”Time sure fly faster than I thought. According to the system, the announcement for the [Genin Fighter] will be three days from now on. I wonder who will get into rank this time. ”


”Ark! ”

A kid tried to kick Zokuto from the back, but in turn got kicked in his stomach.

”What do you think you are doing Kubo? ”

”Haha…Nothing. Just want to surprise you sensei. ” said Kubo. I thought I could kick him to make him fall from the hole cliff.

”So, you want to kick me into falling from the cliff huh. ”

”Ah! You can read my mind? Gahack!! ”

Another kick landed on Kubos stomach.

”I can tell from your face…and you just admitted it. ” said Zokuto.

”Hahaha. Kubo is kicked again. ”

”Kara!! If you laugh again, I will kick you down the cliff. ” scolded Kubo while holding his stomach.

”Huuh? As if you can beat me. Instead, let me give you some beating. How dare you try to attack sensei. ” Scowled Kara.

”Alright you two. Stop arguing. Kara, go to Jun and Mirin. Tell them to meet me in the training ground. ”

”Hai sensei. ” Kara then run away to find the two other kid.

”Kubo lets go. ” Zokuto grabbed Kubo and jumped down the cliff.

”Sensei, im afraid of height…Gyaaaa!!!! ”

Before they crushed into the ground, a chakra hand come out of Zokutos body and grabbed the cliff wall, making them slow down from the fall. Zokuto then stepped on the ground safely.

”Hahaha. Thats what you get for trying to kick your own sensei down. ” laughed Zokuto, throwing the green faced Kubo.

”Damn you! Next time sensei! Next time, I will certaintly kick you down the cliff. ” declared Kubo.

This kid is persistant. Zokuto can count that Kubo has been trying to make him fall the cliff for twenty times. Well, he failed each and every times.

”Rather than that, you should be ready for the Genin exam. ” said Zokuto, walking toward th village.

After sometimes staying in the village, Zokuto decided to teach ninjutsu to some kid in the village. Although teaching them will cut his training time, he thought that it is worth it to contribute to the village by teaching them ninjutsu.

He did not try to teach any adult as they are busy with their own work. Instead, he find kids that interested in learning ninjutsu. At first, there are just small number of kid attended his training. Once one of them show some progress however, made the whole village aware that there is someone capable of teaching ninjutsu in their village.

The villager then send their kid to Zokuto training ground to learn ninjutsu. To ease things up Zokuto made a learning schedule for the kids, and requested the village help to make an academy for learning not only ninjutsu, but also kenjutsu and taijutsu. Some elite villager that proficient in kendo ans Taijutsu will respectively teach the kenjutsu and taijutsu.

The request was approved, and a ninja academy called Tonika Academy was built inside the village. In the academy schedule, Zokuto will be teaching ninjutsu every second, fourth, and sixth day of a week.

Zokuto way of teaching is very simple. First, he help these kids feel and regulate chakra in their body, by injecting and regulating his own chakra in their body. This made it a bit easier for them to control their chakra.

Secondly, he taught them how to do wall climbing and water-walk as soon as they are able to control their chakra. Finally, he taught them the shadow clone jutsu and kawarimi. The reason he put the shadow clone and kawarimi lesson for the last is because he want to make the kid develop high chakra capacity first. To stay not being submerged on top of water, and be able to stick one feet and walk vertically on a wall need very good control, and good amount of chakra. By performing this task repeatedly, it will help to increase one chakra capacity and control. When one have more chakra and control, it is easier for one to learn shadow clone and kawarimi. Thus, the reason for the training arrangement

After almost a year of teaching, Zokuto decided that its time to let the kid have the Genin exam. This way, the graduated Genin can help him teach ninjutsu to other batch of kids.

In the training ground, 35 kids are waiting for Zokuto to start the exam.

”Okay kids. Let me explain the exam rule first. ” said Zokuto.

You are also still a kid thought the kids.

” There are three stage of the examination. First, I want you to walk on the water over there until you reach the other side, near the cliff. Second, I need you to climb the cliff. For your safety, I already asked your parent and some volunteer to tie a rope on your waist. When climbing, you are not allowed to use any tool, only use your own chakra energy. At the top of the cliff is your final test. You will perform a shadow clone with whatever left of your chakra. ”

”The exam timeline is at the sunset. With that I will be waiting for you guys on top. The exam begin now. ”

After that, Zokuto swiftly, crossed the water and climbed the wall easily, and waited on top of it.

