rl feeling what others feel won hurt ; Jada said. I don think that is your type bad of my tongue better never try it cause I think it won suit you. She added trying to amuse me but I was used to her.

Don worry dear Jada am is already but I don think it is girlish to be burned over someone who doesn even know you do exist. So addition advise , try making some research about what a word girl means . Right sis . I said standing up heading to my room. I wasn close to my sisters and cousin sis not anyone at my house but for Jada it was something else.

I got in my room and sat on the bed and started reading the book. My favorite story of Hazel and Lucian I was done reading it but Everytime I had nothing to do i sometimes re-read it again and again. and It was part of me doing things having sweeties. I grabbed a bag of sweeties package and slipped my hand in it without looking, I was out of them. OMG what is this , don tell I have go out this time to buy sweeties. Christ . She was talking to her self.

I took shirt on the hang and wore it quickly to get the time to come back home .

Hey!! James one package of milkees please! She ordered to the shop keeper.

Only one package left and this young man here ordered for it and am really sorry Dana ; the shopkeeper said feeling sorry for Dana it was her favorite sweeties.

She turned her head and tittled it on one side studying the young man standing infront of her. ”A tall , handsome, and very good looking man , at this hours of night to the shop buying sweeties ”? She thought and all of the things in her head she managed to say okayyy , she chuncked.

Ok then James have a goodnight; she said turning to walk back home, he grabbed her arm and made her look his way.

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