el strangely resentful, but she forced those thoughts out. ”If it turns out they are, indeed, these psychopaths you suspect them to be, what are they going to do? Call the cops? ”

”You do what you must, Rin, ” Maria echoed their sentiment. ”But, try not to start anything. You
e going there for information, after all. ”

”Uh, yeah, that sounds reasonable, ” Rin replied quietly.

”Of course, this is all assuming that they actually are the dangerous criminals we believe they might be. If they are not, then, I suppose that could be relieving in itself, ” Carliah added.

”Hmph, ” Eli grunted as he hunched over and locked eyes with Rin. Her exercise teacher seemed slightly worried. ”I would suggest that you take someone else there with you. ”

”What? ” Rin asked. She hadn expected that.

”Hes got a point, actually, ” Harriton cut in. ”If these are, in fact, murderous cultists or whatever, then it wouldn hurt to have someone there who you could count on. Someone who can watch your back in there. ”

”But we don really know how strong they are. ”

”Indeed, ” Maria replied. ”All the more reason to bring an ally. You could ask one of your classmates, ” she pointed out. ”If you explain the situation to them, Im sure one of them would like to help. I would go myself, ” Maria quickly stated, ”but, they could recognize me. The same goes for the rest of us here, unfortunately. ”

”Oh, that… ”

Rin stopped herself. She was just about to tell Maria that this wasn an issue, that a certain friend of theirs could help with that. Unfortunately, however, she quickly remembered something problematic.

Given the fact that those at the party would know of Rin as her Triss persona, if she was to take someone with her, the chances that theyd learn about Rins nighttime activities would be fairly high.


”Um… Ill think about it. ”

”Good. You
e excused. Go ahead and rest up. Clear your mind as much as you can before that party arrives and, of course, be careful, ” Mannon told her.

With that being said, Rin quickly walked back to her room.

The suggestion of bringing a partner made her think.

[Yeah, it probably would be better if I had someone there, but… who?]

As she wondered about that, she began considering her options. There weren too many of them, really.

[I could ask Elisa, but… No,] Rin sighed, [Besides, doesn she come from a famous family? Even if I got Xhez to cast some illusion spells on us, if they have a strong mage with them, theyd see through it. Yeah, its… its probably a bad idea.]

She tried to convince herself that this was the reason she didn really want to see Elisa right now, outside of the context of casual sex. It wasn really working, though.

In reality, spending time with her without being drunk on lust would probably make Rins thoughts wander to slightly bothersome places. Places that would make it difficult to focus on her task.

[Eve?] She continued. [Eh, she can handle herself when it comes to magic, but, physically… If she got hit it could be bad…]

One by one, she crossed her classmates off her mental checklist. Until, finally, she arrived at one specific individual.

Someone Rin knew to be powerful. Someone who probably wouldn care too much about Rins side job. And, someone who Rin could stand next to without feeling like her heart was being squeezed.

[Wait… yeah, yeah!]

Rin got off her bed and went out into the hall.

[Ill go ask right now.]

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