come to end him long ago if he did so.

Lilith, on the other hand, was but a normal female demonic cultivator, but Abaddon saw her talent and took her in, and after some time together, they slowly developed emotions for each other and got married.

At this moment, she was a demonic cultivator who was almost gonna catch up to Abaddon in terms of Cultivation and become the fourteenth emperor cultivator.

Abaddon was planning on waiting for her to become an emperor cultivator before they start expanding their territory and getting much more resources than they currently have. Yet, who would have thought the day would come when Lilith would betray him.

” Husband, I understand that your kindness and especially love are as heavy as a mountain. But that doesn give you the right to keep the Legendary Energy Dagger for yourself. Ever since you have obtained it, you have cultivated it alone, even afraid of me catching a glimpse of it. ”

Abaddons heart tightly clenched when he heard this.

Lilith would never know that he did it for her sake. Having a Cultivation base of the emperor realm is the bare minimum of trying to comprehend the secret technique hidden inside the Legendary Energy Dagger.

So in the first place, he was actually protecting her. He was gonna comprehend the technique hidden inside of it and then pass it to his wife. But he never thought that she wouldn trust him and actually dare to call the other emperors to rob him of the treasure that he painstakingly searched for.

” Cut the crap Lilith, tell him the real reason why you actually betrayed him. So at least, he can rest in peace after his death. ”Surprisingly, except for the twelve emperors and Lilith, another man walked out from behind, grabbing Lilith by the waist.

Abaddon was an old demonic cultivator that lived for tens of thousands of years, so after he knew that he got betrayed and everything was already set in stone and there is no turning back. His love for Lilith turned to hatred.

His Cultivation base made him much more stable, both emotionally and physically. So going through this heartbreak is as easy as drinking water for him, but Lilith will have to die by his hands.

Abaddon already understood what this man meant after he saw him casually grabbing her waist.

Even though he was curious cause of the one thing that instantly picked his interest when the young man stepped forward. And thats his cultivation level, as he was even lower than Lilith in cultivation level.

And the fact that this young man with a weak cultivation level is actually accompanying twelve emperor realm cultivators and even making Lilith, the ruthless bloodthirsty woman, becomes his lover. He chose to instantly take them out first and push those thoughts to the back of his mind.

However, Before Lilith starts speaking, Abaddon ruthlessly attacked her and the young man next to her, attempting in killing both of them together.

Thousands of black-shaped tentacles shot out from all over Abaddons body, to be more precise, they shot out from the black energy that was coming out of him.

The twelve emperors seeing that Abaddon attacked, didn move at all, and only gazed at the young man standing next to Lilith, with curiosity and expectations invading their souls, wanting to know how much stronger the young man got than before.

” This cheap trick won work on me, Your evil existence will today disappear for good from this world. ” The young man, even though Abaddons attack was so fast that even he couldn see it, and the tentacles were already bombarding him with attacks, he still dared to speak.

Hmmm? This is weird. My attack didn seem to get him, was this one of these twelve emperors doing? No, it doesn seem like it ? Abaddon suspected that they interfered with his attack, but sensing no mana coming out of them, made him realize that no one moved.

After the tentacles vanished, a scene that Abaddon will never forget and that utterly shocked him to the core displayed itself in front of him.

No one from the twelve people next to the young man moved, and only a yellow transparent bubble made of mana shielded him. Yet, despite the cultivation gap between Abaddon and the young man, the yellow shield didn even crack, much less break.

Before things escalate to a higher level, the old man thats stroking his long white beard spoke, ” Abaddon, I suspect that this is not even the full strength of this young man, we were shocked as much as you back then. Just hand over the Legendary Energy Dagger and you won have to die today. You know that there is no way of escaping from this situation after all. ”

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