So today we have the intern teacher,Mr Currison for the Agricultural Studies period. ” Good morning,class. ” He greeted as walked into the class. He put his briefcase on his desk and faced the class. ”I believe we
e all aware that Im new here so I haven been introduced to anyone here. I know that you know my name already, so its your turn. Starting from the last row,please.

” Keziah Hanson. ”

” Sarah Josephs. ” It continued till it got to Erimintrude. ”Erimintrude Nelson here. ”

I got up , LylyAnne Campbell. ”

Mr Currison who had not spoken since the students started introducing themselves remarked, ” You look like someone I knew. Do you know of a certain Ann Liu? ”

”No sir. ” I answered, puzzled. Then he drifted off for a good five minutes. Well, the person must be pretty important for him to think so deeply about. I dismissed it but that was undoubtedly weird.

”Thanks for your introductions and sorry for the brief interruption. Well today well continue with osmosis and absorption. Can someone please define osmosis. ”

Sarah raised her hand. ”Ah,yes, Sarah I think, please give us your definition. As her voice droned on, I looked out of the window.


”Wasn that a bit strange, huh, in the class during Science , ” Mintrude nudged me from my thoughts.

”I guess so, with that pausing and all. Maybe his lost love or something. ”

”Well lets hope hes not one of hose people who creepily become attached you cause you look like their people. ” She said and we moved to our next class at the home economics department.


Most of the time, Im psyched for the weekends but it looks like I woke up olat the bad side of my bed. First,it was a pounding migraine. Then I tripped over by own comforter and bashed my head on my traitorous chair which did wonders for my head. As I was walking down the stairs,I missed a step and almost catapulted down. The best way to start your morning. Do not try this at home…….oops.

So I was definitely in a foul mood. After chores and stuff,I decided to do my laundry. Pro of living with Aunt Em is that I do not have to do my laundry by hand wash.

I always do Stephanies laundry and Stasha prefers to do her own laundry, but today I was in no mood to go along with her whims so I did mine and left.

Exactly 12:45,(I know,I checked), Stephanie barged into my room. ”LylyAnne, ” she screeched, ”why have you not done my laundry? Hurry,I need my purple tank top before 2 for the mall. Iron when you
e done too. ” Bush said what.

”Sorry but Ive got a terrible migraine so I can do that for you. ” I answered.

”What did you say? How dare you! Because my mom feeds and caters for you you think you can do what ever you like. Just in case you
e unaware, newsflash, your mom is dead. Get over it. ”

I looked straight at her and she flinched. I stood up. ”You know,Im sick and tired of your bullshit. You sashay around throwing your weight. Girl,I don give a damn about that. Yes,your mom stepped in when my life was over. Yes,my mom is dead. I know that. But under no condition am i letting anyone walk over me. The fact that i did your laundry for all this time doesn mean i willingly wanted to do it.also what I don understand is how your laundry relates to all this. I bet you don know how to operate the machine,huh. Well,sucks to be you. I guess youll just have to change your outfit because Im definitely not moving from my room. ”

I stepped back to close the door, ”Oh and Stephanie, i have something you lack,self respect. Ever heard of it? Newsflash babe, you
e doing your own laundry from today. Bye. ” I shut the door in her face.

When the door closed,I took a deep breath trying to calm my nerves and the tears threatening to tumble down.

In situations like this that I miss my mom.

Though I tried to act tough out their,well apparently my headache did not care. It came back with a vengeance causing me to slump and groan.

I need my bed.

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