”Okay, how about I give you a name? ” Bai Long gave a clever suggestion.

”Yes, give me a name. ” The green grass wolf wagged his tail like he was about to get a treat.

”How about Rocky? ”

”Rocky? ” The green grass tilted his head to the right in confusion again.

”Yes Rocky, do you not like it? ”

The wolfs face looks as if he is trying to understand divine knowledge. ”Its a new thing for me, I will like it eventually. ” He replied like an uptight child.

The white wolf gave a low growl.

”I like it, I like it very much! Its very tasty! ” He burgled words out in terror and avoided looking at his mother.

Bai Long gave a chuckle when Rocky said its very tasty.

”Okay, Rocky. The ring you are holding in your mouth is an item which you can use with the help of Qi. Any Qi will work but make sure to keep it very minimal. ”

”Qi? ” Rocky asked.

*Oh dear, I would have to explain the alphabet too?* He sighed inside.

He raised his index finger and collected a strand of Qi from the air as it revolved around its tip of the finger.

”This is Qi, the colour is white, which is the purest form of Qi. You have Blood Qi which will be blood red. Show me your Qi. ”

Rocky raised his paw and tried to mimic Bai Long but nothing happened.

”No, don mimic me, its a unique thing only I can do. You do what you know to show your Blood Qi. ”

”How? ” Rocky asked confusingly.

Bai Long thought for a moment. ”When you tried to attack me at that pond, you used your Blood Qi on your paws. Try the same. ”

”Did I? I used Qi! Hahahaha, look everyone, I already used Qi even before bloodline cultivation of humans, I am a genius and your saviour. ” He raised his chest in boasting. Bai Long previously felt Rocky was getting mistreated by his mother but now he wants to smack this idiots head.

”You are a Qi Beast, its normal for you to use Blood Qi, every Qi Beast can do it. ” Bai Long gave a monotone explanation.

”Oh! ” Rocky lowered his head in embarrassment.

”Do the same claws thing without attacking me and show me the Blood Qi. ”

Rocky did a serious swipe in the air and a slight blood red glow enveloped his claws.

”Did you see? ” Bai Long pointed at Rockys paws.

”Where? ” He didn see it at all.

”Do it sideways and see it closely. ”

He did a side swipe and saw a slight red glow on his claws. ”Oh this? This is Qi? This is easy! ”

Suddenly he started showing off as all his paws gave a very healthy glow of red, then his ears, his eyes and then at last his jaws.

”Oh! Whats this! ” Rockys eyes went back and the ring in his mouth fell down as he lost control of his body and fell on the floor. Bai Long quickly catched him.

”Rocky! Whats wrong? ” He quickly poured his Qi into him to check to find he was not in danger but his soul power was drained to the point of snuffing out.

He quickly drew his own soul power out and gave it to Rocky and his soul stabilised.

”What…what happened? ” The white wolf asked. He looked around and saw everyone was also a little confused.

”A little accident but nothing to worry about, he is fine, just got tired. Let him sleep. ”

”He got tired from doing such a simple task? He has gotten lazy. ” The white mother wolf of Rocky felt disappointed.

Bai Long felt like defending Rocky but didn in fear of revealing the fact that her son almost died in his experiment.

He picked up the spatial ring Rocky had in his mouth and looked into it. The ring was fine, nothing malicious in it so he wondered why Rockys soul was overdrawn to the brink of death.

Within a second the soul overdrew because of the spatial ring? He thought for a moment on the key point of the soul and spatial ring it clicked.

As a human its a no brainer to keep any check on his own soul power while using a spatial ring because we are a very intelligent species. Various concepts and laws of physics are easily graspable by us even if we can explain it.

In short, the brain and legs know the height and power of legs when we jump, we don need to do maths beforehand, its already done by the brain unconsciously. However, the first time we did jump, we needed time to examine it or learn from our mistake.

But some things we do everyday unconsciously we don even give it a thought before doing it because our brain already knows those laws. When we use a spatial ring we get to witness the laws of space but our human species are accustomed to 3D geometry so it takes very little effort on soul power to do this task.

