She and Ryu left the room as the little snake slithered after them. Ryu grabbed it and said, ”Why are you following us, little snake? ” He condensed some black and purple scales on his arms to make sure it won bite him.

The snake hissed, ”You took my chance to be a dragon. ” It lashed its tail a bit showing its firey temper. Its every reptiles dream to be a dragon and she was her way so, she was mad it was taken away from him.

She said, ”You do realize, if you take that drop you become a part of my clan. ” It looked up and nodded before she gave it a drop of her blood and the Fire dragon cultivation technique. It lowered its head and she said, ”Ill name you Cynder, you should go back to the classroom to cultivate. ”

Ryu let Cynder go back after it hissed, ”Yes dragon lord, thank you for the name dragon lord. ” She slithered back to the classroom and went into the terrarium to cultivate.

Ryu said, ”Sophia, allow me to give you a ride. ” He opened his car door for her to get in.

She nodded and heard many people whisper, ”Why is Ryu being so attentive to the new girl? No, our new goddess must be dating him! ”

He closed the door for her and announced, ”If anyone messes with my little cousin will have me to deal with. ” He glared at the others before he got in the car and said, ”I will get someone to retrieve your car in a bit. ” When he rolled up his window he said, ”I hope you don mind me calling you that lord. I was merely trying to help. ”

She said, ”Its fine and you weren wrong. When you became part of my clan we became kin…my descendant. So, you weren wrong in calling us family. ”

He drove to her apartment and frowned at the conditions. He was known as a bad boy but, he came from a rich family. He was about to speak when someone yelled, ”Snake! ”

She ran forward and saw Hyorinmaru had grown a good six feet with light blue markings. He hissed at a woman who had entered without permission while, he was cultivating. He hissed, ”You sit on me and intrude into the Dragon lords territory. ”

Ryu went first and heard what he said. He helped the girl up and asked, ”Who are you and why are you here? ” Hyorinmaru looked at Ryu and didn show any hostility to him.

The girl stuttered, ”I live here, I just got in to sleep and saw that snake. ” The girl was scared as Hyorinmaru slithered onto Ryus shoulder.

He hissed, ”Brother, this female lied. Lord and I moved in last night. ” Ryu let Hyorinmaru on his shoulder but, looked at him before nodding.

Ryu said, ”from what I understand, you don live here. My leader just rented this apartment. ” he then threw the girl out. He moved to let Sophia inside. He said, ”Lord, allow me to get you a better place to live. I will not be able sleep well if anyone can easily get into your home. ”

She said, ”Its what I could afford…however, you
e right. ” She moved to pack up some of her stuff as Ryu went on his phone and bought a manor on the nearby mountain. She didn have much and only enough for a couple bags.

He picked them up and put them in. There wasn enough room in the cab of the truck so, she turned into her hatchling form and climbed in.

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