Ranking and Reward in Naruto World

Chapter 6: Exam and Chibi Bijuu

Hacho Village.

A boy was walking leisurely toward the entrance of the village. However, a guard stopped him before he was able to enter.

”Boy stop over there. Identify yourself. ” said the guard.

”Hello. Im Zokuto. would you be willing to let me become one of your villagers? ”

”Too bad kid. We have no right to give citizenship. ” said the other guard.

”Then, can you inform your higher up about this? ” asked Zokuto.

The guard looked at each other before one of them nodded.

”Wait here kid. I will go inform the village head. ” The guard who nodded walked away toward the center building in the Village.

”How old are you kid? Where are you from and where is your parent? ” the guard who stayed took the initiative to have a conversation with Zokuto.

”I am five this year. I run away from Konoha. About my parent, I heard they died during the time when Kyuubi attacked the village. ” answered Zokuto.

The Kyuubi in his body opened his eyes. He felt a little guilty toward Zokuto as Zokuto lost his parent because of him.

Konoha? How did a five year old kid managed to bypass the guard on that village? the guard become wary of Zokuto.

Not long after, there are people walking toward them from the village. A woman in her twentieth walked directly toward Zokuto.

”Tell me who are you? ” the women pointed her sword toward Zokuto.

”You know, you should not point your sword toward a kid. That thing is dangerous, and a bad influence for kid. ” said Zokuto, smiling.

Hearing that, the woman was surprised. She then put away her sword but her hand is still holding the sword handle.

”Answer my question. ”

”Thats better. Well, Im Kyuubis Jinchuuriki from Konoha. ”

The moment he said that, all the people nearby took out their weapon.

”Hey hey. Calm down. Let me explain first. ” said Zokuto, holding his hands up.

The woman signalled and the people put away their weapon, although still wary for that boy.

”Something happen in Konoha, and I decided to run away from the village. So, here I am. ” explained Zokuto in short. ”You can send someone to check there. ” added him.

The woman was surprised with the calm attitude of Zokuto.

”Shinju, you go check in Konoha whether what he says is true. ”

”Roger. ” the man called Shinju run toward Konoha to perform his task.

”If what you said is true, why did you come here? What is your motive? ” Asked the woman.

”I just want to have a safe place to stay. Is the answer enough? ” said Zokuto.

”By the way, you don have to be wary about Kyuubi. He is behaving good, and he is my friend. ”

Kurama in his body grunted, but did not refute his word.

A perfect Jinchuuriki? What did the Konoha higher up do to drove away a perfect Jinchuuriki? the woman was confused about the action of Konoha for letting out this Jinchuuriki.

”Show me whether you are such Jinchuuriki or not. ”

”Okay. Hei Kurama, give me a hand here. ” asked Zokuto.

”Don just casually call my name. ” groaned the beast. Though he still let out some of his bijuu chakra.

Zokuto then transformed into a two tailed beast form. However, his transformation is not the one with red chakra and wild emotion. The transformation made him shine, and have a golden bijuu cloak with the aura of a two tailed beast.

The boy really is a perfect Jinchuuriki! exclaimed the woman. What the hell is Konoha problem that they let him out?

”I see. If I let you into the village, can you promise that you will not endenger us? ”

”I promise. However, this promise will be invalid if the villager attacked me first. ” said Zokuto.

The woman looked deeply into Zokuto eyes. A moment later she turned back and walked into the village.

”Lets go then. ”

Zokuto followed her toward the village. An elevated building was seen in the center of the village. They walked close and entered the building.

”Shiseru, did not I tell you to just drive the boy away? Why are you bringing him here? ” An old man asked the woman unhappily.

”Sir Disonasu, he is harmful and want to stay in the village. Why not let him in? ” said Shiseru.

”Do you think I am deaf? He is the Jinchuuriki from Konoha. Sooner or later, they will come here to retrieve him. And when they did, do you think they will do it peacefully? ”

”Sir Disonasu. I will take responsibility. So, let him stay. ” Said Shiseru.

”You are not listening to what I just say. He will endanger our village. ” shouted Disonasu angrily.

”Sir, I will take responsibility. ”

Disonasu was shocked with the woman attitude.

