”I was born to a noble family since the rise of adventurers strength and money became the norm. The strong eats the weak became prevalent. Trained by multiple class 5 knight/adventurer/teacher I finally reached class 4 after targetted training and geaste flesh ”Said Max

The ranks are divided into classes by scholar Alfred after observing that when a martial artist(will be explained below) uses the ”life force ” in their body and a certain portion of there body glows which increases in surface area the stronger the martial artist is so divided the ranks based on percentages

Class 1 1%

Class 2 2%

Class 3 4%

Class 4 8%

Class 5 10%

Class 6 20%

Class 7 24%

Class 8 50%

Class 9 100%

Class 10 120% out of body life force stage

”The strongest in the continent is at 120% due to it being brighter a 20% was added ”

And today he is about to fight a rank 5 while being a rank 4

The instructor being lance was in a adventuring team and has the achievement of killing 10 type 3 geaste ( stronger than their respective levels in comparison),fighting an type 5 beast and surviving before reinforcements.

”You advancing quite fast kiddo ” said lance while while leaning forward hands down

”Max then kicks the ground blowing dust and debris towards the opponent while dashing sideways in other to hit lance from the blind spot.

”Lance proceeds to deliver a jab and haymaker that makes max fly 13 meters away and lance dashes delivering a front kick.

”Just a few more ”Lance wickedly thought in his mind

max tries to grab it but lance jumps to deliver a knee strike. Which max blocks but is sent flying again but stops in time to move forward and jumps to deliver a flying kick which lance counters with a punch of his own

When both fist and legs collided a visible wave was released

And max on the losing end flew backwards in the air

”I don still like the fact that theres such a gap between just a mere 2% ” thought max feeling humiliated

Then taking out two heavy metal balls from leather bag throwing it with pinpoint precision towards lances eyes and vital parts

”Evil little bastard ”thought Lance as he caught it

And then after landing max moved forward in zigzag motion while crounching and threw a punch towards core.

” his way stronger than normal class 4 and almost even reaching class 5 based on pure combat what kind of monster is this 14 year old brat ” thought Lance

And Lance moved his body to dodge the hit it turns out to be a feint. As max jump delivers a front hit with both legs which lance blocks and steps back by one foot and throws a right but max puts the hand into a submission hold but lance used th momentum to deal an uppercut that pushed max 5 meters into the air. Then jumped up and kneed max back then used an elbow the make him hit the ground faster.

”I guess the ruse is up ”thought Lance as he prepared to kill the idiots that will stop his assassination attempt at the abnormality

Max Upon landing vomited out blood which indicates internal bleeding and possible a crack in the vertebrae and a sever concussion

The other instructors found out something was wrong and rushed to stop the spar but lance stomped on the head of max multiple times when they got close lance spun and kick three of them using his LIP ability leading to their head spinning backwards causing pseudo decapitation

One of Lance powers is to increase the function of a specific part but as a result that part will be abolished for 1min

One of the intructors said ”what are you doing ” in rage

Lance smiled and didn answer but turned his hands to claws,went feral,hair sprouted out rapidly,bones distorted and teeth to fangs

Lance was a half Geaste half human. Half geaste were formed after church of the ascendants matched the beast and humans in order to wipe the power gap between them and the other factions.

They sent lance in order to assasinate future head of noble houses and the Eliot family was on the list due to having only one child

Its safe to say since lance acted max mother and father should be Kia.

And with there spies implanted in the family they would be able to calmly take over the assets as long as max is out of the picture.

So lance acted dashing towards the instrutors. They drew there blades. But lance screamed releasing a Sound wave making them bleed form their orifices. But they used their life innate powers

||||LIP(life innate powers) after a martial artist reaches class 5 they get a ability which is dependent on what they trained their eating habits and the creatures they fight ”||||

Lance came to one of them and sliced open their internals. And was attacked with LIP Flames burning one half of his face and then with a LIP internal fist which transfers force into the target but spun and tore of eyes of one of them. The other one Lept back. So lance aimed for the others but theyve already retreated. Only 3 more left

No one moved everyone except max with pure rage and fear he jumped from the ground and stabbed lances other eye not damaged by the flames.and then crouched down and stabbed him the balls.

”Did I get him ”

With anger lance kicked max away with full force and used the other senses to perceive his surroundings. The three instructors left attacked with fire,air and the last with the ability to improve abilities attacked.

”This is the worst mission those damn slave drivers have sent me on damn ittttttttttt ”angrily thought Lance in pain

lance used sound wave but the enchanted fire was slowly getting the better end

So lance sacrificed vocal cords to increase the damage defeating the fire and destroying the brain of the instructors and their ear.

Then looked for max but turns out even with multiple severe career ending injuries to run away.

It turns out max went to residence and towards the compound to ask for help from the guards but turns out the rest of the spies suddenly started leading to a shootout.

But then proceeded to hide in a secure corner

”What do I do ” Said Max

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