”This test is harder than I thought. ” Said Kubo. It will exhaust their energy just to cross the water, not to mention wall climbing, and lastly performing shadow clone.

”Hah. Are you giving up already? Look at sensei. He is younger than us but he just crossed the water and climbed over there. ” Kara pointed on top of the cliff.

”Who said I give up. I just want to scare you guys. Ha..ha ” Kubo tried to laugh it off.

”I will be going. Jun is already crossing the water. ” said Mirin, performing some hand seal and started walking on the water.

”Wait for me. ” Kubo and Kara.


With the motivation to compete against each other, encouragement from their parent (who have parent) and the attraction of becoming a genin, all 35 kids managed to do the water walk, and wall climbing. However, when its time to perform the shadow clone not everyone managed to do it because of chakra exhaustion.

”Alright everyone. Its time to announce the examination result. ”

Everyone stand up straight. Some are excited, some nervous, and some felt sad with their performance.

”As I see it, you all did very well. Although some of you failed to create a shadow clone. ” Several kida flinched hearing that.

”All of you are now Genin. ”


Silence. A kid asked ”Does that mean… ”

”All of you passed. ” said Zokuto with smile.

Yeah!! Horrah!!!

The kids was invigorated with happiness, and screamed excitedly.

After, they calmed down, Zokuto announced their reward.

”Now, I will call each of you to receive a head band. Remember, this head band symbolize that you are now a Genin of this village. ”

After that, from his system inventory, he took out some head band and delivered it to everyone of the new Genin. The kids took their own head band and showed it to their parent excitedly.

”Tomorrow, remember to gather in the training ground. I will announce your three-man team. ”

”Yes sensei! ”

”Okay then. Dismiss. ”

Zokuto left the excited Genin and jumped down the cliff.

Night at his house, Zokuto was meditating on the floor. His consciousness entered the space where Kurama stayed. Inside, there are beasts playing cards.

”You done? ” said Kurama.

”Yes. Are you guys still playing cards? are not you bored? ”

”At least you know we are bored. ” said Nero, the Fenrir. (seven tailed beast)

”Zokuto-kun, Im bored. I want to go out please. ” another nine tailed fox (Female) called Saya.

”Alright. I will go to the top of the wall, and you can go out there. ” answered Zokuto. ”What about you two? ”

”Nah, Im good. Let me just rest. ” said the black panther (six tailed), Mora.

”You sure are lazy. Aren panther suppose to be fast? Well, Zokuto, I want to go out too. ” said the seven tailed thunder bird, Gurr.

”Okay then. ” Zokuto then go out of his house.

After running for about five kilometer from the village perimeter, he then stopped. With the help of the system, he released all the bijuu out of his body.

Five gargantuan beast stood out infront of Zokuto. One who will see this will very much feel intimidated. Just the bijuu chakra that leaked out of them already can instill fear to anyone.

”Hei Zokuto, why did you let me out? I already said, I want to rest. ” said Mora.

”Stop complaining. Just take it as a chance to breath in some good air. ” advised Nero.

”Now that you all are out, can you guys control your leaking chakra? Also, if you can transform into a smaller form it will be very convenient for you and me. ” said Zokuto.

”Zokuto-kun is right. Especially for you Kurama. Every shinoby already know you as the Kyuubi. Unless you can change your chakra nature, they will recognise you the moment they see you. ” Saya made her point, agreeing to Zokuto.

Kurama just grunted but he is the first to make a change. He compressed his bijuu form to become smaller and smaller, until he is as small as a cat. His form is a fox with orange fur.

”Wow, so cute! ” said Saya wanting to touch Kurama.

”Don touch me!! ” shouted the mini Kyuubi.

”Aww, too bad. Oh well, let me try that too. ” Saya then followed Kurama to become a mini female Kyuubi. The others also followed suit. Even the lazy Mora also become a mini, black cat.

Zokuto smiled seeing those chibis. If only I have my handset to have some selfie. thought him

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