Josh laughed out loud until he clutched his hurting stomach.

”And hes supposed to carry my will. ” Alastor looked at Josh from the corner of his eyes.

”So, what brings Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, love and lust, to my humble abode? ” Alastor asked The mysterious woman who was revealed to be the goddess of beauty, love and lust.

”Its no wonder, ” Josh muttered under his breath.

”No wonder that what? ” Aphrodite asked, folding her arms under her huge melons that threatened to pop out of her robes.

e undoubtedly the most beautiful woman in the universe. ” Josh looked back into her eyes, not really having to resist to urge to stare at her exposed cleavage.

”You seem not to be interested in me, only a few men can resist my charm, not to mention you a mortal, ” Aphrodite commented, her admiration for Josh breaking through the roof.

”Im proudly among the few, ” Alastor added., patting his chest.

”Not now. ” Aphrodite snapped at Alastor who raised both arms in defence.

”How can any sane man with a working third leg not be attracted to a beauty such as yourself? ” Josh chuckled, ”There is such a thing as true love and commitment to a partner. Surely, as the goddess of beauty, love and lust, you should know this? ”

”Your partner must have been a lucky woman to have monopoly over the love of a man like yourself. ” Aphrodite complimented.

e wrong, I was the lucky one. ” Josh smiled.

”I can feel your love for her. Its like a mountain, no matter the weather conditions, its immovable. ” Aphrodite said returning Joshs smile.

”Thats a cool way to put it. ” Josh chuckled.

”Are we going to ignore the fact that I still don know why you
e here? ” Alastor said, feigning annoyance.

”I was having my usual evening stroll when I saw you enter your home with a teenage human boy who seemed to be a mortal sent here to Nirvana, ” Aphrodite revealed.

”And here I thought you had finally fallen for this daddys charm. ” Alastor heaved a defeated sigh.

”He seems interesting enough. I suppose you decided to give him your will because of the similarities between the both of you. ” Aphrodite figured.

”There is another reason which I cannot reveal, ” Alastor said.

”If you
e not willing to reveal it to me, then I won pry any longer. ” Aphrodite said, ”although, I have a gift for your little friend. ”

A small petal appeared in Aphrodites palm, she blew the petal, and it soared in the air, it finally landed on Joshs chest. Josh looked puzzled, as the small petal disappeared.

”What was that? ” Josh asked, feeling invigorated.

”Something you will find useful in the future, ” Aphrodite replied.

”Why did you give him that? ” Alastor frowned at Aphrodite, knowing the value of that small petal.

”I find him interesting. ” Aphrodite shrugged.

”Ill buy that. For now. ” Alastor looked at Aphrodite with suspicion.

Alastor raised both his hands to the sky, a golden book appeared in them.

Alastor lowered his hands and indicated for Josh to take it from him. Josh seeing this, stretched forth his hands and received the.

”Salvatores dux, ” Josh repeated the words written on the cover of the book.

”This book is my guide to the seven mystic pieces, ” Alastor said with a solemn expression on his face.

”What are the seven mystic pieces? ” Josh asked.

”These are the seven artefacts that contain parts of the will of the god of vengeance, my humble self, ” Alastor explained.

e not going to tell me more about it than this are you? ” Josh read his body language.

”As intuitive as a woman. ” Alastor smiled.

”You do realise how much weight you are putting on this child? ” Aphrodite asked Alastor.

”Id have to give it to someone sooner or later. Besides, he is the most perfect candidate I have ever encountered in my few years of roaming the gates of Nirvana. ” Alastor replied.

”At least Im not the one whos going to make him a target for beautiful and powerful women, ” Alastor said, glaring an accusing stare at Aphrodite.

Josh looked from Alastor to Aphrodite then from Aphrodite, with an I demand an explanation expression on his face.

Aphrodite smiled and shook her head, ”The boy never enjoyed the pleasures of true union with a woman, it wouldn hurt for him to experience a little too much of it. ”

”Say what now? ” Josh raised his eyes confused.

”Lets just say you
e going to be having a lot of female contact in your next life, ” Aphrodite replied.

”Sounds good to me. ” Josh shrugged.

”See, ” Aphrodite turned to Alastor, flashing a teasing smile, ”not everyone would like to live their entire life without a companion or a few of them even. ”

”Says the supposed goddess of lust who we all know is still a virgin after millions of years. ” Alastor shot back with a calm smile on his face.

”I will pretend you never said that. ” Aphrodite tried to hide the bitterness in her smile.

