is easily so he wondered what changed. He closed his eyes again and this time looked closer and saw a tremendous web spread in his entire body.

He is a master of human biology so he recognised this web spread in every inch of his body. ”My botched Nano surgery of the nervous system!? How is this in his body? ”

He looked closer and noticed some overlapping visuals and was able to recognise both things which were overlapping. ”Is this me? ” He has studied his old crippled body so much that he can recognise it even in his sleep and he recognised it here without fail.

”Is this me as a soul? In this Bai Long body, why does my soul have my nervous system operation completed? ” He felt disgusted looking at his worst mistake because his old crippled body turned into a nerve tissue piece of flesh trash.

However, here he is looking at one completely botched but completed as per his blunder soul version of him now within Bai Long body.

He opened his eyes and raised his finger and looked closely as he could see two things, one the normal physical body of Bai Long and another is the finger of his crippled body which is now glowing like a million web of thunder in a cloud.

”What does it mean? What does it change? ” He wondered and looked closer and saw his vision has no restriction at all as he reached the microscopic level.

He saw his blood diligently working in his finger. He can see each and every cell individually and if he wants he can even look at the inner organs of each cell.

He quickly looked at his spatial ring but he could only look deeper like a normal person. He switched to his finger and then spatial ring for comparison. He then closed his eyes and understood that its not his eyes, its his soul power which is letting him see at such a deep microscopic level.

”How does this help me? ” He wondered but he has no answer yet. However, he is a scientist so he didn stop experimenting.

He can manipulate the Qi from air as easily as scooping water in hands but yes, just like water, Qi does not stay in his hands.

”My Cultivation or rather Bai Longs cultivation is gone with his death. This is a new start, I should consider cultivating a proper and good Cultivation technique. ”

He looked into his spatial ring and quickly read all the cultivation techniques. ”Interesting! All the cultivation techniques I have they all are till Qi Foundation but my evil soul cultivation I had is going way high until Soul Paragon. Shit! I don even know what level is a Paragon or what number of stages it is. ”

”Is this really an evil technique? It does not even have a name. But, it does have the problem with lifeforce consumption for quicker cultivation. Let me read it properly. ”

He read the whole cultivation until Paragon level and came to a conclusion. ”I think its not a cultivation for humans or for a specific bloodline who does not suffer from lifeforce loss. But, this is really a goldmine, almost like telekinesis. ” He remembered how the person who killed him also killed everyone here with just a Jedi like mind trick.

In short, his soul power turned off everyones brain and none could do anything about it, like EMP.

He would need a lifeforce increasing cultivation to balance out the side effect of this evil soul cultivation and funny thing is that there is no such thing as lifeforce cultivation, you can only gain such a thing from bloodline cultivation of beasts and that too is not much of a value unless you are talking about Dragon or Phoenix and those are rare as Phoenix feathers.

He cleared his mind and decided to cultivate his familys cultivation technique which is the Imperial Royal Bloodline cultivation. His Bai family is an offshoot of the Imperial family which lost the race to the throne thousand of years ago and now bloodline relatives are so far in generations in this thousand years that calling themselves Imperial bloodline is kind of mockery.

But here and there once in a blue moon a genius gets born in the Bai family who is able to cultivate Imperial Royal Bloodline to perfection and able to invoke the Imperial blood reverence like the Emperor bloodline offspring is able to that he gets assimilated into royal court.

Thats why the Bai family is preferred if you want to lobby your cause in the royal court because the Bai family has good relations and connections in the court.

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