e they will think that he has close to no talent for cultivation since he had already obtained a spirit-ranked cultivation technique and was still stuck at the first layer after so many years.

Thus, they won bother to give him any resources cause that will be just a waste for them. And Abaddons plans were all around those resources that he will obtain to support him in getting his foothold in his current world.

They will only think he had a spirit-ranked cultivation technique, cause there is literally no way for a poor guy like him to get his hands on anything stronger than that.

In the Saint Continent, cultivation technique and martial arts were split into five ranks: spirit, profound, earth, heaven, and lastly saint. Each in turn was split into low, mid, and high.

In the sacred realm, spirit-ranked cultivation techniques and even martial arts were at every corner and mere trash in the eyes of a demonic emperor like Abaddon. He even had countless of them that covered all the paths in existence and were known to their realm.

After a good chunk of time, when the sun was still high in the sky, warming the forest with its golden-like rays. A platinum-decorated carriage that was being pulled by two horses halted its movements in front of a plain-looking wooden house situated in the middle of the forest.

Two young-looking people could be seen exiting the room of the platinum carriage. One wore a delighted warm smile on his face, while the other was sneering in annoyance.

The moment Bams brown eyes locked into Mia, he felt his legs weakening, and his heart was invaded by a strange feeling, not helping it but beating faster than usual.

It must be said, but for Bam, Mias appearance is quite flawless.

Her features are delicate and well-formed.

Her eyes were like the streams in autumn, her brows beautiful as the mountains. Her hair perfectly framed her face, which was kind of pale and smooth, glistening with a light that captures the heart.

Her white dress flowed about her, giving her an otherworldly impression. Her aura was peaceful and calm to the point where it was hard to describe with mere words.

She was like a divine maiden of the Heavens that had accidentally fallen to the world below. However, all of that was just how Bam viewed her.

In reality, she was nothing like what he was seeing in his eyes, Mia was only average in looks and can hardly be called a divine beauty. Yet, love can blind people to a point where return can be found impossible.

With a slight bow, Bam and Ben greeted the old man situated right next to Mia, waiting for him to invite them over. Ben was inwardly dissatisfied by acting in such a way in front of a mere mortal but only had to do it cause of his brothers instructions.

I almost died out of boredom from waiting, they finally arrived. Abaddon thought.

He then and with a causal hand gesture, invited the duo to join them at the table. While simultaneously asking Mia to bring the teapot and additional cups for the guests.

Mia with a red face, hurriedly went over to do as she was told. Obviously already informed him about the reason for their arrival, and Abaddon already recognized Bam from Chesters memories anyway, so he understood that they are the Fang Clan.

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