”What a pathetic way to concede defeat. ” Alastor scoffed.

”You really want that beating don you? ” Aphrodite glared at Alastor.

”Don get so aggressive now, save that for when you lose your innocence. ” Alastor chuckled.

Aphrodite looked at Alastor with disbelief, while Alastor twirled his long white hair playfully.

Josh watched with a smile as the two gods before him argued like a married couple.

”Its time to go boy. ” Alastor turned to Josh.

”To my new world? ” Josh figured.

”Correct as always, ” Alastor nodded, ”remind me to never make a bet with you, you remind me of my old days when I was still young, handsome and as sly as a fox. ” A reminiscent expression appeared on Alastors face.

”You are still a sly fox, ” Aphrodite commented.

”A fox cannot turn into a sheep, but a fox can be a sheep, ” Alastor said.

”It seems not all foxes are bright after all. ” Aphrodite chuckled.

”Its a simple riddle really, a fox cannot genetically turn into a sheep, but a fox can act like a sheep, ” Josh said.

Alastor turned to Aphrodite, ”turns out someones a beauty without brains. ” Josh and Alastor burst into a fit of laughter.

Ignoring Alastors pun, Aphrodite said, ”why don we accompany him to the gates? ”

Gaining his composure, Alastor said, ”right. ”

”Follow my lead boy, ” Alastor said, standing up from his seat.

”Im coming along. ” Aphrodite too stood up.

”Just one nuisance wouldn hurt. ” Alastor shrugged.

”If only I could kill you. ” Aphrodite sighed.

”Good thing you can . Wouldve been a stain to my name. ” Alastor said.

”Because I am a woman? ” Aphrodite narrowed her eyes at Alastor.

”That is the problem with you women, you always assume things. ” Alastor sighed.

”I agree, ” Josh added, earning a glare from Aphrodite.

”What do you mean then? ” Aphrodite asked.

”I am a vengeful man. I would never get a chance to seek vengeance if I died. ”

”Because you wouldn make it to Nirvana. ” Josh completed Alastorss sentence for him.

”Having a smartass in the room always makes life easier. ” Alastor smiled at Josh.

”Lets hurry up. ” Aphrodite walked out through the front door.

”Hey, you don tell me what to do, ” Alastor complained, but still walked out of his house with Josh following closely behind him.

The trio that anyone would mistake for a married couple and their teenage son, walked through the bustling streets of the city, admiring the beautiful scenery.

The trio discussed various topics while walking towards the gates.

”What do you think is your greatest achievement in your previous life? ” Alastor asked.

”My greatest achievement was breaking through the chains of depression, ” Josh replied.

”What if I told you that you would make more of an impact in your new world? ” Alastor asked.

”I do not wish for glory, I only want to make the world a less horrible place to live in, ” Josh replied.

”What makes you think you can do that? To even make a small dent on the stability of a world, or even a universe, you have to become strong enough or your dreams will die along with you. ”

”When I was discussing with Zoe in a restaurant, she told me something that changed my perception of the world. ” A particular scene began playing in Joshs head.


Sitting inside a restaurant with Christmas decorations all over the place. Josh sat opposite Zoe, as they both drank their smoothies in silence.

Looking into Zoes bright blue eyes, Josh asked, ”what do you think of humanity? Do you think there can be some sort of redemption? ”

Zoe thought deeply about the question, ”there can never be true redemption for mankind. As long as people who hate exist in this world, there will always be people who love. Wherever there is light there will always be shadows. ”

”Most of humanitys problems are admittedly due to the corrupt nature of government. In general, humanity is humanitys enemy. ”

”The only way to at the very least lessen the chaos in this world, is to provide a competent government. ”


They had finally gotten in front of two gargantuan gates, with the statues of two warriors holding a mace on both sides of the gate.

e like the son I never had boy, I expect great things from you. ” Alastor patted Josh on the back.

”You could have one with Aphrodite. You two would make a great couple. ” Josh grinned.

”We wouldn even be able to have children. ” Aphrodite rolled her eyes.

”Who said I would want to have a child with you? ” Alastor said with a stoic expression on his face.

”Ill forgive you this one time. ” Aphrodite snorted and Alastor scoffed.

”I guess its time to embark on a new adventure. ” Josh looked at the gates that seemed to lead into outer space.

”Even though you may not realise it now, sooner or later you will realise the magnitude of the weight on your shoulders. ” Aphrodite rubbed Joshs shoulders.

”Im a man in love. What could possibly stop me? ” Josh fell backwards into the gates.

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