The nights were still young as Percy and Adrie walked together through a park, the air grew colder as the wind picked up. Trees rocked back and forth as they danced gracefully in the wind. Adrie shivered and trembled because of the cold,

Percy takes notice of this then takes off his jacket and covers her. Adrie is surprised by this and then says

”You can be a gentleman ” Adrie cheekily

Percy watches her astonishment branded on his face.

”Whats that supposed to mean ” Percy jerked

”You know what I mean ” Adrie smirking

Percy and Adries faces were practically touching, Air around seemed to get warmer they were interrupted by two passers-by whispering ”Young love ”.All the embarrassment came rushing as they pulled their faces away from each other.

”This your fault ” Adrie pouted

”Say what now ” Percy answered

”You should of just kiss me ” Adrie sighed

Percy looked behind and in front of them even beneath his shoes. Adrie watches with confusion as did this for a while.

”What are you doing ” Adrie finally asked

”Im looking for the person your talking to ” Percy sassy

Adrie had disappointment marked across her from that last statement, and Percy notices it.

”What ” Percy curiously

”Did…Did just say that ” Adrie exasperated

”Well. I. I. I thought… ” Percy stuttered

”Firstly that kiss comment was a joke ” Adrie calmly

”I knew that, ” Percy said

”Who would want to kiss those crusty lips ” Adrie easily

”Was that needed ” Percy irked

Adrie decide then and there to end this mans whole career

”Like I would anyway, I would rather kiss anyone but you ” Adrie coldly

Percy felt like something broke as she said that, He knew she was joking around but it still hurt.

”Why you little ” Percy sneered

”Why what, Ill tell everyone you love cuddling, ” Adrie said

Percy felt defeated, he killed drug lords, serial killers and other villains without a scratch but this girl was defeated and used her words.

”Fine you win ” Percy conceded

”Was that hard ” Adrie feeling triumphant

They continued walking before deciding to relax a bit on a bench in the park. It was spring you could tell because the cherry blossoms were getting ready to bloom. Percy could not feel happy because of this even though he loves spring. Well, he loved spring, his dad was killed in spring. Spring never felt the same to him, all spring now is a reminder of how weak was but now hes strong right?

Percy sat there thinking about his progress but Adrie sat there looking at the pain on Percys face.

Adrie knew Percy since his days in the orphanage, shes always noticed that he always had that look even if was having fun. Then it got worse ever since that accident in middle school.

Adrie couldn look at him so full of pain anymore so she asked

”Hey Percy hows your job going ”

Percy jumped out of his deep thinking as soon as she asked the question,

”Crap she doesn know still, ” Percy thought

Adrie looked deeply into Percys eyes waiting for an answer

”Its good, nothing too stressful ” Percy answered

e not overworking yourself, ” Adrie asked

”Of course not, ” Percy said

Adrie looked at him and smirked

”How are you doing, ” Adrie asked

”Im great ” Percy chuckled

”Now that your done spewing bullshit how are you really ” Adrie comfortably

Percy began laughing then laughing slowly started crying, Adrie pulled him closer then started giving him head pats. Percy felt safer than he ever has in a long while.


Reo industries are the largest tech company in the whole of Japan. The CEO of this prestigious company is none other than Nagumo Reo.

Theres a lot of rumours about Nagumo, some of them aren too nice but most outlandish is that hes in a cult. This comes from his company just appearing out of nowhere. He was a nobody just appearing into the spotlight but those rumours had no proof. Then again new interns just disappearing is weird, also the police aren investigating the disappearance which is also weird.

The building was towering 920 metres tall but this Burj khalifa looking building was made completely out of nanites which made it indestructible. The place had tons of well trained armed guards.

Nagumos limo pulled up to this massive building, Nagumo stepped out alongside his secretary. They began to walk into the compound, Nagumo complimenting his guards on their good work then proceeded inside.

