stop that you are hurting yourself; he told her holding her arms still , harsh you gonna make your head more hurting if you continue beating yourself. ; he added

my head, is hurting terribly, I can feel it; she kept saying burying her head in her hands.

let me give you the pill, I always go with them; he said

he picked up the bottle of water on the table and the pill tube in his pocket and gave her two pills to take them . she swallowed them. he was still having her in his arms , she feel a sleep on him . he laid her gently on his lap. he started thinking of what just happened to him that time , a tear fell down his eye to Danas Cheek . ” I can believe am crying ”; he said to himself sobing . he was like he was calling the memories of what happened to him . unable to help it he continued crying and weeping his tears until there wasn any tear left to weep.

when she woke up, she found him laying his head at the back of the couch also sleeping. she got up gently to not wake him and took her phone to live. ” is that how you go without saying anything? ” he asked surprising her.

she stand there without saying a thing or even turning to look him. he stood up and walked to her. ” how are you feeling now ? are better now ”? he asked putting his hands on her shoulders.

a tear fell down her cheek , and sobed .

wanna talk to me to feel better? he asked again.

why did you come here? she asked back

I don know, may be I had to; he answered.

I don think its still important now, just leave me , I want to be alone. ; she said still looking at the wall infront of her. tears felling down her cheeks and weeping them Everytime.

do you trust your secret with me? he asked coming to stand in front of her.

keep it or tell , you got it all in your hands , she said as if it was nothing. it won change what happened anywhere ; she added.

how about we be friends? he asked giving his hand to shake friends agreement.

I never had friends before, I don even know how friends be like. ; she Said

I will teach you; he promised

she gave her hand and shaked hands . ” but on one condition ” don call me today.; she asked

good at negotiating , as you wish miss. he said and pulled her to a hug. but I will take you home to make sure you reach home safe, I see you not feeling well . he added

he drove her off to the shop she wanted to buy some few things. and then he took he home . when she reached home with an envelope in her hands, her eyes swallon and looking sick. her mother was sitting in the living room, when she saw how she was she didn know what to ask .she went straight to her room and closed it . she sat on the bed and started crying, and crying until she feel asleep.

when she woke up it was midnight or few hours past, everyone one was in bed . she saw her door wasn closed , means someone came in while she was asleep . she went out of her room to get some water to drink. getting back from the living room to get some water. she heard her mom and dad talking.

I felt helpless again, today when I heard my daughter crying and couldn do anything for her again. its been 12years moala , 12 years but I can do anything. when I entered her room today thinking thats I could help her calm down , it reminded me of the day I was carrying her little body bringing her home. I tried to get close to her many times but I couldn . the only thing, I could do was removing her shoes and cover her when she was asleep. I feel a shamed of being her father when I know I failed to protect her that night. I don even know what happened that night exactly except knowing she got rapped. her father said

her mother who has been quite the whole time turned to her husband. do you remember the first time she spoke after that night? do you remember her first word Marcos? that time she was 9 , she wasn able to talk for almost 2years . she said father please don let that man hurt me again. do you know what that means Marcos? she needed you as a father and now she still does. go , go find your old daughter Marcos . she enveloped him with a hug stroking his back.

she needs us moala, she needs parents. these 12years I haven seen her laughing or crying or anything. no feelings, no emotions she is just like a dead body. he added

she kept walking to her room and closed it to sleep but she didn , she kept on calling those memories till morning. her head was beating and beating. she didn go get her breakfast from the table, she didn even have lunch.

a knock on the door.

its mercy can I come in? she asked

what is it mercy? she answered.

what happened to you? you haven eaten anything since yesterday. she asked concerned

it nothing Mercy just go to your room ; she told her facing the other wall to hide her sad face .

if you want I can bring you something to eat. ; she said

no am fine mercy just need to be alone; she said.

are you sick sis? she asked, you know I don like seeing you sad . you can tell me may be I can help. she added

just close the door when you get out, that would be kind.; Dana asked

she didn know what to say, she closed the door leaving the room. Dana didn get out of her room the whole day and no one even called her the whole because her phone was switched off.

woking up in the morning she decided to switch on her phone to look for something that will help her mood , maybe reading a book or anything else. she opened in the books and started reading. after like 10minutes. ”lei phone call incoming ”.

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