Journey To Becoming A God With The Saviours Guide

Chapter 5: Learning about the world

Josh opened his eyes and saw a large foot aiming at his head. He quickly turned to the other side to avoid being hit.

Whats the big idea? I just got reincarnated and Im already being used as a punching bag. Josh cursed his ill luck.

”Oh, he woke up. ” A boy with below-average looks that would make him pass for a koala hovered over Josh.

Josh got up, dusted his red robes, and stretched his arms out saying, ”As you can see I am not dead. ”

”It seems he got a little cocky, ” the boy with the face of a koala scoffed, ”although killing you would cause me a lot of problems, breaking a few bones wouldn hurt. ” The boy held his sword in a fighting stance.

Josh looked to his side and found a katana laying there on the floor, he picked up the katana and immediately tried something, not really confident it would work.

Josh felt energy course through his body, confirming his theory.

Josh charged in and so did the boy. Their swords clashed in the air, making a clanging sound of metal on metal.

Josh attacked the boy with a barrage of sword strikes that he could only do so much to defend.

After a few minutes of exchanging sword strikes, with Josh being on the defensive side, due to the enemys adept use of the energy he only just discovered ”mana ”.

The boy with the face of a koala found an opening and struck Josh on his shoulder.

Josh clutched his bleeding shoulder and looked into the crowd of people wearing the same robes as him, surrounding the arena.

”You surprised a bit there. But thrash is always thrash a guess. ” The koala faces boy said with a smug look on his face.

”Give me a month and youll be lying at my feet. ” Josh glared into his eyes, feeling his blood boil. He had never been one to accept defeat.

”Look everyone, this sore loser is challenging me to a duel! ” The koala-faced boy announced, to the amusement of the spectators who seemed to be students.

”Accept the challenge already. ” Josh scoffed, although not knowing what he meant by duel he had a general idea.

”Are you sure you want to experience the pain of losing once again? ” The koala-faced boy teased.

”Losing is a learning experience, but losing twice shows you haven trained enough, ” Josh replied calmly.

”If only your words could win you a fight. ” The koala-faced boy joked to the amusement of the crowd of students.

”Are you going to accept the challenge or not? ” Josh asked, growing impatient and also feeling a good deal of pain from his bleeding shoulder.

”It seems you like to feel pain, perhaps you have a masochist fetish? ” The koala-faced boy joked, ”I accept your challenge. Well duel on Wednesday the fifteenth of next month. ”

”Alright then. ” Josh nodded and they both got out of the arena.

”Are you okay boy? ” A young handsome man with a deadly but calm aura around him asked Josh as he got out of the arena.

”My condition is not necessarily what you would call okay, but Im breathing so no worries, ” Josh replied sarcastically.

”Go meet Healer Cecile at the school infirmary to fix you up. ” The old man said, ”class dismissed! ” He announced.

Josh left the arena with the crowd of students.

Now, who on earth am I supposed to find a place I don even know? Josh thought frustrated.

The annoying part of it all is that I have no one to ask because I might act weird in front of my supposed friends. If the previous guy had one. Hell, I don even know my own name, for all I know I might have been reincarnated into the body of a person with a different name.

Why didn I just reincarnate into a baby and start life afresh? I guess Ill just have to take risks. Josh sighed, developing a mild headache.

”Excuse me! ” Josh drew the attention of a girl, walking in front of him.

The girl turned around to face Josh, ”what? ” She asked.

Josh acknowledged her beauty inwardly and said, ”Hi, Im Josh, and as you can see Im bleeding a bit, could you please take me to the school infirmary? ”

”I see, ” the girl nodded, ”follow me. ” The girl instructed and turned in a different direction.

”You never gave me your name, ” Josh asked trying hard to keep up with her.

”Sophia Thompson. ” The girl replied.

”Sophia, ” Josh repeated, ”what a beautiful name, I bet it was chosen by your mother. ”

Sophia looked at Josh, her interest in him piqued, ”you
e correct, it was chosen by my mother. ”

”Did she ever tell you what inspired her to name you Sophia? ” Josh asked.

”It was her mothers name, ” Sophia replied.

”She must have loved your grandmother a lot to name you after her, ” Josh said with a calm smile.