Nagumo began to speak with his secretary

”Emily ” Negumo called

”Yes sir ” Emily answered

Emily is mixed between Asian and African descent, she has brown skin, curly hair and a fit figure.

”Did you get information on that boy from earlier? ” Nagumo asked

”I did ” Emily answered

”Well then what you got ” Nagumo excitedly

”Well his name Percy Nakamura he goes Mason academic High ” Emily said

”Tell me something I don know ” Nagumo antagonized

Emily looked at him with much malice after he said that, Nagumo was shaken to his core so much so he corrected himself

”I mean anything else ” Nagumo corrected

Emily let out a sigh then proceeded

”Well hes an assassin— ” She added

”A what ” Nagumo cutting her off

”Assassin, hes an assassin ” Emily tiredly

”I could of died today ” Nagumo surprised

”Yeah pretty much, anyway ” Emily calmly

Nagumo was taken aback but her coldness for a moment

”I could fire you, ” Nagumo told Emily

”Then what hire someone else oh wait you can ” Emily replied

Nagumo knew what she was saying was true, There is one like Emily out there

”Anything else? ” Nagumo asked

”There was something about a middle school, a huge accident ” Emily replied

”Really ” Nagumo interested

”Yeah Cumberbatch middle incident its called ” Emily recalled

”What happened? ” Nagumo asked

”Its pretty much buried at this point there was only two survivors ” Emily said, ”Percy and Adrie Orihime ”


Back in the park after Percy calmed down and dried his tears, even though he cried in front of a girl he felt better, he felt refreshed. Lately all his past mistakes have been haunting him. The weight of those things finally crushed him- he tried to bury his emotion but the dam bursted.

Adrie sat there feeling bad because she caused her best friend to cry- but she was actually glad that Percy can do that while in front of her. There was no judgement on her part she sat there waiting for him to open up.

”I could hear them still ” Percy chuckled, ”Her screams ”

Adrie sat and listened

”I wish..I wished that she had killed me too ” Percy said

Percy realized what he said and then tried to play it off

”You saw your fathers killer didn you? ” Adrie asked

”Yeah I did, If she had killed me all this pain and suffering I wouldn have to go through ” Percy trembling

”Maybe they would– ” Percy gloomily

”Percy that wasn your fault, you
e always go on about getting stronger but look at you ” Adrie snapped

Percy couldn even look her in the face

”Percy look at me ”Adrie grabbing him by the face

e strong already,shouldering all this pain but if want to get stronger youll have to work past the pain and become stronger ” Adrie sweetly

Percy smiled and stood up then said

”You should be nice more often ”

”Yeah yeah lets go ” Adrie dismissing him

Percy and Adrie continued towards Adries home.


Nagumo sat down in his office Emily standing by his side. Nagumo sat contemplating about an event tomorrow night.

”We need Adrie Orihime for tomorrow night ” Nagumo stated

” Now I know why they wanted her specifically interesting ” Nagumo thought to himself

” Those assassins we sent, whats their progress? ” Nagumo asked

”Their about to strike ” Emily replied

” Excellent ” Nagumo smiled to himself


Percy finally drops off Adrie at her house

You sure you don want to come in? ” Adrie asked

”Hells no ” Percy instantly

”Why ” Adrie confused

”Your parents freak me out ” Percy answered

Percy begins to walk off suddenly Adrie calls out to Percy

”Make sure and call me when you get home Percy ”

”Adrie, is Percy there tell him to wait ” Adrie mom calls

”Percy mom said to ” Adrie stopped mid sentences

Percy can be seen running into the park at full speed, Adrie looked tired at the scene then went inside.

While Percy is catching his breath in the park, four figures approached him from behind. Percy stood up and began stretching,he looked over his shoulder and looked at the figures.

”Are you ready to die ” Percy coldly

Percy Nakamura your now the prey ” The leader said

As the moon picked out the clouds and its light showed his assassinators faces the leader said

”So prepare to die here ”

” In our line of work, the strong live and the weak die so my friend you prepare to die ” Percy coldly

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