Ranking and Reward in Naruto World

Chapter 1: Reincarnated, System and Announcement.

year old body is too small and to get familiar with his new exercise.

Seeing Zokuto dilligently doing his exercise, Naruto also followed. However, he gave up half way as he got tired. He is still a kid and his patience and endurance is not comparable to Zokuto, whos former soul is already 32 year old.

”Why are you stopping? ” asked Zokuto.

”I hate to do physical training. I think learning jutsus is more interesting. ” complained Naruto.

”we don know any jutsu, and I don think there is anyone that will be willing to teach us that. ” said Zokuto.

”I still don like physical training. ”

”I cannot help you then. ”

After that, Naruto left Zakuto on his own. Zokuto did not mind that and continue his training.

Two week later.

System, show me my status. thought Zokuto.

[Name: Uzumaki Zokuto (Jinchuuriki)

Tailed beast: Yang Kyubi

Bloodline: Uzumaki bloodline

Elemental affinity: Earth, Water.

Jutsu: None

Taijutsu: None

Kekkei Genkai: None

System, is there no numerical data for myself, for example my strength, Speed, and Vitality? asked Zokuto.

[There is. would you like to view it?]


Zokuto accepted to view his three numerical data.

[Strength: 56

Speed: 54

Vitality: 97

*Note: This is basic data, not included additional data from the sealed tailed beast.]

Show me the data before my training.

[Data before training –

Strength: 46

Speed: 52

Vitality: 90

*Note: This is data not included the sealed tailed beast.]

After two week of training, Zokuto only managed to increase his strength by 10, speed by 2, and vitality by 7. This increase is a little too less in Zokutos opinion. He was thinking that he should gain a little more but, it does not seems to be easy.

I need to find that guy. Thought Zokuto.

System, do you have any suggestion on how to increase my strength?


1. Add more set to the training.

2. Add weight on training.

3. Learn Taijutsu

* Note: Host have the Uzumaki bloodline plus the vitality of granted as a Jinchuuriki. Both can boost the development and recovery of body if host ever get tired or injured.]

Yes! I got both Uzumaki and Jinchuuriki vitality! Why did i think that I will harm my body of overexcess training? Zokuto was enlightened from his forgetfulness.

He then changed his training menu into more dangerous one. However, before that, he was interrupted by a prompt.

– Ranking list of [Taijutsu Fighter] for the newbie Shinoby will be announced in 5 days. Note: newbie Shinoby is student in Ninja Academy that has yet to become Genin.

The announcement has started! Thought Zokuto. The announcement was projected in the sky above Konoha in a golden words.

The announcement lasted for only like 20 minutes before it disappeared. This however still managed to stir up the situation in Konoha. Almost all the people in the village saw the announcement.

”What was that? ”

”It says some kind of announcement of Taijutsu Fighter. It also mentioned that it was for the just enrolled Ninja student. ”

”Why should there be a ranking? Is there going to be a quick promotion or something? ”

”Who knows. It might be the work of spies from other village. ”

The villager started to talk about the announcement.

Hokages Office.

”Reporting to Hokage-sama. Some golden word appeared in the sky. ” an anbu appeared in the office and made a report.

”I know. I saw it. ” replied Hiruzen with a solemn face, while looking out at the window. Is this the work of a spy? But for what? If it is for promotion, I would know because I certainly will be involved in any kind of promotion. In any case, this announcement is unheard off.

”Let all the anbu to be on look out. Check also if there is any similar thing happened to other village. ” Hiruzen commanded an anbu.

”Roger that. ” the anbu disappeared.

”Notify all the Jonin, and Chunin to be alert of any spy or suspicious people. ” Hiruzen commanded another anbu and that said anbu saluted before going to do the task.

I hope nothing bad out of this. thought Hiruzen.

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