The Adventurer’s Academy Part 2

This Relationship That Can\'t Go Anywhere, Part Two

dn drank as much as I did. Everything just feels fuzzy.]

Rin made a mental note of keeping herself in check if they did this again.

Elisas lips didn remain on Rins for too long. Soon, the woman began kissing Rins neck, sending shivers down the adventurers spine. Her tongue went on a little journey down Rins body, touching her chest first, then her navel, and then her thighs.

Rins body felt so hot. She was burning up as Elisa kissed Rins calf and then kissed the front of her right foot, holding it up by the heel she hadn taken off.

There was nothing but lust in Elisas eyes as she paused for a moment, smiling down at Rin.

”… You really are beautiful, you know? ” Elisa said with a giggle. ”What Im seeing right now… ” She muttered as her eyes scanned Rins body. ”Its like Im looking at a painting. ”

[I could say the same.]

From Rins perspective, sure, the intense make-out session probably had something to do with it, but seeing Elisa as she was right now also played a part in why she was so wet.

She looked so strong, so gorgeous that Rin felt like shed do anything Elisa asked of her at this moment. For now, the only request the woman made came in the form of sticking her index finger in Rins mouth, which Rin began to suck and lick just to let her know how horny she was.

And, then, Elisas other hand dove between Rins legs.

”Mm! ”

It was like electricity briefly ran all throughout Rins limbs as Elisas hand found Rins pussy. Elisa kept her finger right where it was and grinned down at the brunette.

”You liked that? I barely did anything, ” Elisa whispered.

[… I can help it,] Rin thought. [Ive been wanting this for so **ing long.]

Elisas other hand moved up and down Rins lower lips, teasing her. All the while, Elisa gauged Rins reactions, biting her lower lip when she heard Rin let out a low moan.

e already this wet too? ” Elisa asked, glancing down. ”My hands soaked. Do you really want me to ** you that badly? ”

[Yes. Please.]

She couldn say any of this, of course, as right now, all she could manage were little whines and high-pitched noises. Some sweat rolled down Rins forehead as she felt her body burning up even more intensely.

Elisa leaned over and began licking the edge of Rins ear as she finally slipped one finger in.

”Don worry, ” Elisa told her, ”we have all night. So, Im just gonna take this as slow as I can. I want to make the most of it. ”

As she bit Rins ear, she slipped a second finger in. Gradually, that hand moved faster and faster, and Rin closed her eyes simply so she could try to focus only on how her body felt right now.

”Ahh~ ” Rin hissed as Elisas fingers pushed in and out.

It turned out that Rin had been more desperate than she thought. Whether it was because she was pent-up or because shed been looking forward to this, this simple teasing was enough to send her over the edge.

And, Rin came before Elisa even started going fast.

”Hm? ” Elisa hummed as she glanced down. ”Your pussy just tightened so much… Did you seriously just cum from that? ” Rin couldn even manage a response. ”Im sorry… I guess I shouldn be teasing you too hard. But, like I said, we have all night. How about we just consider that round one? ”

Rin wasn too sure how many ”rounds ” she could take. She nodded, however, and Elisa got up.

Without saying anything, she got on top of Rin, upside-down. Being the professional she was, Rin knew what she was going for and reached up to put her hands on Elisas back.

Neither of them said a word as they began eating each other out in a 69. Rin, however, was surprised to find that Elisa was also pretty wet herself. Maybe the insecurity inside of her had tried to convince her that, even now, Elisa wasn too into her. That voice, however, was silenced as Elisa responded to a swipe of Rins tongue with a moan so loud, Rin worried it would wake Xhez up.

[… Wait, Xhez, right,] Rins drunken mind thought, [I should let her out of the bag soon. I have to go take her to see her parents. I should do that one of these days.]

Setting that aside, Rin licked Elisas pussy greedily. Her form was practically automatic. Her mouth was well-trained, after all.

e way too good at that, ” Elisa muttered gratefully, which spurred Rin to keep going.

[Don stop.]

A little more harshly than shed intended, Rin put a hand on the back of Elisas head and pulled her down, to make sure the other woman kept eating her out too.

It had taken a while, but Rin slowly adjusted her feelings. Sure, she wanted more, but, now that they were in the heat of this moment, Rin allowed herself to accept the carnal nature of the relationship Elisa was going for.

In other words, Rin figured that if they were just going to be ** buddies, she may as well go all out.

She locked her legs around Elisas head, keeping her in place. Her hands went to the womans ass and she dug her nails in as her tongue continued to slash away at Elisas clit.

”Mmm! ” Elisa gave a moan, muffled by Rins pussy. At this point, though, Rin was squarely in her element. Her focus couldn be shaken.

With her hands squeezing Elisas ass so hard that her nails raked her, Rin tried to move her tongue as fast as she could.

Elisa got just enough space to say:

”W-Wait, Im going to… Holy shit, ah! ”

Rin felt it. It showed up in the way Elisas muscles clenched and spasmed, though Rin kept her locked up, so she couldn move too much. The knees by the sides of Rins head buckled, and Rin slowed down, absent-mindedly taking slower, more appreciative swipes with her tongue.

As Elisa fell to the side, Rin sat up.

”Well, ” Rin said, breathing heavily, ”I guess we both came fast, huh? ”

Elisa looked surprised. She gestured for Rin to come closer and Rin did just that. Elisa kissed her, and they tasted each other on their lips.

”That was insane. ”

”Thanks, ” Rin muttered with a short smile. ”Up for another round? ”

”Of course~ ”

And so, the night continued.

They went on for hours. Drunk on alcohol and lust, they shared a night that Rin knew she wouldn forget anytime soon.

If this was how their new relationship would be, then maybe Rin could be okay with that.

This was pretty good in itself.

On Wednesday, the students of the academy filed into their classroom for their first course of the day.

Harriton, however, had an announcement to make before they could get started.

”So, I just wanna let everyone know, ” he said, as Rin rested her head on her palm, ”due to personal reasons, Elisa will not be taking any further classes. Shes dropping out. ”

Rin was already aware of this decision, but she still felt somewhat sad about it.

”She wanted me to tell you that she hopes everyone will keep working hard and that you all have it in you to be great adventurers. If you see her around, feel free to buy her a drink or two. Thats all. ”

Rin looked down at her notebook then.

There was a note written by Elisa that said:

”Thursday, 8:00pm, ” with a little heart drawn next to it.

And, Rin smirked.

[Yeah? Maybe before we **, Ill get her one.]

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