The gloomy weather that Tuesday morning perfectly matched my mood. I was irritated because Aunt Emerald had decided that it would be best to put me the same classes with her darling daughters and she also decided to tell me the morning I was to leave for school.

I admit that was smart of her because if she had told me earlier I would have ranted, raved and refused (impossible, I know). Honestly, I wouldn think to enter unknown territory without knowing who Im against.

Roughly eight, Aunt Emerald drove into the school and I must say the school is a beauty. While I drooled over my surroundings, Stephanie and Stasha were bored with the whole scene. Its their school after all.

Someone cleared their throat, ”You might want to clean that. ” Aunt Em gestured to the side of my mouth, ”Youve got a little something there. ”

I absentmindedly wiped it away and leapt out of the car. This school was extremely different from my old school. The school was huge and gated with high walls(who ever tried to skip school might have one hell of a time). The school colours, purple and white perfectly blended into each other creating this stunning look. Not to forget the uniform,a pleated skirt with the white shirt and purple blazer. Shoes are mufti,wear what ever you want so I opted for white Vans and white socks. To say the least I know I look stunning. Mwah

Since Aunt Em had already completed all the necessary formalities, I just need to find my class and continue the day with nada drama whatsoever. I turned to find that my cousins had left me. Riiight….what next. I definitely do not want to start my school year by being late and annoying the teacher.

After ten minutes of searching for the administration office, ten minutes of explaining my dilemma to the receptionist and another twenty used to look for my class,I arrived at my destination.

Sweaty and disheveled with an unusually heavy bag ,I entered the classroom. Oh and guess what, the first people I lay my eyes on were the twins and they had the audacity to look shocked. A round of applaud, they deserve an Oscar.

As I walked towards the teacher who was busily writing on the board, I felt all the pairs of eyes on my back and it made my skin crawl.

”Good morning,maam. ” She turned startled. I bet I made an interesting picture. She composed herself,replying, ” Hello, I guess you are the new student? ”

”Yes,please ” I confirmed

She clapped her hands, ” Class, we have a new student and shell be introducing herself. ”

”Hello,Im Lyly Anne,transferred from Royal Diadem. I- ”

”Yo,we don need your life history. Get on with it. ” A boy said from the back. I flushed embarrassed, maybe I was talking to much.

”That was offensive, Peter. ” admonished the teacher.

”But she was going to go on and on and on. ” Peter argued. ”That is not for you to decide. ”Whatever. ”

”Sorry about that,Lyly. Peter tends to go overboard sometimes. ” She smiled as he scowled at her. ” Kindly take the seat next to Erimintrude. ”

A tall girl waved and I moved in her direction. I almost got there when I stumbled on someones stretched legs. My head snapped to find the culprit fast asleep. Okay,that was not intentional. Somone else muttered, ”Clumsy. ” But my heart was racing to fast to care. I don want to embarrass myself in font of these people.


When the bell rang for the dreaded lunch time,I was a bundle of nerves. Having first class experienced the hostility, I was unprepared when Peter walked up to me, ”Hey, so Im sorry for earlier. I was just cranky. I had a really bad headache. ” In my opinion thats no way to treat someone but go off,I guess.

Wait….Wheres the guy? He was speaking just now. I was busy calling him out in my head that I forgot to reply him. He must think I was ignoring him.*face palm* Any ways

When I finally decided to go out,I bumped into Erimintrude. ”Oh, its Lyly Anne,right?

” Em,yeah. ” I answered skeptically.

”I was just coming to ask if youll like to join us,my friend,Vanessa, and I. ”

Before I could fully process the question, I had already accepted the offer. I hate myself sometimes. I had no other choice but to follow her to the friend waiting under the tree.

When we entered the cafeteria, I could clearly see the clubs; the bookworms with their huge textbooks,the sports people with the St. Michelle tracksuits and balls beside them. The dancers were trying out new moves with the band singing songs. To say the least,I was total chaos out here. I saw Peter,he was hard to miss being the tallest among the athletes and all.

We joined the queue to our food. I opted for lasagna and settled down to eat with my new friends. As we ate, Vanessa and Erimintrude filled me in on random things in the school.

e not so bad after all.

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