The sun rays hit her face she tried blocking the sun but it was no use she got up and saw a maid coming in ”my lady your awake the master has asked you to come for breakfast ” she said bowing her head

”You may go Ill be down soon ” after the maid left she went to the bathroom.

After getting ready she went downstairs to the dinning room ”morning Uncle, morning Aunt ” she greeted but was only replied to by her uncle

”Morning my dear how was your night ” to which she replied ”fine thank you how was… ” she was cut off by her aunt ”this is not the time for chatting but for eating so if you don mind ”.

Valerie always knew her aunt Blair hated her after the accident 10 years ago blaming her for the death of her own parents as if she caused the accident or if it was her fault that she had a burnt face.

Her face was the most beautiful once but now she can even leave the house with out someone cursing or mocking her, she stayed in the house for the past years away from others but even in her own home her aunt and her daughter would taunt her and abuse her, the only one who was kind to her was her uncle but he was hardly ever around.

”Why is this ugly duckling here does she want me to loose my appetite ” said Olivia looking down at her with disgust.

”Olivia if you don want to sit and eat you may go to your room, your food will be sent to you there ” her uncle always defended her but it was no use

”But shes not wrong Williams so why defend an outsider than your own daughter ” said her aunt Blair.

She had no choice but to get up and leave the dinning giving her uncle a reassuring smile and left to her room.

Later in the afternoon a messenger came to their home with an invitation reading ”the King has invited you all to the celebration of his second son prince Maximuss return from the states he hopes you will all come and rejoice with him tomorrow by noon ”

”Oh my goodness the prince has return mother we must get ready for I should be the one the prince will notice ” Olivia said with excitement.

”Yes my dear we will get new dresses for the party let me call Livia to send us her best dresses ” Her mother said about to call her

”Why not get one for Valerie for she will be coming as well ” after her husband said this every one looked at him in surprise even Valerie was shocked to her this.

”Why would she come and embarrass us at the party she will only ruin it for everyone I mean look at her ” she said pointing at her face.

”Uncle, aunt is right I think it would be best if I stay behind than to ruin the celebration for everyone ” but her uncle wanted to protest but she added ”Im sure the king would understand he was my fathers friend I will just send my apologies ” with a sigh her uncle left it at that.

In the evening after having her dinner in her room she went to her closet and brought out her laptop she never told anyone about it, she and her parents lived in the states before the accident, her father had some businesses there and had left them in the her name.

It was her responsibility to take care of it and she has been taking care of it since she was 16.

Since her aunt had made it impossible for her to continue her education here she has been doing it online ever since.

She is a very smart girl and she graduated as a top student and the business is running smoothly and is one of the best business in the states.

She also had a business of her own which was a fashion company and it already has 3 branches in the states and she is planning on expanding it out side the country.

After replying to all the emails she sent her assistant and close friend she sent a message to meet her tomorrow to discuss there upcoming project.

At a young age she had a lot on her hands but she wanted to make her parents proud and one day be able to live a life of freedom away from all the people who hate her so much.

With that in mind she went to bed with the hopes that tomorrow will go smoothly.

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