Seafoam Green

Chapter Five

July 29, 1580

The day of July twenty-ninth started out like any other. I had no idea that it would be my last day aboard the Thisbe.

I spent the morning cleaning the deck till supper. Rowan and I ate together, we had bone soup and sea biscuits. The more time I spent on the boat the easier it was stomaching the food. Not having access to fresh food, other than various kinds of fish, and crab, most of the food was either salted or fermented in order to stay edible throughout our journey.

After having cleaned the whole deck, I was in charge of delivering messages, while Rowan steered the ship. The rest of the day was quite calm, as I hadn had much to do.

As the day went on the sky which had been clear and sunny turned gray, and cloudy, it appeared to look like it was going to rain.

By the time dinner came, it had begun to pour. Nevertheless the crew carried on like normal. We ate dinner, drank, partied, then went off to bed.

The sea was especially harsh that evening, so naturally I was unable to sleep.

I went up from the cabin, and onto the deck. There I found Rowan, sat under an overhead covering, blocking him from the rain.

”Couldn sleep? I asked Rowan, sitting down next to him.

”Heh, how could I in this weather? ”

He flashes me a small smile.

”Yea I don know how the rest of them are doing it. ”

e used to it. ”

”Rowan. ”

”Yes? ” He asks.

”I wanted you to know that- ” he cuts me off.

”Look at that wave its huge! ” Rowan shoots up. ”We need to alert everyone- ”

Before we got the chance to do anything, the wave crashed onto the ship desk. It flung the Thisbe about, causing holes to form in her sides, and water to begin flooding the cabin. The crew rushed up to the deck, Chaos ensued. Men we
e being flung off the sides of the ship from the waves, others tried their best to patch up the ship, but failed.

I tried my best to help, but another wave, much bigger than the first, crashed into her, causing her to go under. We all went down with her.

Water filled my lungs, I fought with all of my strength to stay above the water, but this would come to no avail. My vision began to go black. In the midst of losing consciousness I see a fin. Then a hand, reaching out to me, and pulling up.

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