Isekai in Fantasy worlds

Chapter - 1 Other world but with darkness

Sun shining to the eye,the sound of sea could be heard.

On the trail of the coast a figure of a person seems to be laying.With no wounds on the body the person was a young male by having the sun shine on his body his appearance is very evident and can be seen clearly.

With the sound of the sea and the breeze that carries,the young man finally wake up.

Looking around and seeing the vast ocean

and also the strong rays of the sun,

A shock wave of sense came to mind.

His name was Nyu.And was a high school student but one day a mysterious Gmail was arrived from an anonymous account.

While he was tying to think about his self suddenly the sky became dark from over the sea and the waves became stronger as the wind became stormy.

Seeing that Nyu understood that the coast will soon be hitting a storm and needs to leave the shore as quickly as possible.

While he suddenly turns he see someone behind a tree.It was a young girl and turned out she was there the entire time.

Seeing Nyu noticing her staring she shook her head and turn to the other side.

Before Nyu could say anything the girl figure was already gone into the forest.

But more to his surprise the black cloud behind him is already reaching to the nearest part of the shore and the dark sky has started to cover the many places.

Nyu did not let a moment to waste and started to follow the trail of the young girl

Some of the time were passed and the sky had already covered with the black cloud together with the trees in the area the many of the lights are already given up to be see.

In the dark place with the wind blow from the sea was so chilly this make fear to awaken inside him.The entire place was dark cold and he could only see some poor sunlights.

KekkHhh!!!By that time he could hear a terrifying scream this sound appear to come from the shore as he thought he already was away from the coast but was still searching

for his way as he began to lose the sun light.

Without the help of the sun light which was covered by the dark sky after sometime he began to feel so worry and started to panic as he began to lose track of direction and his heartbeats gets faster and faster.

pat pat

As he began to go faster he could hear the scream again.


But this time the voice was not from the behind but was from the direction where he was heading.

Crush the sound come closer an closer

As he was about to act he could hear

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