In a dark hallway a paralysed body was trying hard to push his wheelchair with his only working right hand.

His old wrinkly eyes have the iron will as inch by inch he was able to push the smart wheelchair which is out of power right now.

Slowly and steady he reached his destination, with a big bottle of green liquid in his lap. His eyes were full of hope as he looked at the mechanised tube full of small surgical tools ready for nano surgery.

He pushed his wheelchair and slowly moved around to reach the control panel. He pressed several keys as the nano surgery tube tool came to life.

His eyes got bright like a child looking at a robot toy. He unscrewed the bottle with his mouth, adjusted his leftover long white hair by shaking his wrinkly bald head and chugged the whole liquid down to his stomach.

He threw the bottle away which crashed and smashed into pieces but he didn care at all.

He unscrewed the safety and unbuckled the straps of his wheelchair as he slid down from his wheelchair.

He dragged his corpse-like body on the cold floor as the nano surgery machine started beeping.

He climbed the machine with his one hand and his strong jaw. He has waited for this moment for a very long time.

He mastered the art of patience as he amassed wealth, knowledge and power for this very day. He is not going to hurry, he will witness each and every moment when his nano surgery invention will be used on him and he will have a new body.

He carefully placed each and every body part of his in each required section in this hi-tech looking tube.

He got comfortable inside when he took a deep breath and pressed the button on the control panel inside the tube.

The machine came into life with muffled wheeze. Various parts and arms of the machine wheezed.

[Calibration Complete, No issues found.]

A set of lasers came out and scanned every inch of his body. Multiple arms approached him as they grabbed his head and limbs. Sharp tools came out and started shaving him and removing every hair from his body.

Another tool cut his medical gown and pulled it away leaving him naked. Various chemical drip pads started scrubbing him and cleaned everything off his body.

More arms came out and gripped him tightly as they turned him over. Hundreds of pads came out filled with hundreds of nano syringes as they aimed for his back and spine.

He knew what was going to happen as an arm came out and stuffed his mouth with a medical mouth-guard.

A nozzle sprayed a chemical to numb his back as one by one syringe pads pressed into his back.

He felt millions of ants biting him but that was not the cause of pain, the cause of pain was the liquid, the nano mixture getting pumped into his body as they are doing a nano surgery of his nerves system.

A dedicated arm was wiping off the sweat and few other arms were holding him tightly to stop him from moving at all.

His eyes were full of hope and anticipation as he could feel everything was going perfectly. He has studied human biology, gene-editing, nano-robotics, AI-programming for this very day when he will revive his body.

He could have spent his days like Stephen Hawking and used his superior intellect in creating new and controversial theories, predicting the bleak future of humanity and becoming the mascot of the scientific community.

He could have been another shining beacon of hope for handicapped people and humanity but he didn .

He has worked every day and every sleepless night for this very dream of getting his body back. He can have everything, he will have everything after he gets his body back.

Tears started pouring from his eyes imagining his future when suddenly he felt something wrong. He could feel something is going wrong in his body.

He struggled to lift his head up to look at the status screen when his eyes wide open in shock. A great blunder has happened.

He yanked his right working arm to free it so that he could press instructions on the status screen but he failed as his arm suddenly went limped.

He saw an injection on his right shoulder as various mechanical arms came out and put his right arm back to where it was.

He was now at the mercy of his own creation which is now turning his dream into a nightmare. He looked at the status screen as it displayed the progress of the nano surgery.

He saw the nanobots are repairing his nervous system but also converting his normal muscles and tissues into nervous cells and tissues.

If this surgery completes then he will turn into a mass of nervous system and nothing else. He does not even know what that will be like without anything else. He suddenly realised he would die if this happens.

His entire life flashed in front of his eyes, he felt a great regret because deep down there was a thought who kept telling him to take it easy, to enjoy life, have fun, make friends, be like Stephen Hawking, become his friend.

His eyes went red seeing his whole life worth and effort turning into a big failure. A rage rose up within him, his iron will came back as he decided not to let go at all, not to submit to logic which now dictates that its all over.

He started squirming, shaking hard, he decided to pull his head towards the status screen and do something to interrupt the nano surgery.

Suddenly he felt a pinched in his neck as he turned to look and saw his hope getting killed in front of his eyes as his own genius just killed him. A syringe poked his neck as he lost every strength and sensation from his entire body.

Tears came out his eyes and he couldn even blink as he was now completely paralysed. Machine worked his charm, placed his head securely and wiped away the tears and sweat.

He now has nothing left and whatever he could have is now turning into a bio trash. He can look and hear but whats the point of it as he gave up his focus and gave everything up.

Slowly, slowly, his vision turned dark as the beeping of machines increased and arms frantically performed procedures to revive the heart which had given up on life.


The darkness which he thought was all it left for him suddenly vanished. The sensation he lost of his body returned but with some things entirely new.

He opened his eyes and saw a rotten wooden ceiling filled with vines and dried leaves. Cool wind tingled on his skin as he felt the hard surface on his back. He used his right hand instinctively to get up but it was not required as he sat up looking around.

Two sets of memories were mixing in his head as one felt like fantasy and another nightmare.

He quickly stood up as he was surrounded by corpses and walked upstairs. He felt a deep joy as his legs with power were carrying him as per his wish.

He reached the top floor and sat down near the window on the floor. He looked at his skinny left hand like an illusion but on the other hand he felt he had used this hand everyday.

”Was it all a nightmare? ” He wondered about his life of paraplegic along with his left arm. He is now Bai Long, an untalented third child of the Bai family patriarch.

He sighed because in his early teens he was used to reading comics and novels and he read things like protagonists like him who are disabled go to another world full of fantastical wonders and live a life which was not possible on earth at all.

”Did my whole life struggle was only for me to die and come here? Was it only needed for me to die and come here? I fought and struggled for nothing? ” He felt like cursing his fate but when he saw his legs and arms responding to each of his impulses, he felt his anger was a waste.

He took a deep breath and felt like he should stop complaining and live the life he always dreamed.

He browsed the memories and got the general idea of what has happened so far. He is a trouble-child because of immense pressure from his parents and competition within the family.

To defy like any teenager he would waste money on girls and booze. He will waste all his time and will not cultivate at all.

In the end he caved to family pressure and also the fear of harsh punishment he started to cultivate diligently. However, that was only for a month because cultivation is very hard and especially harder for people with very little talent.

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