1. The Ambush


The distress signal rang through the Assembly spot.

Men dressed in black full body suits rushed out of every walkway to the armory, picked up a plasma riffle and ran back to the Assembly spot.

In less than five minutes, over two hundred men had assembled orderly, save for their worried faces.

A muscular man who wore a similar suit walked up an elevated platform, followed closely by a woman who.. stuck out.

One would notice her greyish mechanic overall from anywhere.

Despite her odd appearance, the men in black looked at her with respect.

”Ill go straight to the point, ” the man spoke as soon as everyone settled down. ”The Nagas are trying to besiege this station. That should never happen. ”

The men below, or rather, soldiers, all experienced a sudden change in emotions, accompanied by confusion.

”I understand your confusion, ” the bulky man spoke knowingly. ”I demand that you stop seeing this station as simple as I seems on the outside, ” his expression turned grave as he contemplated whether to continue or not.

”Commander, ” the mechanic woman called him, ”Please proceed. The information would be announced later anyway, ” she added with a shrug which surprised the supposed commander.

”Rina! It is supposed to be top secret project.. ” the commander refuted but the mechanic cut him short.

”It isn that much of a secret now, I guess, ” she said as she stood up. ”Ill help you explain it, commander. ” she said it in a tone that sounded more like, ”Ill take it from here ”.

The commander sighed and went to his seat.

”I believe none of you is dumb enough not to notice that their are too many mechanics and engineers on this station than needed, ” her first sentence gave off her demeanor, straightforward.

”I guess Ill be first knight to drop her shield in outer space.., ” and..


A supposed top secret was told like a meme. The Commander nearly fell from his seat. This girl.., Sigh. She really has poor manners,

”What? ” Rina asked when she saw all their

confused faces. ”Don say you didn catch that, ” she dramatically face palmed.

”Stop that, Rina, ” the other woman on the platform said harshly but her face was red in embarrassment.

”OK, enough with the nonsense, ” her expression turned serious. ”As per the Earths United Government order, we are here to install the Energy Barrier type A- 233 from Angel Designs… ”

With an explanation that lasted two minutes, the soldiers felt both relief and despair.

Relieved that the installation was at its last phase, and only needed 12 hours of charging to start the shield; and despair on learning they need to survive for half a day against aliens.

”I know that this might be a heavy weight on you but you all need to know that it is OUR only planet that needs US now, ” Rina added after seeing through their frowns.

”Thank you for your help, Rina, ” the Commander smirked at her. She only shrugged a reply before sitting down again.

”We have to purge those idiots and show them that humans aren some pushovers! ” He gave the soldiers a stern glance.

”Yes sir! ”

”Hmm.. ” the commander nodded in satisfaction. ”Everyone, assume your battle positions and, prepare for battle! ” The soldiers scattered as soon as this order was given.

”Why the face, Commander? ” Rina asked when she noticed the frown on his face. ”Have some hope in your soldiers, they already did fair enough in the drills, ”

”Thats not it, ” Commander Maxwell school just head. ”Forget it. You wouldn understand anyway.. ” his voice trailed off at the end.

Maxwell Boston,, the Commander of Special Unit X0-373.

He had been in many battles and the feeling he has now is not new at all.



These feelings might be mistaken for nervousness, which is quite common before battles.

Dread, however, is an entirely different thing. It is a feeling almost same as desperation. The obvious cause is perspective.

Although he doesn care if his mission here failed, when he thinks about the chances of survival he feels,, helpless.

Logically thinking, and ambush this size is no longer an ambush.

Their Sensor Beacons picked up fifty different ships on the course to this station, not to mention that there is a medium sized mothership, FYI, ”medium ” is a ship stretching over a kilometer.

On normal terms, an enemy army this sized is considered normal, but to march one such army just to destroy a mere space station, it is an overkill.

”Haaa, why did I ever agree to cone here,, ” Comm. boston muttered under his breathe.

”Because its your job? ” Rina sneered as she walked down the stairs.

”… ” Boston was speechless.

”I won be surprised if she could read minds, ” her assistant chimed in. ”And that wasn a compliment you eavesdropping rascal! ”

Boston could only look at the trip in surprise. He thought they were almost the

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