”Our ticket to winning the International Inter School Tournament, ” Cecile replied with excitement written on her face.

”How so? ” The woman asked, puzzled.

”This kid has a tri-affinity, ” Cecile replied.

”A tri-affinity! Thats the same number of affinities as mine! ” The woman exclaimed surprised.

”Wait. ” The woman took a good look at Josh, ”wait a minute, isn he the son of the Zhane family patriarch? ” She asked Cecile.

”Yes. ” Cecile nodded.

”This is going to be complicated. ” The woman sighed with a dejected look on her face.

”You don have to worry about my family, ” Josh assured.

”What do you mean? ” The woman looked at Josh weirdly.

”He lost his memories and does not recall having a family, ” Cecile replied in his place.

”And I have no interest in communicating with any of my family members, ” Josh added.

”How did you lose your memories? ” The woman asked confused.

”Lets just say I got hit on the head pretty bad, ” Josh replied.

”Is there a way for him to regain his memories? ” The woman turned to Cecile.

”I am afraid he would have to wait till they come back to him naturally, ” Cecile replied.

e sure you don want to have anything to do with the Zhane family? ” The woman asked Josh, feeling sceptical.

”Why would I want to have anything to do with a family that considers their son as thrash? ” Josh asked back.

”Seems you already gave him a briefing. ” The woman turned to Cecile.

”Its my job. ” Cecile shrugged.

”Lets have this meeting inside. ” The woman walked back into the office.

”Take a seat. ” She instructed Josh, who had just locked the door behind him.

”Now that we are all seated, let us proceed with the meeting. ” The woman said.

”I still don know your name maam. ” Josh reminded.

”I am the school principal Jessica Butcher, ” Jessica replied.

”Beautiful. ” Josh smiled.

Jessica looked at Josh weirdly and turned to Cecile.

”Hes a bold one. ” Cecile shrugged.

Jessica turned to face Josh and said, ”You have two options. First, I tell the Zhane family that you have somehow managed to unlock your magic affinity. The second one is that I hide it from them and train you myself. ”

”Whats the catch? ” Josh smiled knowingly.

Jessica too smiled, ”You help me win the coming inter-school tournament. ”

”And how sure are you that I can help you do that? ” Josh asked.

”Never has there been an individual with more than one affinity with trash talents, ” Jessica replied.

”How are we going to hide the fact that I have suddenly awakened magic affinity from my family? ” Josh asked.

”We just have to train you in private, ” Jessica replied.

”Youll train me? ” Josh asked expectantly.

”No, she will. ” Jessica turned to Cecile.

”Oh. ” Josh nodded.

”She is more capable than you think, ” Jessica assured, sensing Joshs scepticism.

”The thing is. I don want to focus on just light magic. ” Josh stated his concern.

”And who says I only have a light magic affinity? ” Cecile smirked.

”Oh. What are your magic affinities ms. Cecile? ” Josh asked.

”Light and fire, ” Cecile replied.

”Thats great then. ” Joshs face lightened up.

”Shes just going to teach you the basics of fire and light magic. When she is confident youve grasped enough, we will commence our training. ” Jessica said to Josh.

”Wouldn it be better if I still trained my sword skills, so I can participate in other school tournaments without raising eyebrows? ” Josh asked.

”You want to be a battle mage? ” Jessica asked.

”Whats a battle mage? ” Josh asked confused.

”Oh, I forgot. In this world, there are several different types of specializations. ” Jessica began.

”Forge mastery is the art of enchanting items. The enchanted items can possess abilities, that enhance the battle power of the holder. ”

”Alchemy is the art of creating magic pills, potions and other consumables, using herbs and other materials. This specialisation is often taken by medics. ”

”Medics, these are mages who have a light magic affinity. As the name implies, they heal injuries, some even more talented ones can regrow lost limbs. ”

”It is often a misconception those light mages as just medics. Light magic has a couple of attacking and defensive spells. Just like other types of magic. ” Cecile added.

”Correct. ” Jessica nodded.

”Runes masters, create runes. Runes are like a whole new language. Runes are used in making arrays and in forge master. ”

”What are arrays? ” Josh asked.

”Arrays are spells, that require a long casting time and that can be placed in a specific spot for a time. They are programmed to perform specific functions. ” Jessica replied.

”Thanks. ” Josh nodded.

