Love and freedom

Marriage proposal

The next went on as usual Valerie would wake up, do her morning routine have lunch and then help do some chores.

The whole morning her aunt and cousin made sure they make Valerie feel bad about not attending the party but Valerie could careless about the party.

After her chores were done she went up to her room to change for her meeting with the king.

She was always close to the king since he and her father were best friend from childhood so she was close to the family except for the second prince since she never saw him.

After changing into some decent, she styled her brown hair to cover the burnt side of her face with on last look in the mirror she left.

After a long ride she arrives at the palace, getting off the ride she pays the rider then head in .

The guards let her in because they know of her arrival, the last time a guard didn let her in because of ”her appearance ” prince Alexander made sure he lost his job even I said I didn mind.

She arrived at the front gate and was escorted to in by the butler Harris a nice middle age man.

”How have you been Harris? ” Valerie asked as they walked inside the castle.

”I as always my lady fit and fine ” Harris replied with a smile. He was always very found of her she always made the quite castle full of life.

”Little rabbit is that you ” she knew the owner of that voice the one person who had the bravery to call her that.

Turning back she saw the one and only Alexander but he was beside a young man but she didn give him attention as ran towards Alexander for a hug.

”I missed you Mr. frog how you been ” Valerie said with a wide grin on her face.

Back when they were younger her father had brought her to visit the king for the first time she was told to stay with Alex and play he was ten at the time and she was five they played a lot so they got along

Flash back

”Come with me to my room so I can show you my books ” said little Alexander.

”Ok Alex but I can read some words so you will read it to me ” little Valerie said as they both went to his room.

He picked out to books two books one was Alice in wonderland and the other was the princess and the frog.

After reading the first book Valerie said she liked the rabbit because it looked cute so Alexander looked at the picture of the rabbit and then her and said ” you look just like the rabbit in the book ” and laughed.

But Valerie didn find it funny so she frowned and said ”Im not a rabbit ”.

But Alexander kept laughing at her when she saw the picture of the frog in the next book she smiled and said ” if Im a rabbit then you
e a frog an ugly little frog ” sticking her tongue out at him.

They argued and called each other names until their Parents came and separated them but they kept that name.

Present day

He reminded her of Taylor they would make a great couple she thought to herself.

The sound of someone clearing their throat broke their conversation.

It was the handsome man beside Alexander and say he was handsome would be an understatement he was what you called Greek god according to the books she read.

”Oh I forgot this is my brother Maximus he came to visit us from the states and Max this is the rabbit I was talking about Valerie ” Alexander introduced.

”Hello Ive heard a lot about you from Alex here ” he looked at her a straight face without an expression.

”Nice to meet you, I apologize for not attending your party yesterday your highness ” Valerie bowed her head to apologize.

Maximus was impressed by her humility and the fact that she wasn all over him like the other girls last night impressed him.

”My lady, the king will see you now ” Harris came to call her

”Well see you later rabbit at the usual place ok ” Alex said leaving with his brother .

Going to the kings study room with Harris was a long walk since the study was on the farthest part of the castle.

Reaching the door to the study she knocked and heard a come in from the other side opening the door she went in to see a middle age man in Royal attire reading with his glasses.

”Your Majesty ” Valerie greeted with courtesy and was greeted with a smile.

”Come and have a sit my dear we have something to talk about ” the king gestured the sit in front of him.

If only she knew her visit to the king would turn to something she never expected.

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