what do you feel? ; he asked

she closed her eyes and inhaled his scent, hugged him even deep. ; she was feeling something she can tell, like she didn want to let go of his holding. coming back to her senses. she pushed herself from his embrace. ; I feel nothing lei.

I don trust you, why did you hug me tight if you didn feel a thing? ; he asked accusingly.

just saying thank you, what else ; she answered without looking in his eyes .

ok D! not good for girls to stay out this late so have a good night. he said and opened the gate for her and mentioned her to enter .

she entered her arms closed on the chest , without saying anything.

she went to her room and strated painting, she was to give it to the client on Tuesday and and they where already on Monday. means she had no more time left . she painted remembering the hug she had with lei and smile to herself.

”God why do I even have this in my mind , I was supposed to be thinking about work , this guy poisoned me ”.

a knock on the door.

come in; she asked

the dinner is ready, will you come pick it for yourself or may I just bring it for you here? her mother asked.

I will come take it myself; she answered.

I can bring it if you want, I see you still working; her mother said.

I will do it myself when am done with this; she answered.

ok then , if you say so, have good work.; her mother said closing the door.

after she was done with the painting she covered it with a clothe. and went to bed without even having dinner.

when her alarm rang she rushed to the bath room , and had a bath , and prepare herself to go to work.

looking at the time she was about to be late in 15 minutes , if she did go fast. she went to see her client the one of the painting. she gave it to her and then hurried to the tailor shop. she had many clients there with different liking and designs she had to deal with them all day and get it done by the end of the day.

Lei saw her giving the man the painting and hurrying to the shop . ”so the shop is owned by her ”; he said to himself. how about I annoy he by paying a visit? he asked himself. I know she will end me today , but let me do this. he added.

someone grabbed his wrist, where are you heading Mr?; a strange girl asked

Charl! what are you doing here? he asked

what do you mean by what am doing here? you left in bed just like that, without even saying a thing , and you asking me what am doing here , really? she asked

you out of your mind Charl? you know the thing we have is just, bed nothing else, so please stop this drama. ; he said

she looked at him with the angry face and left.

he headed to the tailor shop when he saw Dana entering. he bumped to a sell , selling bracelets and anklets and necklaces. he picked the two beautiful ones . the heart shaped for Dana, this one will be Charls for her apology .


yes boss am listening; Dana on the phone

what ever girl , you ruined everything you fool, you messed up my painting and the colours are everywhere ,do you even what you got paid for; the man yelling at her.

Am really sorry sir I didn know the painting was messed up but I promise you if you give me a chance I will be done by tomorrow morning. she said apologizing

I can stand people like you as if you were **ed in your head or else you brain, stupid. he said and hanged up the phone.

she started crying and shouting, and yelling saying harsh words, ” let me correct you bastard, you bitch that wasn were I was **ed, you coward. she kept on shouting and crying, beating the tables and chairs.

at that time lei entered the room and found her crying and shouting, ”Dana ” he called.

what now , are you gonna tell me the same thing. her head started aching of her crying. unable to keep her weight up she sat on the floor.

he helped her up and sat her on the couch. ”there ” he said hugging her tight and weeping her tears . and comforting her with good words.

she kept sighing, and crying but not loud this time. ” that night he told me to suck it ” , she said and her body started shaking but he kept patting her head , come down.

he , he , her voice was stuck in her throat. cracking somehow. I was only seven then, and what that man did to me was devilish. I was crying but he didn care , he was my fathers age , guessing he had a child of my age but he didn care. I was telling him uncle please don hurt me please , please send to my father . do you know what he did to me instead? she asked in the middle of her story telling.

lei didn say a thing he kept stroking her back.

she cried with her voice stuck in the throat, she grabbed leis arms very tight remembering that night, she brought him even closer , she was very afraid. ” he tore my clothes not caring I was a child, he unbottoned his pant and gave it to me and started beating me up to suck it , I didn even know what it meant or even what he was giving to me , it was just a big thing ”, she said hugging him very tight very scared.

unable to do what he asked me to do he beated me up telling me am stupid, and putted his thing in me , I cried and cried. i was feeling like he took out my soul and pour the pain . she said.

”my head is aching very bad ” she started beating her head and her eyes swallon.

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