The Desperate Mage

The beginning

Max Elliot

Born 1010

Occupation:martial arts

Age 21


”This world is different fascinating and weird. As someone from the 21st century getting used to the age of swords and castles and ”primitives ” took quite a while ” said max

”But this world is different. 45 years before my passing the sky opened,the land spilt,air divided.I theorize that it could be a wormhole but no one calls it that here they call it the titans mouth,Gaias wound,The occult door,etc no one has really decided what its to be called….. like the savages they are. ”

”From the wormholes monsters came beasts immune to blades and fire, healing instantly from severe wounds, outsmarting experienced hunters,bitting through rocks and metal. ”

”Grains were plundered,people died like cattle,panic spread, religions thriving of fear and new being formed to worship the beasts that descended. ”

”But there is a silver lining a group of stranded soldiers (19)managed to trap one of the ”beast ” lets call the beast by their local name Gaestes. ”

”The geaste they hunted was as large as a liger weighing 620kg. They dug a pit hole and threw a bandit into it and filled the bandits body with poisonous elixir and enclosed the ground flammable leaves and made 5 large nets and then they used bushes as camouflage and covered themselves with herbs to mix up there scents. ”

”When the monster came surrounded the pit and set it on fire used spears to keep it at bay or jumping over the hole stabbing it a total of 1390 times .unlucky ones were brought down and torn apart. From the flames,stab wounds and poison the gaeste showed signs of weakening and it became more desperate and ferocious leading to the fire being put finally found a weakness in the encirclement. ”

”It is out of the pit ”unlike most animals gaeste don give up when there threatened they will kill their opponent no matter the cause ”

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