Terrible Test Scores Pin a Loser on me

ll together a mandatory study group with all three of you after school. No club activities go on today, so I assume you
e all free? ” Good god. Yayoi could no longer see this day through. The images of her dirtied toothbrush, broken showerhead, and burnt toast ran through her mind in a montage. Today was awful. More than that, it was horrendous. And out of all things, she was holding on to hope over an over-priced skillet. What a life to have.

e free… ” Yayoi stated, completely defeated.

”Wonderful! So, youll all meet in the library at the end of the day! Thank you for your time ”. The trio left going their separate ways, but not before Chiiya and Yayoi stared each other down in the doorway.

”Would you two just go to class?! ” Soma yelled, breaking the tension.


The final bell of the day rung. The girls headed to the agreed destination from different classes, Soma arriving first. Yayoi entered next. A few minutes of idle conversation passed the time before the two could no longer glance over it. ”Wheres Chiiya? ”, Soma asked, earning an eye roll from the other sitting in diagonally from her.

”Who knows, maybe off in La-la Land of Licorice and Loopsie-Lou Ludicrous Laws where time, obviously, doesn apply! ” Soon enough, Chiiya was speed-walking over to their table, books sprawled out unevenly in her hands.

”Hey, Soma! Yayoi… ”, she looked away. ”Lets start, shall we? ”

”I wouldn be so enthusiastic. You
e late, Im tired, and your score is below unsatisfactory. Ive got places to be. Like my bed. So lets hurry it up, please ”. Soma got out her books and began flipping to a few pages of study material.

After attempting to study for a while, with Yayoi mostly silent, Chiiya grew bored. ”Oh, Soma! Your hair is brighter than usual. Did you dye it again? The red is more vibrant! ” Soma was tired of explaining to the girl that this was her natural hair color. She got up, announcing her leave to the restroom. She needed a break from the antics of Chiiya and the tension of both her friends.

Yayoi took over the role of studying with Chiiya. She would never find herself sitting in front of her again, so she made sure to pour everything she had into this session. ”Look, this is how you calculate with a percentage. Make sure to follow these steps as Ive written here ”. Yayoi believed the easiest way to assist the dimwit was to write easy to follow notes, as shed been doing the majority of the time.

”…No, try it again ”.

”What? Why are you squaring roots? ”

”Chiiya! Why is there a quadratic function graph on your paper?! ”

”I…I don know! ” Yayoi got up, slamming her left hand on the table as softly and reserved as possible, remembering she was in the library. Chiiya looked up in defiance. ”Im trying! ” Yayoi was now as frustrated as ever, staring her rival directly in the eye. She didn know what shed just started. The other rose from her seat, whipping out a baking whisk from her waist bag.

”It seems Myu-Pretzelle is back to challenge me… ”

”So it seems… ” Yayoi took out a spatula from her bag. They pointed the utensils at each other making unwavering eye contact.

”Make a move! ”, Chiiya shouted as she clashed her whisk against the hard surface of the spatula. The other dodged the second attempt, swinging her weapon left and hitting her opponents shoulder. ”How dare you?! ” Her pink hair swung backwards as she avoided another attack. This endless volley of attacking and dodging continued for quite some time, and endless amount of noise coming from the table. Soma had been here for minutes staring at the duo, unable to move or speak. She was overcome with shock, though she knew she shouldn have put this behavior past them, not even in the library. Of course, they were removed shortly after Chiiya yelled an unrepeatable spell that practically shook the walls of the room.

”I cannot believe you two. Well, actually, its not that hard to imagine. But still! ”

”Don blame me! She initiated the eye contact. She challenged me first! And Madam Soufflé does not back away from a duel! ”

”This whole thing started because you got a horrible score on a test, a simple one! And now, Im here wasting my afterschool time with someone that doesn even care! ”

”Oh please! You know you enjoyed yourself! Hows it feel having more than one person to hang out with, huh?! ” Chiiya remarked.

Yayoi scoffed, completely offended. ”I am not lonely! In fact, I…I have a boyfriend… ”

”Yeah? Where is he, Yayoi? Can see him! ”

”Hes in Canada! Thats right, a westerner! ”

”Mhm…I bet he owns several mansions of the coast of Scotland as well? ” Soma interjected.

”Oh, howd you know? ” Yayoi smiled, hand caressing her own cheek with a slight blush.

”The closest thing youve had to a boyfriend was neither a boy nor a friend! Or human, or alive! Give it up already! ” Soma yelled, tired of their antics. She stomped off towards the exit of the school, leaving the two to fend for themselves.

”But he was cuddly! And cute! ” Yayoi shouted after her, defeated.

”Pfft! You went out with a stuffed animal? ” Chiiya laughed.

”…No ”. Yayoi looked off to the side, grabbing her forearm. ”It was a mop. But just for prom ”.

Chiiya burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. ”How does that even happen?! ” She grabbed her sides as her stomach tensed up in pain over the pure foolishness that just left her rivals mouth.

”Oh, I don know! How about the same way you scored a negative on a test?! ”

”Hey! Too soon! ”

The girls ran out the front door, leaving their differences behind them as Chiiya inquired more about this mop on the way to the bus station.

”Hey…do you realize weve been talking for twenty minutes…? ” The girls paused.

”Gross. ” They turned in opposite directions, Yayoi finding a new bus route home.


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