Part time assassin

Percy Nakamura

It was a cold night and all the creatures of the night were making all their wonderful noises but I could still hear my parents arguing about something. I was trying to hear what they were saying but to no avail. I got out of bed and crept closer to the kitchen, I could hear them saying something.

”Hes only a child it doesn matter what his abilities are ” my dad aggressively said to my mother.

”I know that but just think about how strong he could be, ” mother said

”Thats not the problem, the point is hes still too young to use his abilities, he could die, ” said dad angrily.

Shaking terrified at dying, I started returning to my room with this conversation in my head. As I reached halfway up the stairs, I heard screaming and shattering dishes. Now petrified I slowly walked back to the kitchen, my hands were shaking and sweat was running down my back. I remember tears running down my face as my hand pushed open the door.

”Mom… D-dad whats going on? I heard something-I discreetly said frightened.

In fright, the nerves in my body froze for a second after I saw the horrendous sight.


I stood there helplessly, as my dad lay on the floor, blood streaming to meet my feet. I couldn help him. Nor could I even protect him. It was too late; he already died.

”Remember these feelings and turn them into power, ” the dark figure in the corner told me

”YOU KILLED HIM WHY! ” I said filled with hate and lust for vengeance

”I did it because he was weak, so I killed him, ” she said with conviction

”WHAT!!…. AND WHERES?? MY MOTHER ” I angrily said

”HA HA HA HA!! ” she stood laughing,

”Whats so funny? ” I viciously asked

”Ha ha ha!! ” she continued to laugh

”DAMN YOU! ” I FINALLY snapped

Tremors from the earth shook the house as if an earthquake took place. The household appliances flew, all over the room even the houses wiring burst out of the walls and floors. In an Instant, the wiring and appliances turn into a giant hand. As I reached out to grab the murderer she dodged and meld into the shadows. Afterwards, I slammed my hand against the floor, and the house wiring burst out of the ground ensnaring my opponent or so I thought. suddenly she darted out of the shadows with daggers. Still filled with rage, the household appliances, and wiring made plasma guns and started firing wildly. Holes started filling the houses walls like Swiss cheese after a few minutes police sirens approached the house. I felt dizzy and dropped to one knee with an unusual quizziness I spat up blood.

”Your aim still needs work ” the dark figure tiredly from dodging my shots. She stepped into the light and what I saw after intensified my rage but I couldn get up. I couldn move. I was still too weak.

”Why…? why? did you do this? ” I cried, the pain I felt was getting worse and I even cough up some more blood.

”Im strong enough to ” she antagonized

”Im going to kill you, ” I angrily winced

e too weak….boy she said smiling

Then Ill get strong enough then Ill murder you I said maliciously.

”Alright, when you get strong come and find me, ” she said, ”the cops are here so bye-bye, ” she said sweetly before she left. That was the last I saw her.

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