On the other hand the Rocky or Beast and animals in general follow their instincts more than their brain, which means they rarely use soul power and have very low soul power.

”Little Brother. ”

Bai Long came out of his thoughts.

”Did you find a way to use these spatial rings? ” The Wolf Ancestor asked.

”Yes, but with a problem. ”

”Problem? ”

”Yes, and it is a big problem because without a solution Beast cultivation is not possible. ” He gave the honest fact because you will need a strong soul power for manual cultivation like humans where Beast cultivate automatically because of their bloodline.

”Tell me, maybe we have a solution. ” The Wolf Ancestor voice was full of hope. Its obvious because almost every word of their ancestors are coming true.

”We humans cultivate by our own diligent daily effort and practice. If we stop then our cultivation will not progress at all, no matter how much good we eat or sleep. The reason is our soul power and without sufficient soul power its very tough or almost impossible to cultivate. ”

”And we does not have the soul power to cultivate, correct? ” The Wolf Ancestor sighed while asking.

”Yes, not even enough to use a spatial ring which is a childs play for us. ” He gave the hard truth.

”How to increase soul power? ” The hope got back into the Wolf Ancestor voice.

”You can…also cultivate soul…power? ” He thought if he is helping with bloodline cultivation techniques then why not the soul too.

However, its easier said than done because Soul cultivation is tough even for humans, how is he going to teach them which he has hard time to understand.

Suddenly, he felt his fingers had the answer a few moments ago. He recalled his memories and saw he was pouring his soul power inside Rocky and saw his memories.

He looked towards the pack of wolves and pointed at one of them who looked similar to Rocky. ” You, come here. ”

That wolf came near to him wagging his tail as if he was also going to get a treat. Bai Long smiled seeing the cute display of affection. He placed his hand on his head, poured his soul power and like Rocky was able to see every memory of this wolf.

He felt no resistance at all. He felt warm inside seeing the deep trust these beast showed to him. He somehow started to believe that only pure souls will be able to understand and talk with these Beasts.

He wondered if he was a fairytale movie princess who attracts birds and creatures to sing and dance. He quickly threw these notions away and took his hand away from the head of the wolf.

”So, whats my name? ” The wolf asked, wagging his tail frantically.

”Err…Rob? ”

”Rob, I like it! ” He howled in happiness creating another howl chorus.

”I have an idea but I am not sure if this will work or not. ” He said to the Wolf Ancestor.

”I have no objection. ” The Wolf Ancestor gave his permission enthusiastically.

The Evil Soul Cultivation he had is the easiest and perfectly understood Soul Cultivation because it was taught by that Evil woman while she was placing a soul mark on him.

She taught him with the help of soul power when he failed to understand from normal jade slip. He can do the same thing in these wolves because they have no ounce of resistance towards him. It will be far easier to explain by words.

”I am going to teach you a Soul Cultivation technique, okay Rob? ” He asked Rob and he wagged his tail again like he is going to get the best treat of his life.

He placed his hand again on his head and poured his soul power as it entered his brain. However, instead of putting the information in, he started from the basics like he is talking to his brain.

He felt like a librarian cleaning and organising the books with proper categories and putting new books which are missing. He also had to create a new section of topics and subjects which were never there in the first place.

Meanwhile Robs eyes were rolling frantically and his legs were wobbling. Bai Long was aware of the soul strain of Rob and was nourishing him with his own soul power while slowly and methodically teaching the unconscious mind of Rob.

After a while later he was done as he only taught Rob the first stage of the Evil Soul Cultivation which teaches you how to convert your Blood Qi into Soul Power.

It was not dangerous because it is not like the rest of the stages where you learn how to convert your lifeforce into Soul Power.

Rob legs gave up the moment Bai Long let go his head. Bai Long helped him lie down and sleep. He did more than teaching, he kinda teached Robs unconscious brain his memory management system too along with basics of cultivation.

He was feeling like his old self when he was excited to see his experiments bring fruitful and surprising results.

However, what he didn expect is that he still has his or previous Bai Longs soul cultivation. He never lost it even after his death.

If he wanted he could have sucked Rob dry of his life-force increasing his Soul Power.

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