In the garden

Lance turned back and sensed every where within 90 meters with half of his sensory organs still left intact sensing the location was at max he tried to move but the moment he took a step the instructor that got his eyes removed every limits on his body to deal one attack moving faster than ones dynamic vision can perceive he dashed towards the half gaeste delivering a palm strike.

Lance quickly reacted sacrificing his energy to try to block this attack but the ability weaker due to multiple damage and sustained use of it in a short period of time

The collision tore apart the air

Creating a shocking wave that blew every grass 0.1km away|| about as large as a football stadium||.

Liquefying lances organs,tearing apart the cells and slowing down cell division instantly. Lance spits outs blood and tries to hang on to the little amount of time he has to ask a question

”Why did you do this for a brat, you have friends you have family the Elliots are not yours you are barely above strangers , YOU COULD HAVE WALKED AWAY AND NO ONE WOULD BE THE WISER IS IT MONEY We COULD HAVE GIVEN YOU MONEY ” angrily screamed Lance

The instructor smiled and said ”If everyone did as you did then we wouldn have adventurers in the first place ”

”You may have human in you but youve long turned into a beast betraying your own kind for another species is the worst decision you have ever made ”

”But you didn ask for this you were born and raised to serve your cause ”

And I won judge just as I hope you won judge me whatever realm you go after death ”

”Let the living worry about that kind of stuff is dead men should stay dead ”

The instructor said while spitting out blood due to giving most of his life force into that

Lance kept silent and asked ” what is your name ”

The ”instructor ” then simply said ”my name is Cedric rogers ” then smoke flew from his body indicating overclocking of the cells life force and its lack of.

||multiple internal burns,loss of eyesight,rupturing of eyes, ruptured vessels,muscles disconnected from bones,multiple organs missing after outbreak,sever concussion||

Cedric rogers K.I.A

lance Volvos K.I.A

instructors from Elliot K.I.A


As the spies were fighting the defenders max took out a red leaf and ate it

This leaf was main ingredient in the making of a healing elixir. Like healing potions in games made by the alchemist during the era of change alchemist found out that different kinds of monster mix well with the periodic elements. Leading to all new kinds of potions like strength elixir,fire resistant elixir, mind acceleration elixir,body deformation elixir.

”The technological route of this world is branching to magic very slowly or bio energy route. Theres something nothing me to push in a more advantageous direction ”

”But on more important issue at hand ”

”Like my life ”

”It seems like I go off track during life and death situations ”

”I would train diligence if I ever survive this ”

”No when I survive this ”

”Eating the leaf raw would reduce its efficiency but it would be enough for now.

” After I heal I will decapitate these traitors and hang their head on the walls spread their limbs stake it to the ground the blood will serve as a reminder to both friend and enemy ” angrily thought max

10 mins later

The sounds of battle reduced the defenders have the advantage.Max fully healed sprung out

Grabbing a traitors and slamming it to the ground and stabbing a blade through their rear then throwing the body to another.

”Huh oh that brat damn it no chivalry at all ”thought spy 2

Spy 2 tried to remove the body. But when he did max threw a knife to their balls. Then jumped on them and stabbed a blade through their ears.

”2 down ” thought max

Then fell of and rolled to another. Spy 3 tried to decapitate max head but due to height difference and max crouched. Punched spy 3 in the abdomen and knife hand to throat and then max was kick away.

” that was a hard kick is your did you rehearse that with your buddies before trying to murder innocent workers in cold blood ” angrily said max as he spit out blood

Spy 3 walked forward but max picked up a blade from spy 2 dead body and dashed and sliced spy 3 eyes and stabbed their right. And spy 3 picked out a blade and thrusted it at max narrowly missing but delivering a deep wound.

” I almost died cretin well since your blind now I won have to risk my life to put down a dead animal ” thought max

max then lept backwards and and went into hiding.and looked for chances to kill the other traitors doing hit and run tactics ,throwing stones and dust, using disguises. Soon the battle was over

The smell of blood and dust permitted the corridors, workers looking lifeless or just being without life, sadness crept like a shadow.

Regardless of the result

The battle was won

Or was it

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