”She says I look a lot like her, ” Sophia said.

”Then she must have also been a true beauty to behold. ” Josh grinned.

Sophia smiled brightly, ”what about you? Which of your parents named you? ” She asked.

”I wasn named by any of my parents. My name was chosen by my cousin. ” Josh replied.

”Your cousin? ” Sophia looked at Josh with surprise.

”I had that same expression on my face when my mum told me. ” Josh chuckled.

”You and your cousin must be really close then, ” Sophia said.

”Not exactly, barely seen her really, she lives abroad, ” Josh replied, realising how much he would miss his old world.

”Oh. ” Sophia nodded, and an awkward silence ensued.

”If you could relive one day of your life, which would it be? ” Josh decided to break the silence.

”That would be the best day of my life? ” Sophia figured.

”You can put it that way. ” Josh nodded.

”This is going to be a hard one. ” Sophia sighed and began brainstorming which day of her eighteen years alive was her most memorable.

”The best day of my would be my seventh birthday. It was definitely the most memorable day of my life. I was only a little girl so I don remember much, but that was the day I had the most fun. ”

”We had a party at my house, and from what I remember my dad bought two cakes and the living was decorated with lights. ”

”There were guests at my house and everybody brought gifts for me. I got everything I wanted and the gifts were awesome. My paternal grandparents got me a lot of dresses. I wore a red gown and we started the cake cutting and after my favourite food apple pie. ”

”We all ate happily with everyone talking with each other, laughing and joking. Then we went to give chocolates to my friends and guests. ”

”The cakes were so tasty that only scraps of them remained after just a few moments. Luckily we had some juice to give. That was the best day of my life and will forever cherish those moments. ” Sophie sighed with a reminiscent smile on her face.

”By the look on your face, you sure had a lot of fun on that day. ” Josh chuckled.

”You bet I did. ” Sophia grinned.

e here, ” Sophia announced as they got in front of a white building.

”Ill just go in? ” Josh asked.

”You could run in if you
e feeling a little over-energetic. ” Sophia chuckled.

e cool. ” Josh smiled at Sophia who blushed.

”I want to talk to you later, how would that be possible? ” Josh asked.

”You could input my number in your watch and maybe give me a call later, ” Sophia replied.

Wait, these can do that? It seems Ill have to get my tinkering gloves on. Josh thought.

”Could you help me with that? ” Josh asked.

”Alright. ” Sophia nodded.

Sophia took Joshs hand, she pressed a button on the watch and a virtual screen appeared in front of it.

This is advanced tech. Josh thought surprised.

It seems like I wasn reincarnated into a world with stone age civilisation like those in light novels after all. Josh thought, one of his biggest fears relieved.

Sophia fiddled with the virtual screen as Josh watched fascinated.

”Done, ” Sophia said, releasing Joshs hands.

”Thanks. Guess Ill be seeing you then. ” Josh said.

”Yeah. Give me a call. ” Sophia turned around to leave.

”I will. ” Josh nodded, watching her leave.

I shouldn be doing this. Josh sighed, remembering the promise he made to Zoe.

But what would Zoe want for me? To live life hoping that something seemingly impossible would happen, or to live life to the fullest? Josh questioned inwardly.

For now, I guess Ill just go with the flow, but I need to get stronger, quicker. I hate the feeling of being weak. Besides, I would rather clean the toilet of a high school. Josh chuckled.

”Here goes nothing. ” Josh pushed the door of the building open.

He looked around and saw beds lined up beside and opposite each other, with a minority of them being occupied.

”You have a bleeding shoulder. ” A voice said

Josh looked up to see who it was. His eyes met with that of a brown-haired woman with beautiful facial features.

”And you
e supposed to fix me up, ” Josh said.

”I am, ” the woman chuckled, ”well, sit on the bed. ” She motioned for Josh to sit on the bed.

The woman placed her hand on Joshs shoulder, and suddenly a rush of energy coursed through Josh.

Enjoying the powerful and aphrodisiac feeling, Josh instinctively tried to hold on to the energy.

The woman removed her hands from Joshs shoulder and looked at him with weird eyes, ”You
e putting on warrior student robes, but you have a magic affinity. Who are you? ”

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