*The next morning*

”Ill miss you mom and dad ” Cassidy said as her parents got into one of the Asis jet, ”take good care of yourself Cas, we do not know how long the mission will last, be on your best behavior ” Jen said, ”I will mother, I promised ” she said with a sad smile, ”we love you munchkins ” Jones said as the jet was about to take off, ”love you too Mom and Dad ” Cassidy said as the jet took off, she wiped the tears that was forming in her eyes.

Golgotha stared at the chamber, filled with bastards, he sighed, walking with his two hands behind his back, he headed to the generals office, he opened the door without knocking and frowned at the sight before him, the general was in the middle of having sex with a young Asis. The shock was evident on the generals face, he got down from his table awkwardly and began to dress himself, the girl looked down with sad eyes, no tears, no fear only pain.

”you were molesting her? ” Golgotha asked like he was blind, the general was quietly looking down, ”I asked you a question! ” Golgotha yelled, the general began to tremble still not saying a word, the girl stood at a corner, biting her lips, the general was still quiet, Golgotha frowned and took a step forward, he Swiftly pulled the generals collar and made him hit his face hard on the metallic floor, he raised his head up and gave him a loud slap, blood was visible on the generals face, ”Im sorry… I didn mean to, the devil made me ” the general begged, ”so I made you do it? youve chosen a painful death sadly ” Golgotha said, the man shook with fear as he was being dragged out by his boss, it was the early hours of the morning, so very few Asis were awake, it was just 3am.

”its been long I visited the Chambers, torturing some bastards could tire me out ” Cassidy thought while heading to the Chambers, she was almost there when she heard the crying and pleading of the general, ”isn that the generals voice? ” she asked herself as she walked slowly towards where the sound was coming from, ”whats wrong with him? ” she asked as the crying got louder.

”whats wro….. ” Cassidys mouth fell open when she saw the general on a shock chair, with Golgotha before him, and a young Asis agent recognized as Elsa 99, she walked in slowly, ”whats wrong? ” she asked nobody in particular, Golgotha arched a brow and looked back at the general, ”you molested a child? I might be heartless, I might not spare women from my rath, but I give them quick easy deaths, but you son of a bitch dared to molest a girl? thats the biggest mistake of your miserable life ” Golgotha said with irritation.

Cassidy walked over to Elsa 99, and squatted down to her level, ”whats going on? ” she whispered softly, Elsa looked up with a sad smile, ”the general said if I had sex with him, he would ask my parents to return from their mission, its been 8 months ” Elsa said weakly, Cassidy struggled to not fall, supporting herself with the hard metallic floor, ”how long… how long has it been going on? ” she struggled to ask, ”2 months already, I don have any issues with it so long as my parents return, Ive missed them so much ” she said smiling at the thought of seeing her parents.

Cassidy headed to the general who was on the shock chair, she landed him a hot slap, the mans face turned the other side, blood pouring out of his mouth, ”you bastard youve been exploiting the child, you know her parents didn succeed the explosion and you did this! disgusting! for two long months shes given away her body to you with hope of seeing her parents and you…you lie to her? **** her? disgusting! ” she yelled.

Elsas eyes were wide open by now, dead, her parents weren dead, they couldn be, they were still on their mission, ”Dead? did you say dead? ” she asked quietly, ”yes Elsa 99, they
e long gone ” Cassidy said, Elsas eyes turned cold, she looked over at the general who looked away, she walked to the shock chair slowly and in the next moment, the general had a broken nose, and Elsa had a bloody fist.

She headed to the switch for the shock chair and pressed the on and the general received the shock of his life, he was acting like a drained human, he was becoming pale, Golgotha stared at Elsa proudly, she would get the revenge herself, he turned and left the Chambers.

”please…ple… please ” the general struggled to say after the shock socket was turned off, Elsa smiled viciously as she grabbed a knife and cut out the generals manhood through his pants, blood filled his clothes, as the man let out a loud scream, Cassidy watched with a smile, the next moment Elsa stabbed him on his heart, and just like that, he was dead.

Golgotha walked into his mothers room, he looked around to see her coming out of the shower with a black robe, ”son? what are you doing here? ” she asked with a smile, Golgotha didn return the smile, ”you seem to be getting old really fast ” he said, Annies face fell drastically, she moved to her vanity and looked at her face in the mirror, she barely had wrinkles, she moved her hand on her face slowly, ”rude, how can you say that? ” she asked looking at him through the mirror.

”youve been wasting so much time trying to maintain a beauty that is already diminishing, not knowing what is going under your nose, I won tolerate such incompetence from anybody including you! ” Golgotha said sternly. Annie looked at him with an angry face, ”youve become too rude, treat others like animals, but Im your mother, I gave birth to you! ” she yelled back angrily.

”oh spare me that, since when did I care about our relationship, I am the heir and soon you will just be like the rest, until I become the leader, I expect you to lead the Asis well, I won tolerate any slacking off! ” Golgotha said strictly.

Annies eyes flew wide open, anger evident on her face, ”you must be insane? and how have I slacked off? uh…tell me! ” she yelled. ”find out yourself, I didn come here to tell you, I only came here to warn you ” Golgotha said. ”you disrespectful child! ” she yelled as Golgotha turned to leave.

”Im still the leader and just so you know, I can decide to change my mind and give someone else ” she said, stopping Golgotha in his tracks, he clenched his fists, ”you dare not, I didn become this for nothing, I didn destroy myself for nothing, Ill kill you if you dare utter that statement again and trust me when I say it ” he said and walked out of the room.

Annie slumped on her bed, she angrily threw the bed cover away, truly there was nothing she could do, she made him become what he is, an emotionally deprived killer human, she knew he could kill her, she knew he would succeed her, she knew the position was hundred percent his, she knew he would do anything to get it, after all that is what he has lived for, the power, the strength, the success, the position and now he wouldn let anything come between him and it, not even her.

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