of the school. She blinked when she saw there was a snake as the class pet. She went over to it before one of the girls said, ”ugh, the new girl is going to see the snake. She must be a weirdo who like scaley things. ”

The snake hissed, ”Girl, you mess with me like the others and Ill bite. ”

She blinked and only sat in the chair next to it. She was rather calm and muttered soft enough for only the snake to hear, ”and Ill eat you if you try. ”

She glanced at the snake who tensed up and let her eyes change to her dragon form before turning back. it curled scared and showed a bit of greed in its eyes, Ryujin, if i eat her i can transform.

She noticed the look and rolled her eyes before writing down what was on the board. She felt the snake watching her and let out a bit of her bloodline and muttered softly, ”its rude to stare… ” She then went back to doing her work and didn bother anyone.

The snake curled and laid down due to instinct. it could feel the suppression of its blood line. it moved his head before it hissed, ”Maam…I am sorry for the rudeness, I only want one drop… ”

She softly muttered, ”well talk about it after class. ” It glanced at the clock and nodded. it wanted to be a dragon, it was every snakes dream and one appeared in front of him.

It watched her paper and sometimes hissed a correction to her as if tutoring and showing its intelligence. It knew it couldn eat her due to the suppression it felt. So, it wanted to coax it…trick her into giving it.

The girls in class noticed the snakes fascination with her and called a snake goddess. Sophia just rolled her eyes, if they knew that the supposed grumpy snake was trying to butter me up just for a drop of my blood. They would shit a brick.

When class was over and no one else was around, She took a drop of blood and muttered to it, ”Youve at least earned the right to be my tutor. So, I guess, I can reward you. you need to submit and absorb it. ”

She was about to give the drop to the snake when a few guys decided to man handle her. The drop ended up being thrown onto one of the kings of the school and was absorbed. She was about to change her hands into sharp dragon claws before the said, ”Get away from her or youll deal with me. ”

The men said, ”Ryu…we saw her first. Yeah, you can get her after. ” They then looked at each other and their faces went pale. Each of them looked behind them and gulped before they ran away seeing him glare at them with killing intent.

She looked up at him trying to hide to her breasts from when they ripped her shirt. She then saw a text box pop up, *Congratulations for unlocking a hidden task. A future dragon lord needs a qualified servant. Create four Dragonians 1/8*

When he saw her shirt ripped and had the urge to kill them. He put his jacket around her. He knew it wasn good for others to see this. He said, ”Everyone disperse. ” He helped her up before he gently held her hand. When the floor cleared out, he knelt, ”Ryu Takamoto meets the dragon lord. ”

She was surprised as the snake in the terrarium was hissing in frustration. She said, ”You are my first Dragonian. I will give you a cultivation method to help you get stronger. ” She taught him the thunder dragon method before he let him up.

He said as he got up, ”Thank you Dragon lord. ” He bowed his head before standing up in a respectful manner. He was about five foot nine inches tall and looked extremely fit.

She said, ”When we
e in school you can call me by name and act normal. ” She wanted some normalcy in her life; not like she had any before she was exiled.

He said, ”I will obey but, everyone will know I helped you. I might be one of the kings of the school but, I don have any subordinates to help protect you when Im not around. ” He bowed his head when he realized that he might have been disrespectful to his lord.

She said, ”Its fine… ” She thought for a bit and said, ”Just say that I am your childhood friend and that we were close because of that you protected me. ” She then sat down on one of the desks and said, ”We will make our own group called the Dragons Den. ”

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