Ranking and Reward in Naruto World

Chapter 1: Reincarnated, System and Announcement.

”Naruto, from today on, you and Zokuto will stay in this place. ” said the anbu with the Neko mask, before dissapearing like a wisp of smoke. Naruto grunted in dissatisfaction. He was just about to ask wheter he will get any food supply for them, but it seems likely to be the case.

Zokuto on the other hand is looking distracted. Looking at him, Naruto thought that he maybe shocked with their new living condition. Even him felt a little uncomfortable staying in this new place.

”Hei Zokuto, you okay? ”

”Huh? Ah, yes. Im okay. ” replied Zokuto. He actually is not thinking about the new living place. He was thinking about the Ranking and Reward system.

It was just this morning that he was reincarnated in this world. His new identity is Uzumaki Zokuto, Narutos twin. During the Kyuubi incident, the fourth Hokage in the brink of death, sealed Yin Kyuubi in Naruto, and Yang Kyuubi in Zokuto. This ended up making both the twin as the new Konoha Jinchuuriki.

When Zokuto got reincarnated, he got the Ranking and Reward System. According to the system, there will be a ranking list announcement. The rank specification was not mentioned though. Anyone who are in the ranking will be rewarded by the system. Of course the first ranking list was known to him as a token for him as a reincarnator. The first list is:

[Taijutsu Rank of Genin in Konoha].

After some thought, he decided to train his body like the future Rock Lee. He also want to find Maito Guy to learn his Taijutsu, Eight Gates Release. Without wasting time, he sorted his belonging and kept it in a room in their new apartment, before running out.

”Hey where are you going? ”

”Training. ”

”But we need to attend the Academy today. ” said Naruto worriedly.

Zokuto stopped on his track. Yes, today is the day they will enroll in the Ninja Academy.

”Then, I will train in the Academy. ” replied Zokuto, now running toward the Academy direction.

”Wait for me. ” Naruto hurriedly followed his brother.

Konoha Ninja Academy.

After some Will of Fire speech by the Sandaime, all the 5 year old kid was grouped under Iruka senseis guidance. Zokuto and Naruto are also in the class. Naruto was looking left and right enthusiastically, while Zokuto silently sitting on his own chair.

”Hello everyone. Im Umino Iruka. You can just call me Iruka sensei. From now on, I will be your teacher until your graduate and become a Genin. ” Said the nose scarred teacher. After that, he started roll calling all the name of every student in the class. After some times, the twins name are called.

”Uzumaki Naruto ”

”Here! ” Naruto answered excitedly while waving his hand.

”Uzumaki Zokuto. ”

Zokuto only raised his hand.

”So thats the demon brother huh. ”

”It must be true. Look at the whisker on their cheeks. ”

”Are they really demon? ”

”You don know? The older guy said some demon rampaged in our village, before they turned and become a baby. ”

” Yeah. My parent also said something like that. They said to not go and associate with those demon kids. ”

After knowing the existance of the twin brother, some kid whispers to each other about them. Some talked badly, some was not convinced, some not really care, and some are showing hatred in their faces. The excitement in Narutos face gradually disappeared. He tried to not care by hmping and folded his hand, while closing his eye.

”Uchiha Sasuke ”.

A spikey haired boy raised his hand, identifying him as Sasuke. When his name was mentioned, almost all the kid girl showed a look of admiration toward him. These admirer not only looked at his lady killer face, but they also know that he came from the famous Uchiha. Any Uchiha is born talented, and this talent is in their dojutsu called Sharingan. Therefore, Sasuke as an Uchiha obviously got these many fan girl.

”Cheh! What so good about him? A girl face? ” grunted Naruto.

Time flow by and the class ended.

Zokuto and Naruto went back to their new house. Zokuto after arriving home directly started his training. The training he did was the basic training, which is push-up, sit-up, and running. He did not try to add any weight as his five

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