Invincible Dragon system

fight before dinner?

Ryu stopped at a dinner and looked at Sophia and Hyorinmaru that was curled up in the seat of his truck, ”Lord, youll have to live with me until, I can find a good place for you. ”

She looked up and asked, ”It won cause problems with your parents? ” Hyorinmaru looked up at him as well as he curled protectively around her. He had been cultivating and reached rank four of the foundation stage.

He chuckled, ”My parents always work so, they
e never around. I practically live by myself so, you won bother anyone. ” He picked up some food before heading to his home. It looked like a manor on the mountain.

She moved to look out and her deer like ears moved up in surprise, she wasn expecting this. Her ear moved behind her as she heard Ryu chuckling, ”Lord, I may act like a hooligan but, I do have collateral to do so. ” He drove to the manor and picked up her bags. She and Hyorinmaru had entered the bag and watched the outside. He took them to a room next to his and put it on the bed gently. Hyorinmaru slithered out first to check it out before a girl came out of the bathroom. Sophia hid deeper into the bag and shrunk her head down before looking at Ryu.

Ryu said, ”Lianna, why are you here? This is my house and I don recall inviting you. ” He was blunt and knew his lord didn want to be seen in her dragon form in front of others.

Lianna said, ”Why did you bring that snake in here and is that another girls clothes? You
e cheating on me? ” The girl was crying thinking he was cheating on her

Sophia made a facepalming motion and looked at the two of them. Ryus mouth twitched, ”First, it was my father who forced me to date you. Secondly, my friend was kicked out and asked to stay at my place until, she could find a new house. My friend happens to have a pet snake and it mustve slipped in while, we were packing. It was probably sleeping in the bag and just woke up. Hes already eaten so, hes just exploring. ”

Lianna said, ”Your friend has a man eating snake as a pet? Are saying that friend of yours is better than me?! Are you for real, she must be a hussy. ” Sophia tensed and held back a growl. Hyorinmaru gave an angry hiss at her.

He said angrily, ”In terms of background, not that I know of however, she feels more real and didn know I was rich until today. ” He saw his lord as his queen however, she didn make him kneel or call her Master or Dragon Lord. She talked to him as a person and wasn scared or tried to use him. Even if she didn give him the blood drop, he wouldve liked her.

Sophia looked up at him from the bag and thought, I used to…*sigh* Ren…I wouldn have left if you hadn passed. I hope you
e watching over me. She then looked down in grief before she shook her head.

When she looked up again, Ryu took her up and moved to hold her. Lianna had been kicked out of the house then she said, ”Sophia Lyonhart, my real name is Princess Sophia Van Lyonhart…of Lyon kingdom. I escaped that life after Prince Ren…my little brother died. I changed my name to Sophia Squall after I left. I couldn bring a lot of stuff…So I only brought the clothes I use to explore the capital without people knowing. ”

He was surprised at her confession, he couldn believe that his lord was a princess. She chuckled, ”I didn like that world…you have to be prim and proper all the time. You have to be perfect and my favorite, you have to go to
eally boring parties. That life isn as fun as how people think it is. ” She then climbed down and took a necklace that had a lion inscribed onto a golden heart.

He touched it and looked at it before Sophia went to change her clothes. She came out after a while and Ryu knelt after he had checked on what happened in Lyon kingdom. He said, ”I didn know you had royal blood. ” The butler heard it by accident and listened in.

She said, ”I chose to leave that life…even my fiancé had said that, I was better with civilians than with nobles and merchants. ” She helped him up and said, ”besides, I wanted to experience life as a normal person for a long time. It seemed more interesting than those boring parties I was forced to go to. ”

The butler froze as he heard her statement, he had never heard of a royal, let alone a noble choosing to live a life beneath their station. He decided to tell Ryus father later.

Sophia exhaled, ”still, are you sure its fine that I stay here? I mean with that girl… ”

Ryu said, ”My father wanted to bind our families business so, he forced me to date her. I disobeyed father and dumped her. You can stay until, we find you a better place. I won get in much trouble. ” She saw a look of loyalty in his eyes that he wished to serve her. He added, ”Plus, she is not as good as you. ”

She chuckled before picking up Hyorinmaru. Hyorinmaru wrapped around her arm for support and he lightly flicked his forked tongue out. He said, ”Dragon Lord, I can smell a human near the door…and it isn that female. ”

Ryu opened the door to see the butler about to come in. Ryu looked back and spoke at Sophias direction, ”It seems Hyorinmaru is a good watch dog. ”

At that, the snake raised his head like a cobra and gave a dissatisfied hiss at him for that comment. He was a mature snake and his lords first subject. He then moved down as Sophia gently rubbed his head with a finger and nearly closed his eyes as a content look appeared on his serpentine face.

Ryu chuckled a bit before looking at the butler with the stern look he usually had when dealing with outsiders, ”How much did you hear? ” He knew that the butler was a snitch for his father and he didn want to have his father get his claws into his lords business.

The butler gulped, ”Only about how the miss is better than the masters pick for your wife, Young Master. ” He knew that it wasn smart to tell him how much he actually heard or what he heard.

He said, ”My master is only staying for a few days so, I don want anyone telling father about her. If they do… ” at that he showed electricity going between his fingertips…which scared the butler. The butler nodded scared out of his mind and he left.

Sophia sat on the bed and asked, ”Did you have to scare him like that? It looked like he was going to pee himself. ” She let Hyorinmaru slither down onto the bed and cultivate which, gave a slight chill to the air.

Ryu watched as the butler left and looked if others were near. He closed the door and turned to her, ”Lord, my father isn a good man and I don want you in any of his schemes. ” He checked his phone and sighed, ”Unfortunately, hes coming to the house. If I had known, I would take you elsewhere. ”

She said as she heard her phone get a text message, ”Hmm? It looks like Im going to have a date tomorrow. ” The two looked at her and caused her to say, ”My fiancé wants to talk to me. Probably to get out of the marriage contract. ” She knew Koga saw her as a little sister and not as a spouse. She had the same thought so, she was fine with getting out of it.

Ryu said, ”Do you want me to come with? I don mind being your chauffeur Dragon Lord. ” He stood respectfully at attention…as if a well trained thug was in front of his boss.

She said, ”I should be fine; we don have a bad relationship but, I would like my car back. Besides, if anything happens Ill turn into my dragon form and run into the forest and hide among the reptiles. ”

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