After Cini escorted Cindy and Una to return to the city using teleportation, they also discussed this issue.

”Have you, brought them to the city, Cini? ” asked Vail.

”Yeah, I just escorted them only to the southern city gate and made sure they got into the city safely. ” Answer Cini.

”So how about this, then? ” Ask Cini. Curious.

”Just to get to the point, how do you feel when you see the monsters weve defeated, ” Rei replied. Shorten.

”There is indeed a problem with the monsters we have defeated, ” Cini said. I walked toward the monster and was surprised.

”What do you think, after seeing this? ” Ask Rii.

”These monsters, why have they been left for days. ” Answer Cini. A little surprised.

”Not long ago, when you brought the two of them to the city, this monsters body suddenly turned like this, ” said Vail.

”Isn this like the black powder mission in the fantasy games we completed in the past, but why was it used on this monster, what was the real purpose of doing this? ” Ask Cini.

”It could be that that persons goal is to have cities and kingdoms focused on this monster. Thats all I can think of, ” Rei replied.

”So thats how it is. Also belong to the group of summoned people from another world. Their battles should be strange but seem experienced. ”

”Vail, Cini, do you guys realize how I felt from that hill too? ” Ask Rii.

”Yes, I feel it. ” Answer them both.

”But why did it suddenly disappear? does the owner of that energy have anything to do with this monster? ” Ask Cini. Curious.

”If the energy is like that, will S-class adventurers be able to fight against the possessor of this energy? ” Ask Rii.

”Thats possible. Even though that mysterious persons energy is this thick, its not dangerous to us, but to the people of this world, it might be on par with a demon lord, ” Vail replied.

”Damn, weve been here too long, and its getting late. Lets head back to town before Una uses the lecture mode. ” Said Rii. We were surprised that they spent too long in this forest.

The three of them returned to the city using teleport, but when they arrived, the city atmosphere was taut, and the residents seemed worried and panicked. The three of them immediately rushed to the place called Cindy.

”Cindy and Una are not here, where are they, are they still in the guild, ” said Rii. Confusion.

”Then lets hurry up the guild, ” Cini said. Run towards the guild.

”Come on, quickly. ” Says Vail.

”What is this? Its not usually the guild to be so crowded like this. ” Ask Cini. Confusion.

”Could something have happened inside? ” asked Vail. Open the door.

”Cindy, Una, thank goodness you guys are okay here. ” Said Rii. Happy.

”Elia, what is going on here? Why are there so many people outside like they are worried about something? ” Ask Cini. Curious.

”Thats because recently, the demon lord mobilized his troops to attack their main frontline fighting force residing in South Tars city, ” Elia answered.

”But don worry, because the hero has been summoned back to this world and has succeeded since the special forest was again controlled by the Varaz kingdom from the demon army. ” Said Elia.

”Is that so, wait for the meme to be able to summon heroes again in the relatively recent decade since the first summons? ” Ask Cini.

”Unfortunately, this guild doesn have information fairly classified in the kingdoms, so Im sorry I can answer that, ” Elia answered.

”No, its okay Elia, its not your fault. ” Say Cini.

Rii, Vail, and Cini looked at Una as if they wanted to be informed about Cinis question because Una was a division/group leader who was tasked with making summons.

”Okay, Ill tell you, ” Una said. Telepathic magic.

”Of course it can, the kingdoms can only use it when things are out of control, ” Una said.


At that time, the residents of the city of Norf were immediately happy and grateful because the war was won by the kingdom and also the hero.

In the evening, Una invites Vail, Rii, and Cini to say more clearly because, for a moment, she stopped talking because of the soldiers who told her what happened at the center of the military power of humankind.

Knock. Knock.

”Whats wrong, Una, isn it late, we better rest tomorrow we
e going to the guild. ” Said Rii. Open.

”Theres something I want to tell the three of you, its related to the second summoner and the problems that will occur in the future, ” Una said.

”Is this matter so important that it has to be discussed tonight? ” asked Vail. Curious.

Una couldn help but stare at the three of them very seriously

”Okay, come on in, ” Cini said.

”Before that, did Cindy sleep? ” Ask Rii.

”Cindy, already fast asleep in the room, ” Una answered.

”Rii, create a barrier circle in this area, ” Cini said. Ask.

”Okay, Ill do it. ” Said Rii.

”Vail? You can create an anti-attack area and an anti-magic area to protect Cindy, don let the incident in the forest not repeat itself? ” Ask Cini. Ask.

”I have created a circle of barriers now that no one will hear our conversation. It won be broken even if someone tries to break this barrier with large-scale magic. ” Said Rii.

”The anticipation you asked for Cindy has also been completed. Now there is no need to worry anymore, ” Vail replied.

”So, what important thing are you going to say to us this evening? ” Ask Cini.

”First, I will discuss the matter that occurred due to summoning the hero this time and it relates to the problems that will arise in the future, ” Una answered.

”Alright, we will listen to it. Please tell us everything you know. ” Said Rii.

”Earlier, I said that the kingdom can only use it when things are out of control, ” Una said.

”Yeah, we already know that, then? ” asked Vail.

”The situation that can be controlled is when the united military force is no longer influential in turning the situation around, and also because the special forest has been reclaimed, so the union party holds an emergency meeting before making a second summons. ” Answer Una.

”But Una, something as important as this how did you find out? ” Ask Cini.

”Thats because, when I was Nia Aghture and part of an important power, I was given the authority by all the kings and councils to be the representative of the summoning division, ” Una answered.

”I didn expect that this would happen, this quickly when the rumors of the first summoning were rumored to have been thwarted by the demon lords soldiers, ” Una said.

”And the main problem is that each summons has a certain time/decade to make a second summon, ” Una said.

”The important part we have understood means the problem that will arise in the future is that it will not be able to make summons shortly. ” Say Cini.

”Yeah, thats true, ” Una said.

”Then how long will it take to make a summons? ” Ask Rii.

”The first summons will take at least three hundred years, then you can make another summons, ” Una answered.

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