”Indeed, you did. ”A tall, handsome man dressed in sparkling white robes replied.

Josh stared at the man dressed in white robes and numerous thoughts ran through his head. He considered if he was dreaming, but none of his dreams had ever felt this real.

The first thought that crossed his mind when he thought about the identity of the man standing before him, was that he was the Christian god. The man chuckled and said, ”don look at me like I am some god, I just came out of that portal too. ”

”That means we
e. ”

”Dead. ” The man completed his sentence for him.

Josh looked at the floor and noticed they were standing on clouds, he looked around and saw other people, not just humans, he also saw humanoid beings and beings that bore no resemblance with humans.

Josh closed his eyes, and immediately memories of his life reeled in his mind like a movie on 2× speed.

Josh saw happy memories, sad memories, and memories of the mistakes he had made in his lifetime. When the face of a beautiful girl with long fiery red hair that reached her waist, and bright blue eyes that would melt even the coldest of hearts.

A single tear dropped from his left eye, then another from his right. Soon, a stream of tears was running down his cheeks.

”I hope we meet again, ” Josh muttered, dreading the possibility that he would be reincarnated into another world. A world without his love.

Josh opened his eyes and looked into the eyes of the kind-looking man who was gazing at him with a kind and encouraging smile.

”Where does that portal lead? ” Josh asked, looking intuitively at the people going into the portal, and making an observation that no one was coming out of it.

”Reincarnation? I don know? ” The man shrugged.

”Who are you? ” Josh asked.

”Im just a kind, old man. ” The man flashed an innocent smile.

Josh had a gut feeling that the man before him was hiding his identity, and had ulterior motives for taking an interest in him, a total stranger.

”Why don we see what lies beyond that portal? ” The old man suggested.

Josh merely nodded and followed the old mans lead.

They finally reached the portal, the old man passed through the portal without hesitating. But Josh paused, thinking of the numerous possibilities.

”A man who is too scared to his fears is not worthy enough to be called one, ” Josh muttered and walked into the portal.

For a split second, Josh felt an incredibly uncomfortable sucking sensation.

”Thought you would never make it. ” The old man chuckled as Josh appeared before him, clutching his stomach.

”What wouldve happened if I chose to stay there? ” Josh asked.

”Well never know will we? ” The old man winked.

”Just what is this place? ” Josh asked, staring at the beautiful city, and looking more inquisitively at the ancient and antique-looking house before them.

”Why don you join me inside for a drink. ” The man requested, ignoring his question.

”Why should I? ” Josh asked confused by the sudden turn of events.

”Because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. ” The man replied.

Josh nodded slowly and hesitantly, still having a feeling that something was off. Seeing this, the old man opened the door, and walked through it, leaving the door open for Josh to do the same.

Josh walked into the house and met the old man sitting on the couch.

”Have a seat will you? ” The man motioned for Josh to a seat beside him.

Josh looked around and sat instead on one of the sofas in the sitting room.

”Still playing it safe, ” the old man chuckled, ”a good quality I have to admit. ”

”Why did you bring me here? Who are you? Where is this place? ” Josh asked a myriad of questions.

”These questions would be answered in due time. ” The old man replied with a calm smile.

The old man waved his hand over the table, and a tray carrying two cups of tea appeared on it.

Taking one of the cups, the old man said, ”care for some tea? ”

Josh, his eyes still opened wide in surprise replied, ”Ill pass. ”

”More tea for me then. ” The old man shrugged and took a sip of the steaming hot tea.

Dropping the cup of tea on the table, the man cleared his throat and looked into Joshs eyes with a serious gaze, ”I suppose you have a couple of questions? ”

”You bet. ” Josh nodded, and continued, ”who are you? ”

”Who am I? ” The old man repeated Joshs question with a pondering expression on his face, ”over the years I have been given many names; The playboy god, he butcher, sword of the heavens, and many others. It all depends on whos asking the question. ”

”Who am I to you then? ” Josh asked confused.

”A prospective carrier of my divinity. ” The old man replied, taking a sip of tea.

”Who are you then? ” Josh asked once again.

”I am Alastor, the avenger. ” The old man replied.

”So you
e a god. ” Josh nodded, as he had guessed so minutes ago.

”I just said so. ” Alastor smiled.

”How did you become one? ” Josh asked.

”I would have been severely disappointed if you didn ask, ” Alastor looked at Josh with a soft gaze.

”At the beginning of time, the primordial gods were born. Beings with frightening power, but confined to the realm we are in now Nirvana. ”

”Over time, beings have risen through the echelons of power and have broken through the chains of mortality, and become truly immortal, gods if you may. ”

Josh paused for a while to ponder on the information, ”you
e saying gods can be born? ”

”Gods are not born, they
e made, ” Alastor replied.

Josh nodded, ”you
e not a primordial god, am I correct? ”

”Your intuition can rival that of a woman. ” Alastor chuckled.

Josh too chuckled, ”I am guessing I am about to be reincarnated? ”

”That is correct. ” Alastor nodded.

Josh stared into Alastors eyes, ”What do you want from me? ”

”I want to give you something. Something that youll perhaps find a little valuable. ” Alastor replied.

”Like a god could own anything worthless, ” Josh muttered under his breath.

”I have a piece of rubber that expands anytime I use it, and then shrinks back immediately after. ” Alastor took a sip of tea, a don look at me like that expression on his face.

Josh facepalmed, ”what is it you want to give to me? ”

”My Will, ” Alastor replied.

”And what could that be? ” Josh queried, although having a vague idea of what Alastor meant by ”will ”

”Beings sent here are those who the laws of the universe deem worthy of a second chance at life. While you are in this realm, we have the choice of giving our will, which will give the holders immense power, to whom we deem worthy. ” Alastor explained.

Josh pondered on Alastors revelation for a while, ”and what makes you think I a murderer am worthy. ”

”Vengeance is an ugly thing. If you let it consume you, you
e going to make mistakes you will regret in the long run. But at the same time, it can also be your greatest strength. ”

”We gods have the ability to know how any being sent here died. When I saw you, I was pleasantly surprised. The laws of the universe had sent a murderer to Nirvana? ”

”I decided to look more into your story, and I must say. Boy, you kick some ass. ” Alastor grinned.

”What the? ” Josh stared at Alastor with a youve got to be kidding me expression on his face.

”Can take a joke? ” Alastor sneered, ”Your story is a beautiful one kid. A child who went through so much in life and is currently saving the lives of other people does deserve a second chance. ”

”So, the universe is giving me a second chance? ” Josh asked.

”Indeed it is. ” Alastor nodded.

”You can come out now. ” Alastor looked at a certain spot in the living room with an intense gaze.

”It seems you
e still as much of an old fox as before. ” A lady with beautiful long legs and thighs with the perfect balance between athleticism and body fat, with seductive curves augmented by her red tight-fitted robes, that kings and even gods would pay just to stare at it, and ample bosoms on her chest, with a face that resembled that of a porcelain doll. The epitome of beauty appeared from the shadows.

”Its rude to stare. ” The lady clicked her tongue.

”My bad. ” Josh snapped out of his daze and focused on how beautiful the interior of Alastors home was.

”You call me an old fox when you
e even older than I am. ” Alastor smiled at the lady who had just appeared.

”Gods don age, Alastor. ” The lady rolled her eyes.

”True, ” Alastor nodded, ”unless you
e millions of years old. ” He muttered under his breath.

”Do you want a beating? ” The lady narrowed her eyes at Alastor.

”Ill have to pass on that. Why are you here anyway? Finally decided to come to get some D from this sir? ” Alastor smirked.

”Youd have a chance if we were the last two people in the universe. ”

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