”Haah. Up to you then. Take him away, and remember, he is your responsibility. ” said the village head, waving his hand.

”Thank you sir. ” Shiseru bowed a bit before she brought Zokuto away.

This woman is too soft toward kid. I hope she will not be the downfall for the village. thought Disonasu.

On Zokuto side he followed Shiseru toward the east side of the village.

”That woman has a soft spot for a kid. ” said Kurama to Zokuto.

”I can see that. Well, lets stay here for some time. ”

”Oh, you seems to not want to live here permanently. ”

”I will stay here as long as there is no danger. At the same time, I will try to improve myself so that I don need to run away again. ”

”How are you going to do that? ”

”Well there is you here. Kurama, teach me. ”

”I knew you will ask. Well, let me sort out whatever I know about the way you kind train. ” said Kurama calmly. However, he was very happy being asked to be a teacher.

”Zokuto right, this is my house. You will be staying here for the time being. Three days from now, I will bring you to my friends house in Tonika Village. ”

”Okay Shiseru-san. ”

”By the way, there are no one in this village or in Tonika Village who know ninjutsu. So, you won be able to learn any kind of ninjutsu like in Konoha. ” informed Shiseru. If we know ninjutsu, I would not got this big scar. she thought while touching her stomach.

”I see. Well, I already knew some ninjutsu. Also I still got Kurama. ” said Zokuto I also still have four tame bijuu he added in mind.

Three days later, Zokuto and Shiseru headed toward Tonika Village. The village was located inside a big hole. The only way for them to go into it is by using an elevator like vehicle, which will help them to climb down the wall of the big hole.

After climbing down the wall, they walked directly toward the house that Shiseru said her friends house.

”Dokku, are you there? ” she knocked while calling for a name.

”Ah! Shiseru. ” A man around twenty one to twenty four years old opened the door.

”Huh!? Who is that kid? ”

”He is Zokuto. He has no parent, so I took him here. I hope that you could take care of him. ” Explained Shiseru.

”Adopted son huh. ”

”…You could say that. ” replied Shiseru, blushing.

”Hello son. Come, come inside. ” Dokku did not think further. He just let Zokuto and Shiseru into the house.

The next day, Zokuto went to explore the village. In here, he could see the villagers economy is mainly catching fish, and making armor and weapon like sword. The commodity then brought out of here and being sold outside of the village through merchant that often came here.

On another matter, the people here are really as Shiseru said. They don know any ninjutsu. They fight mainly with kenjutsu or taijutsu. Hmm, should I start teaching them some ninjutsu? Those wall is pretty high and might be dangerous for the villager when climbing up and down on it. thought Zokuto. Lets find a good place for training, before we think about the village. He then climbed the wall and out of the big hole which encapsule the Tonika Village.

Konoha, Hokages office.

An anbu entered the Hokages office.

”Have you found the whereabout of the Jinchuuriki? ”

”Hokage-sama, there is a trail of him going to the direction of Kirigakure. However, we lost the trail after we reach the sea. ”

”Sigh. This kid really is cautious. ” sighed Hiruzen. Just where the heck did he run off to?

”Keep searching for him. Send some spy into Kiri to find out whether her entered that village or not. ”

”Yes sir. ” The anbu then disappeared.

”If he let those four bijuu out, it would be a disaster to whichever village he goes to. Hopefully it will not happen. Otherwise, the other village will take this chance to blame it to Konoha, and launch another shinobi war. ” Hiruzen looked into the distance worriedly.


A silver haired anbu appeared out of nowhere.

”Have you been keeping eye on Naruto? ”

”Yes. ”

”Any abnormality on his side? ”

”Not really. He just do his usual thing and…doing some training. ”

”What training? ”

”…Its look like he is training the same jutsu that his brother performed in the golden screen. ” said Kakashi, looking at the back of the Hokage.

”Continue watching him. ” A moment later, Hiruzen gave his command.

Kakashi just left for his task.

Golden screen…what is that thing? Just what is it trying to achieve by listing some type of rank, and giving reward? Is it trying to stir some trouble into this world? Is there another force trying to seize this shinobi world?

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