Love and freedom

Almost got caught

The next day Valerie woke up bright and early even before the maid came after having breakfast in room she went downstairs.

”Good morning Uncle ” she greeted her uncle who was having his breakfast

”Morning Valerie, how are you ? ”he asked right before her aunt came down.

”Fine uncle may I go visit the stable today please ” she asked with a pleading face.

Before her uncle could answer her aunt said ” not after finishing your chores, I need this place spotless by the time I come back ”

”You can do that to her we have maids for that ” her uncle said looking very angry at his wife for her behavior.

”Don spoil her Williams I mean she is living under our roof its the least she can do ”.

Before her uncle could say something she said ”I will do as you say aunt ”

”But dear you don have to do this ” he said pitying the poor girl.

”its alright uncle I can do this ” she already knew this was going to happen she was use to her aunts way by now.

”Good , Olivia come on sweetheart we need to get going now or we might be late ” both mother and daughter went out to get ready for the party.

After they left her uncle also left to take care of some business of his now she was left to clean the house.

Well aunt didn say I can get some help she thought to herself smiling she asked the maids to help her which they did knowing what she was going through.

It was early in the afternoon when everyone finished cleaning Valerie was so grateful to everyone she they were always ready to help her.

”Thank you all for your help I appreciate it, you don know how important it is so once again thank you all of you ”

”Young madam you don need to thank us we know you go through a lot everyday and you have also done so much for us so this is just a way to repay you for all you have done ” said the head maiden.

”I have to go ahead thank you all once again please if anyone asks I went horse riding ” she said rushing out she had to hurry.

She met up with her friend and assistant Taylor looking at her brings back memories of their first playdate as kids since they were neighbors back then and their families got along so they setup a play date for them when they were five years old.

Flash back

”Daddy I don like her ” said young valerie pointing at the little blonde girl who was making faces at her.

”Why princess tell Daddy whats wrong ” her father said to her.

”Shes being mean and calling me names ” she said glaring at the little girls direction.

”Princess you know she didn mean that just try to be nice to her and see what happens ok ” he said and told her to go talk to the girl.

When she finally got to where she was she said a little ”hi ”

The girl said ”hi again Im sorry for being mean my dad said that it was bad to do that I didn mean to ”.

”its ok we can be friends right ” she said putting her hand out.

”yes were friends now red ” said the little girl cause she was wearing all red that day.

”My name is not red, if you give me a name Ill give you one too ummm Ill give you chocolate ” she smiled seeing the chocolate ice cream in her hand.

They both laughed and played that day calling each other nicknames .

Present day

Walk up behind her she whispered ” hey there chocolate ”.

”Red I missed you so much ” Taylor said hugging Valerie with all her strength.

”Can …breath….Tay ” Valerie chocked out after letting her go they went into the café to talk

Valerie couldn help but stare at Taylor she had changed a lot she was very beautiful with her light blonde hair and green eyes, she could make any guy fall for her she was tall and had a nice slim figure she was truly beautiful.

”Stop staring at me like Im your celebrity crush and lets order something Im hungry ” Taylor said picking up the menu to order.

”You wish I was just seeing how much you changed over the years I mean look at you at least one of us still looks pretty ” She said with her hand down looking at her appearance she wore a hoodie and old jeans, she still wore a cap and her hair was covering the burnt side of her face.

”What are you saying Red your beautiful you don even know it, you have a beautiful heart and you still look beautiful to me and you also have a nice figure ” wiggling her eyebrows Taylor tried to joke around to cheer her up.

They started talking about the new project for the upcoming fashion show.

”So how are the models for the upcoming fashion show ” asked Valerie after sipping a cup of coffee.

”There all good but theres a little competition but its not bad for us but theres this model I just can stand red, shes professional but shes so slutty and egotistic omg I just can be in a room with that stank ”. Taylor kept rambling on with disgust on her face Valerie couldn help but laugh at her.

”You said shes professional isn that all that matters why care about her personal life as long as it doesn affect us who cares ” Val said looking unconcerned.

”Your right but I just hate girls like her I mean she has a hot, dreamy, rich, smart and did I say hot boyfriend but still sleeps around with other guys ” Tay said wining.

”Your crazy just forget about this girl and lets talk about other things like how was your date the other day ” Valerie tried to change the subject.

”Oh yeah I forgot to tell you about it so it wasn so exciting at first but later I surprised…. ”they talked about a lot of things she forgot about all her worries just talking to her Choco, her best friend she missed her craziness.

But what she saw next made her wake up from her happy dream.

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