Kelvin saw Akash walking out of the restroom, he went to a corner and pressed the button on the speaker, ”you eliminated him? ” he whispered, ”yes, the bloody diamond, is in his stomach ” Akashs voice sounded from the other end, ”its definitely going to be a bloody job ” Kelvin said as he noticed the right hand woman of one of the Chinese buyers heading to the bar, he smiled like a charming prince, showing off his cute dimples, he headed towards the bar as well, the Chinese later was already sitting down and drinking her wine, he sat beside her and looked at her, ”a scotch ” he said, ”coming right up ” the bartender said.

”you look good ” Kelvin spoke in fluent Chinese, the woman tilted her head in his direction looking surprised, ”aren you American? ” she asked back in her language, ”I love the Chinese culture ” he said, ”thats good its hard seeing other county embrace the Chinese culture to the point of speaking it this fluently ” she said with a contented smile, ”you look very beautiful in between ” Kelvin said, ”oh thanks ” she said blushing and looking away, never would she believe in her life a 19 years old complemented her and she blushed hard.

Kelvin looked at the drink he had successfully spiked with Psychoactive.

He watched her gulp down the drink, then he smiled, he drew himself closer to her, ”it was nice knowing you ” he whispered making her look confused, ”kill your boss, your allies and yourself ” he whispered, the woman nodded like she was in a trance heading to the place her boss and the rest sat, she would be subconsciously killing her older brother, Kelvin smiled and walked away in the other direction, the next moment several gun sounds were heard, he smiled and adjusted his collar.

”I won! ” Hawkins yelled, it was already more than 15 minutes and he was getting frustrated, Golgotha sighed, ”there she is ” he said like he didn care, Cassidy looked down, after a few seconds of hearing what Kelvin said, her eyes darted to his stomach.

”come on, you are mine now! ” Hawkins said with a dirty smile, Cassidy bit her tongue hard, she didn want to seem suspicious, tears began to fall out of her eyes, ”how can you let me go like this? she asked crying out loud as she started grabbing Golgothas collar, he arched a brow, ”I lost, you are his now, theres no compromise, I can only ask him not to be too hard on you ” he said and looked away. ”no way! I love you, Ill never go with him! ” she yelled, for some reason, tears fell out of her eyes more, she loved him, she really did, but she knew he couldn love, he would never fall in love with her, Golgotha was getting pissed seeing Cassidy pushing further, he immediately pushed her into Hawkins arms, he knew where the diamond was, he had heard all their conversations through the speaker in his ear.

”come on hot cake, he doesn love you and as he said, Ill treat you right, I have the money and power ” he bragged. Cassidy frowned and grabbed unto Hawkins collars and kissed him hard, ”ooooooooh ” the men cheered banging the table hard, Golgotha rolled his eyes, both Akash and Kelvin were already there.

Akash moved close to Cassidy and Hawkins, after they kissed, Hawkins noticed him, ”Lights out ” Akash whispered and in the next moment, the casino turned pitch black, everyone began to yell, but it was easy to distinguish the loud cry Hawkins let out, in a few minutes the casino was noiseless apart from the whimpering sound Hawkins was making.

The lights came back on.

Everyone was dead, Cassidy sat on a chair with her bloody hands and a blue diamond, Golgotha who had been seating crossed leg elegantly got up, he looked at the countless dead bodies, Akash and Kelvin sat too, proud of how smooth the attack was, ”who are…who…are you? ” Hawkins voice sounded, he was bleeding hard, after all his stomach had been opened, he was becoming pale.

”your death, I am your death ” Golgotha said as he collected the pocket knife Akash was holding, he squatted down and smiled sinisterly, ”please…. please don , you want money? Ill give it to you…pl… *Stab*

Golgotha had stabbed his left chest, the bleeding became far worst, but he was not done, he started drawing out an O with the knife until the flesh fell down, Hawkins was barely alive, Golgotha could see his heart now, the beating was slowing down really fast, he immediately grabbed the heart out, Hawkins eyes closed immediately, Golgotha looked at the heart he was holding he ripped it apart and threw it on the floor.

The four walk towards the entrance, knocking quietly, the wall was opened by the attendant and they walked out, ”destroy the casino, head to Miami open a new one, this is going to be a big story ” Golgotha said, the attendant nodded and handed Kelvin the key to the car waiting for them, ”thanks ” Kelvin said as they walked out.

”The big boss will be so proud ” the attendant thought.

Akash opened the door for Golgotha who got in, Cassidy got into the back the other side, keeping a safe distance between them, she looked out of the tinted window, Akash sat in the passengers seat at the front, while Kelvin took the drivers seat, ”buckle up people ” Akash said as Kelvin drove into the darkness of the night.

”Im so happy the mission was a success ” Akash said happiness evident on his face, ”I do hope boss gives us a long break ” Kelvin said. Cassidy was quiet, she looked at Golgotha with side eyes and seeing him resting his head comfortably with his eyes closed, she rolled her eyes, how can he be so cruel? she loved him, but what did he do? get irritated by her, she could proudly say to the other Asis that she was the closest female member to him, but she knew she was still very far, he was too cold, he shouldn be loved because he couldn love back, he acted like he was drained of having human feelings other than rage and anger, it was Killing her, despite his cruelty, his coldness, she could only swim helplessly in the ocean of love, why didn she fall for Akash or Kelvin, at least they weren raised to just be killer machines.

”Cassidy ” Golgotha called slowly, she was surprised, ”yes boss ” she replied, Akash and Kelvin quietly listened, ”you didn need to try and make me upset my kissing that boy, you only made a fool of yourself, I don want someone with a rollercoaster of emotions on my team, if you can keep your emotions in check, Id gladly kick you out of Asis, if you repeat this mistake, Ill kill you on the spot ” he said carefreely, his eyes still shut tight.

Cassidy fought with the urge to burst out in tears, ”its my fault for loving an emotionally deprived fool ” she said, ”I do not blame you, youll be punished, going on a mission with me doesn make you any different from the rest, for the respect I have for Jen and Jones Ill only give you a 6 months suspension ” Golgotha said again.

Kelvin and Akash sighed, they knew it was coming, it had come.

”okay ” Cassidy said stubbornly and looked away, biting her tongue hard in other to hold in the tears.

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