The Desperate Mage

Killing an official

Max had an ability

Due to to max spacial experience at certain points in time he can sense danger but its probabilistic certain conditions needs to be met to activate. It need max to be injured at least withsevere damage and also heightened emotional reactions and a 30% chance if all those conditions are fulfilled

And when it happens it takes over the central nervous system in order to get the main consciousness out of the danger

So as max instinctually dived out the window and outside the porch the survivors looked in bafflement until they could not.


The ground split

The air flew

Light came

The world flipped


And after all the ceremonies were undertaken

The land dissapeared


”Mother what is this ” asked young max

”This is magic power made by mixing gunpowder and geaste blood and using the lifeforce to make them combine ” Morgan Elliot said

”So does that mean anyone can make it ”replied max

”Only rich people people at the bottom are more concerned with getting food than to play with such things only people at the top pay attention to this ”

Morgan replied with a smiling face and proud

” Am proud of your researching and curious nature never let anyone take that away from you ok ” said Morgan


Max says as the scene fades to black



Why now


Max said as rage consumed him the energy in him rioted heart beat ran faster surpassing 1000 beats per min||average resting bpm is 60-100||, an air vacuum forming around him each breath he takes,everything around him slowed down a 100 times. Eyes pure white hair standing up max stood. And screamed

Unknown to him the glow on his body extended from 8% to 10% awakening an innate abilitiy

The ability to control ones own perception

Turn 100 second to one and one to a 100

Browse the mind like a book

Zoom in on senses and out

Bypass internal and external

View the world in the perspective on an omniscient being

Record the world and creat ones of virtual universe

An ability with perfect beginning and infinite potential.

And this ability will lead max to a goal he would that will shape the history of this world.

—In the city lords resident—

”Sir they have been reports of walking dead from inhabitants from other lands. And claims that it can take attacks from lv 4 unscathed rip apart their limbs too and move faster than a class 6 as wild as these claims are we should report this to the the adventurer guild in the mring empire. They deal with weird bs like this ”the reporting soldier said

”Undead like the ones midwifes use to scare children to sleep you have to be kidding me its probably some Russ made by some wacko trying to spread confusion likely the church those bastards been trying to give our world to these beasts for quite a while **ing idiots pig for brains

They should bend ove and duck a dog if they want to be beast so bad ” said the city lord REX

The soldier looked did not look relieved at how easily the Rex dismissed the report and was about to try and convince him before.


The office shook heavily




The city lord said while jumping down from the 30 meter building and landing on the ground

And upon landing made a crater wider than most land animals. And jumped using the walls of building as steeping stones moving at speeds faster than commercial planes using innate abilities. With the energy flowing to at least 27% of the body

City lord Rex


Class 7

Blood group AB

Innate ability: increased bio magnetic field,force field



5mins later

I can see where the smoke is coming from Elliots house huh.

Either they got attacked or something went wrong in there goods.

If they were attacked who could it be a rival business could it be the meng,Fredricks,Li,yousevs

As Rex was think he suddenly stopped and where he was about move someone landed from above.

”You can not move past ”said the masked man in front

And then without warning attacked by stretching his hands towards Rex but it got stopped by a field and without warning Rex flashed towards the masked man with a speed of 220m/s|| approaching the lowest speeds of super sonic planes|| with a flying frontal kick which destroyed the house they were on and dented the ground in.

”You must know who I am ” boringly said rex

”Am not something any weakling can simply block ” Rex said with almost visible killing intent

And flew forwards dragging the masked man through the ground and when in another house flew up and destroyed another house then hammered the masked man down again

The masked man tried to look up and with desperation.forcefully stretched his limbs beyonds its limit and surround Rex from all sides

”In 10 secs you will not be alive ”

Rex said with his eyes slowing getting more brighter

And then tried to trap him in only for the forcefield to stop him and then Rex expanded the forcefield then…


Fibers torn

Snap snap

Joints separated

Snap snap snap

Bones torn apart


Blood spills

Flesh flies

Drip drip drip

Drip drip drip drip drip drip drip


Screamed the mask man

Rex flew down and clamped down on the masked mans throat

”Intruders are not allowed to scream before they die ” Rex said with eyes almost pure red

And then moved downwards while raising the masked mans head upwards

1 secs

2 secs

3 secs





Rex drops his hand

Thump hump thump

||masked man was KIA||

Rex flew away leaving a bleeding stump behind

”When you wake up would you ever think would I die today ”

The masked mans last thoughts

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