”Familiancers tame beasts. ”

”Warriors as you already know, are people who do not have magic affinities but can use mana. ”

”And battle mages are mages that specialise in a different specialisation. They are mostly mages who are also swordsmen. ” Jessica concluded.

”Intriguing. ” Josh nodded, pondering on the different job classes.

”Would you like to take any of the specialisations? ” Jessica asked, seeing his pondering expression.

”Yes. ” Josh nodded in reply.

”If I may take a wild guess. You want to become a medic and alchemist? ” Jessica asked.

”Correct. ” Josh nodded.

”Why If I may ask? ” Jessica inquired.

”I like the idea of not being able to depend on others to heal myself, ” Josh replied.

”Looks like youve got a lot of work on your hands, Cecile, ” Jessica said to Cecile.

”Ive been quite bored lately. A little change in schedule should be fun. ” Cecile nodded, ”besides, Im going to get a raise. ” She grinned.

”Right. ” Jessica nodded, ”So its settled then. Cecile is going to commence your training tomorrow. ” She said to Josh.

”Fine by me. ” Josh shrugged.

Joshs watch beeped, indicating that he had just received a message. The message read.

”Hey Josh, hows your day going? Why don we take a walk together? Im feeling bored, and Im not in the mood to train. ”

”Cool. Where are we meeting? ” Josh typed back.

”How about the Fairy tale garden? ” Sophia suggested.

”Fine by me. ” Josh agreed to her suggestion.

”Be seeing you. ” Sophia typed back.

This is going to be interesting. Josh smiled subconsciously.

”Already got a message from your girlfriend? ” Cecile teased.

”Not necessarily a girlfriend. An admirer perhaps. ” Josh replied with a smirk.

”How did you meet her? ” Cecile asked.

”she led me to the clinic when I was injured, ” Josh replied.

”just don be a Casanova, ” Cecile said mimicking a reprimanding tone.

”Being a female magnet has its perks. ” Josh smiled.

”I think its about time you left my office with your new disciple Cecile. ” Jessica reminded, going over some paperwork.

”Oh, right. ” Cecile nodded.

”Lets go. ” Cecile beckoned on Josh to follow her as she walked out of the office.

When they were both out of Jessicas office, Josh asked, ”How did we teleport here anyway. ”

”This. ” Cecile showed Josh a bracelet on her wrist.

”Couldn we just teleport out of her office, or does it obey some certain rules? ” Josh asked.

”There are some arrays placed on offices or buildings that prevent people from teleporting in and out of it, ” Cecile replied.

”Definitely there are ways to bypass that? ” Josh asked.

”Only a highly skilled runemaster can create teleportation bracelets that can bypass the runes of a less skilled runes master, ” Cecile replied.

”Interesting. ” Josh nodded.

Cecile grabbed Joshs hand, and they both reappeared in the school clinic.

”Ill never get used to that, ” Josh said feeling dizzy.

”Youll get used to it. ” Cecile chuckled, ”go home now and get ready for tomorrow. Im going to drain you. ” Cecile whispered into Joshs ears in a sensuous tone.

”I have a much larger amount of stamina than you think. Don underestimate me. ” Josh said in a playful tone.

”Well see how much this little guy can take. ” Cecile licked her lips while gazing at the area in which Joshs dragon resided, sleeping and waiting until when next he would be summoned for battle.

e really good at acting. ” Josh chuckled, if not for the fact that he was strong-willed, his dragon would be bathing in a thick fluid by now.

”I have many talents, ” Cecile smirked, sucking her thumb sensuously.

”See you tomorrow. ” Josh half ran out of the clinic.

”Coward! ” Cecile shouted behind him.

Josh searched up for the place called ”Fairy tale garden ” in the academy, using his watch.

After walking through the Academy like a lost child, for a couple of minutes, he finally found the ”fairy tale garden ”.

He walked inside and admired the beauty of the garden, inhaling the fresh air which seemed to be coated with mana.

He looked around in search of Sophia. In just a few minutes, he finally found her sitting alone on a bench, seemingly lost in thought.

He took a few seconds to admire her beauty without having any lustful thoughts towards her.

”I can fall in love now, I have other priorities. ” Josh muttered to himself and began walking towards Sophia.

”how come a beauty like you is sitting here all by herself? ”

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