”Huh? What do you mean each? And Cultivation? ”

”Yes, you are perfect. ” The Wolf Ancestor voice was filled with confidence.

”I think you don know that beasts, no offence, can cultivate or can only cultivate bloodline cultivation which is already in their DNA, I mean blood. ” He gave the obvious explanation. However, he is a scientist so even he wants to challenge this norm.

”We know, but do you know why humans are exceptions? ”

Bai Long had no answer to this question, however, he was confused on why some beasts are showing so much trust in him. ”Are you sure you want to share this information with a human? Why are you showing so much trust in me? ”

”What is your name? ”

”I am Bai Long. ”

”Little friend Long, this beast and human difference is just an illusion. We all are from the same primordial ancestor and this illusion will not be an illusion for a pure soul creature like you. If you or we were not able to understand each other then there was no question of trust at all. ”

He stayed silent but wondered if wolf ancestor was talking about Darwins theory of evolution.

”You agree with me on a common ancestor! Fascinating! Then who do you think is the closest to humans? ”

He looked around and thought about whether he should answer this question or not but gave it anyway.

”Apes. ”

”Heavenly! You know heavens secrets! There is no doubt now at all that you are the one we were waiting for. ”

”I am still confident that you should not place such high hopes on me. I came to this partial-realm only for profits and want to go back to my family. ” He expressed his honesty.

”Little Brother Long, we are confident but we will not force you, please examine what we have to offer then please decide. ”

He gave a thought and then nodded in agreement. Several wolves then brought a large trunk in front of him.

”This box contains several cultivation techniques which are highly compatible with our bloodline, please examine them little brother. ”

He opened the box and saw it was neatly and tightly packed with green jade slips. The jade slips were also not cheap looking ones but gave a very expensive feel along with some that had a very archaeological vibe.

He didn try to read any one of them but looked at the Beast core Ancestor. ”What if I fail? Giving these rare and powerful techniques away, surely you will not let me just walk away with the knowledge? ”

”Little brother long, we are not considering this to be successful at all. We know what we are asking from you but the weight of this responsibility is not on your shoulder but ours. How much we are able to understand this archaic knowledge will depend on our own karmic luck and our ancestors blessings. ”

He can feel the honesty in the words of wolf ancestor but his own heart was not ready to take on a task which he will be part of a certain failure.

”I will have to read these Cultivation techniques and explain it to you, correct? ”

”Yes. ”

”Okay, I will try my best. ”

He picked the first jade slip and started reading it patiently.

”Interesting. ” The Wolf Ancestor remarked.

”Am I doing it wrong? ” He asked.

”You haven asked the reason why we want to cultivate these techniques. ”

”I assumed it was not part of our understanding and my task. ”

”You are unique little brother Long. ”

”Its professional courtesy. ” He gave the same answer he would have given to a client if he was on earth. He has done various jobs on earth to collect funds for his personal research or learn very crucial tech. He learned in that professional environment that the less you ask unrelated questions the better.

”I will feel guilty to keep such an important part in darkness. ”

He nodded because honestly he was curious.

”We want to leave this partial-realm as soon as possible. ” The Wolf Ancestor paused. ”Because this realm will get destroyed very soon and to leave this place we need to be in human form. Although our Bloodline cultivation does have the realm where we can dorn a human form. But that realm is impossible to achieve in this partial realm where half of the laws of heaven are missing. ”

”Then how can these Cultivation techniques help? ” He asked.

”These techniques will trigger our next evolution like you Humans from Apes. ”

”You do not sound confident. ”

The Wolf Ancestor sighed. ”This is the best solution we have for now or else we will have to accept our fate. ”

”I understand. ” He felt sympathy towards them and wondered if his arrival in this world was some act of God or heaven as per wolf ancestor. Although he was not religious he was also not a strict vocal atheist.

In fact, he never searched for his belief in higher power and stayed indifferent towards this topic. However, he is now in deep thought if there is some higher power and it wants him to save them.

He tried to believe in this cause but didn feel like a religious person who sought for a higher power validation. In his life he has done and achieved everything on his own and he never let his thoughts go into any delusions that his condition is because of some sin and he needs to submit himself to God for salvation.

He is used to completing his own task and taking care of his own so he does not care if there is a higher power or not. On the other hand Bai Longs memories also confirmed that this world is also kinda ambiguous towards higher power except for laws of heaven which are like laws of physics in his opinion. No matter of worship or sacrifices will change them for you.

He collected his thoughts and focused on Cultivation techniques and he Started reading it. However, he got disappointed reading the first one so he picked the second one but it also disappointed him.

His frantically picking each and every jade slips catches the attention of Wolf Ancestor. ”Whats wrong little brother? Something wrong with these Cultivation techniques? ”

He shook his head and stood up. ”These Cultivation techniques are useless for now. ”

”What? Why? ”

”They all start from the Transcendent level, which I am also not sure what stage of cultivation is but not the starting of cultivation. ”

”Oh, I was not aware of it at all. ”

The Wolf Ancestors dispirited reply made him sad too.

”Was there a specific reason to choose these Cultivation techniques? ” He curiously asked.

”Yes, they all are bloodline Cultivation and we hoped these Bloodline Cultivations would help us. ”

He picked one jade slip and re-read to confirm but these all were talking about spirituality, immortality and Dao of heaven. He wondered if someone fooled them or not.

”I…I have few bloodline cultivation techniques with me, will they work? ” He didn waste his thoughts on whose fault it is and instead of a solution.

”These were beast bloodline Cultivation techniques for humans to be like a beast. The cultivators who cultivated these beast bloodline techniques were able to transform into beasts and thats why these were chosen so that we who are already a beast will be able to cultivate them. ”

He understood the point but the key they were so optimistic about turned out to be a scam. He fell into a deep thought.


”What? Are you going back to sleep? Why? ” Asked the arrogant fish. He was the same fish who warned the talking human to run away.

After wolves took the talking human with them he took an underwater passage small enough for a small fish like him and came to this remote dark cavern to wake up his sleepy friend.

However, his friend who looked interested in Talking human at first is now surprisingly more interested in his sleep.

”Those flower dogs are not bright enough to understand so nothing to worry about. ” Said the sleepy voice in the cavern.

”And you are not bright enough to understand that we need that talking human for us for the same reason. ”

”Oh! Yes, let me take a few moments of sweet sleep and then I will play with you. ”

”IDIOT! I am not here to play with you! We need to stop those straw dogs or else they will run away before us. ”

”Just a…just a…little sweet…*snore*. ”



”Oh! This is hopeless! Truly hopeless! How can someone sleep in front of his own destruction? ” The fish left the dark cavern in search of a way to wake up his sleepy friend.

He is a resourceful fish, his ideas have kept his sleepy friend hidden away from humans for only one chance to leave this doomed realm.

However, he has become frustrated because of his friends sleeping problem. Previously few scolding used to do the work but now not even provocation is effective.

He is not sure if he should help such a burdensome friend or not.

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