Love and freedom

Almost got caught

ike that ” she looked at her from head to toe and was not pleased.

”Well I was cleaning the stable aunt and I did stay in the house I just didn tell Maranda that I was going to clean the stables so please don shout at her ” Valerie pleaded.

Lucky her aunt believed her went to get ready that was close she almost got caught today good thing she stopped by the stable it was already clean so she had to rub dirt on the clothes she used to leave the house.

”Im sorry for that it was my fault and thank you for helping me Maranda ” she said thanking her she always thought of Maranda as a mother figure since she had taken care of her since she came here.

”Its ok dear just forget about it and let go inside so you can tell me about your day ” they both went in and started talking about everything.

They talked about her meeting with Taylor everything from the moment she stepped in the café to almost getting caught by her aunt in the café but she left out the business part she didn want to involve her in that .

After the mother and daughter left Valerie finally decided to rest she called Taylor if she had reached the airport were her private jet was and she was already on it, they talked a little and before hanging up Taylor promised to kidnap her and take her to the states.

Valerie laid on her bed thinking of her day she wished she could live normally like today without worrying about anything shes living like Cinderella but shes not that helpless.

Maybe one day she would leave this place and live normally like she did before when her parents were alive.

She missed them a lot if they were here she would never have to live like this but she can go back in time.

Going downstairs late in the night, she heard her aunt and cousin talking about the party and how handsome the prince is how they enjoyed the party and they looked so happy.

Happiness the one thing that she longed for but she was going to fight for it, putting her though aside she decided to go get what she came down for and go back to her room to get some sleep.

Hopefully tomorrow would be better she had to see the king at least that would cheer her up.

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