My Venomous Boyfriend And I

Chapter 6: I miss him

Venom POV

My God its been three days since Ashley left and l feel like lm losing my mind. Sometimes lm angry sometimes lm sad. Im really lost without her.

Man l need to feel something anything at all. Every time l think of her l just get hard like really hard thats why l started masterbating cause l couldn anymore. The pain was just unbearable.

Now its been a total week and lm busy doing my routines to satisfy my self when my phone rings. Its a private number.

”Hey, its me ” a male voice spoke

”Ok me, what do you want ” l asked with an attitude

”Come on is that how you say hello to your cousin? ” The voice said

”Who? ”I asked

”Its me buddy Jeff ” the voice said

”Yah hate to brake to you buddy but Jeff died a long time ago ” l said

” oh come on Daisy, lm talking to the illuminous being right? ” The voice said

”Jeff its really you. Oh My God ” l said in disbelief

”Lets Meet so l can explain ” the voice said.

”Sure. Where? ” I asked

”At the nearest MicDonald ” he said

”Ok sure lll be there ” l said and cut the call

I felt like this was a trap for some reason so l called for backup

I went to take a bath and cleaned up the mess l had made while taking care of my boner. And l head for MicDonald

I entered and there he was looking handsome as ever.

I went to him and he was so excited to see me

”Hey bro!!! ” He screamed as he stood up to hug me

I was dumb founded.

”Take a seat, l have a lot of explaining to do ” he said

We sat and he started to speak

”So am, you see remember when your father killed me? Yah well he didn actually kill me, we planned the whole thing. He wanted me to work undercover to get the illuminous being that being you. But that stupid fool forgot one thing, power corrupts even the purest of souls so l decided to leave and plan my own ways to get to you. Unfortunately l heard about your father.I had you tailed this whole time and now lts time to take action ” he said

I knew it. This guy is the only person l trusted my entire life. He stood up and pointed a gun at me and l just smiled

”Why you smiling like that? ” He asked in confusion

”Well well. Looks like you forgot who you dealing with. I knew this was a set up so l came prepared ”l snapped my fingers and all the guards took out their guns and pointed them at Jeff.

e not the only one whos grown over the years ” l said with an evil smirk

”So l see ”he said

Then l had a bad feeling like my heart was on fire My illuminous side is trying to warn me about something but what?

”I have Ashley ”he said

My face changed immediately

”I know your greatest weakness and if you don do what l say she dies ” he said

I walked away towards the exit

”Four weeks Daisy, make your decision. Join me brother and we shall rule the world together ” he said

I just kept on walking and with every step my anger grew, the eye lenses l was wearing started to melt out of the heat in my body. My precious Gem is in danger. This is all my fault. I never should have let her go. If only l knew this was gonna happen, unfortunately telling the future is not one of my gifts. This is bad

Then l got a message from Jeff it was a recording of my jewel

”Damn it Vee your family is a bunch of psycho paths. I thaught you said this dick was dead ahhh. Can you stop pointing the **ing gun at me its making me nervous, Vee hurry up and get me out of here cause these bitches are seriously getting on my nerve and ouch the ropes too tight you son of a bitch ahhh, Vee this guy is totally freaking me out get here soon ” she sounded pissed. She kept complaining huh she wasn even showing a bit of fear. Thats my girl

I continued to listen to the audio

”Your girl is tough Gorge and you heard her. Get her out of here. Four weeks ” this time it was Jeff.

By A_zee_Black

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