The mystery man

As Luna started to pack her luggage, she went through her credit cards to check she had all the resources to win this precious gem. Her best friend Audrey Peterson, also a Manhattan resident was simple and shy but loved Luna and always wanted good things for her saw Luna packing up like a maniac, ”Honey you know you left your spare glasses on the coffee table and only packed the case? ”. Luna gave her a smug smile and said, ” oh Audrey dear, what would I ever do without you, you know what Ill bring you your favorite chocolates as a thank you for all the alerts you give me like an alarm clock ”, Audrey rolled her eyes and said, ”at least this alarm clock had the decency to alert you so you don get lost in a strange city where you are going all alone, how many times Ive asked you to send me your hotel address so I would not die worrying about you. And by the way, why do you need this ring so desperately? Are all the expensive rings in your collection already old for you? Why this sudden urge to get this one piece of band? as Audrey kept talking Luna took a piece of her breakfast sandwich and shoved it in Audreys mouth saying, ” shh! Let me go so I can add this band to my collection and get you some chocolate, Alain Ducasse ”. Luna took her bags, and got into her Uber thinking, ”Ive got enough money, all my savings and hard work will finally pay off. This is my fantasy ring, it has to be in my possession ”.

As Luna reached the airport, she took her bags and ran toward the terminal with absolute joy. ” seat# 11B ”, as she reached the first class cabin she saw that her seat was already occupied. ”Excuse me, but this is my seat ”, as she walked in front to look at this persons face, she saw it was a young mother trying to soothe her baby. ” My sincere apologies madame, my baby is not comfortable in our seat, Ive tried everything but nothing seems to be effective. If it is not an issue could you please consider our seats? ”. Luna always had a soft spot for babies. ”Of course without a doubt, what is your seat number? ”. The woman smiled with relief, ”its 14B ”. Luna turned to find her seat, as she got all settled comfortably in her seat. As she was about to plug in her headset, a dashing yet rugged-looking man approaches her asking, ” is this the toy your daughter was looking for? ” It was a panda bear soft toy. ”I don have any kids ”, Luna said while being lost in his eyes. ” it must be of that other woman ” Luna pointed at the young mother. The man said in a very deep voice, ”I apologize, I will give this to the baby ”. As the man walked away from her Luna felt this urge to stop him but she hesitated. ” what would I even talk about? ” She plugged in her headset and closed her eyes thinking about the main purpose of her trip.

Luna has always been unlucky when it comes to love. She has dated before, but the fate of her dating life is always affected by her busy work life. ”Im not going to date anyone on this trip ”, Luna thought. ” Come on Luna, think about that beautiful ring, my precious ” Luna smiled at her joke, ”something I might enjoy? ” the man who just passed her was saying something to her, ”oh sorry, I didn hear what you said ”. The man chuckled, ” I saw you were smiling so I thought I also might enjoy the joke ”. Lunas face flushed, ”oh it was nothing, I just laughed at my joke ”. The man introduced himself, ”Marc Cavendish ” she shook his hand, and said ”Luna Bailey ”.

Throughout the entire flight, they talked and laughed. It was something like mysticism. They both enjoy each other, company unaware of what was about to happen.

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