Rex lands on Elliots family ruins

With a wary expression he scanned the debris and found a boy with life signals

As he tries to remove it he has to block a spear that came from the back

And then spin and threw it back and the unwanted intruder simply shifted their heads sideways

REX activated his forcefield and in the next seconds the intruder came infront of him with an abnormal level of speed almost like they didn even move through space.

The intruder said

”As expected of the the inhuman rex am still surprised you even became city lord a brute such as you. ”

”The ability to instantly move between distances in secs 10th seat of the church of ascendants lightning flicker rojin ” said Rex

”I never knew my reputation spread to such a noble position I guess when you a pen pusher you have time to study useless information.

But no worries

When I kill you you won have to do such a boring job well i won if you come work for us like the loyal dog you are. ”

Rojin smiled

Then teleported at the back of Rex and hit him with a lightning punch.

Sparks flew

With a flint sound they both separated

”His fast but not in terms of speed his abilities make it almost impossible to make any plans of attack ” Rex thought

Rex spun in a circular direction causing a dust storm to form and used bio magnetic field to sense in the concealment.

But rojin used lightning to use as a sensor to track Rex like a motion sensor

” and adaptive ”

They flashed but rojin teleported right before they clashed and then appeared mid air and used lighting as a propulsion system to fly back down.

Rex dodged by a few inches and punched the moment rojin landed but just when he was about to hit the force from the lightning pushed him away and then rojin delivered a lightning enhanced left kick. They then separated a few meters away.

”That was my strongest attack I will have to to prepare for that move I would need to expend most of my energy rapidly and need to have close contact ” thought rojin

And rojin threw a left pushing him away,teleported in front of Rex kicked upwards sending him to the air,teleported right(punch)

Teleported up (kick)

Teleported to back(elbow)

Teleported in front(uppercut)

Teleported in front another (uppercut)

Teleported above(hammered down)

”My hands hurt from hitting him I might have even possibly cracked a few bones what kind of creature is he is he a half geaste ”thought rojin

There was lights on sky

Like a artist drawing lines to represent a shoooting star and constellations.

And finally rojin stopped by teleporting to a huge rock and teleporting back to Rex and smashing the rock on him faster than most modified cars.


And in the air rojin gathered lightning in his palms

And shaped it in the form of a shooting star

And blasted 61 separate lightning blast towards him





Bleeding and burnt Rex looked up gathered all the forcefield with his energy into his hands and picking a short bladed object from the ground with his other hand.

”I will use the light form his attack as concealment ” though rex

And rojin the sky gathered all the lighting into a huge spear.

And threw it down and Rex flew up and punched it

And kept flying and flew in front of rojin and cut off his nose and tried stab eyes only for rojin to teleport.

And then they both stared at each other in the sky

” if this is all you have then I guess I will have to kill a high ranking church slave this lovely day ” mocked Rex

” spark flicker rojin ” said rex with his disdain clear

Rojin while worried on the inside still said

”Aside from being a turtle I don think I have anything to fear from you ”lazily said rojin as he yawned while bleeding and hiding the pain from showing

”Theres a flash of light 0.5 secs before you teleported to a location but you masked it by spreading it making that area look blurry than a bright light normally one won be able to notice such a small difference but using my sensor Ive seen through you ” thought Rex

Before using bio magnetic flight to hit full force towards a location with an elbow strike.

By the time he reached rojin appeared there and was instantly hit and then flew out .







What hit me

We are at the same level

”Right ”

”Am I weak ”

”No ”

”His too ”

”Strong ”

And instinctively rojin teleported away only to get hit after Rex appeared before he teleported.

”Ah ”

”Ah ”

”Ah ”

”Ah ”

Dizzy concussed and in pain rojin screamed and tried to get himself balanced but didn teleport but made 2 lighting bolts and threw it only for Rex to tank it.



Rojin screamed in rage then threw a lighting bolt at max body. Rex flew there and narrowly block it with a forcefield,only for rojin to teleport there and kick him away and then used a lightning enhanced stomp to step on max which max instinvely block with a cross while still blocked manages to break of max hands and also paralyzing the nerve cells. ”

And tried again but was speared through the ground by Rex. And due to the life force energy( electric) used by rojin and Rex throughout the fight,it attracted lightning which rojin controls and then used that lighting to hit both himself and Rex cause it a blinding light.

It passed through Rex forcefield

He was hit

They both separated and rojin rolled back at least 15 feet away

And got up embarrassingly

Rojin smiled and started laughing


You damn humanoid demon

You would have killed me

You are more geaste than gaeste

You should join us

You would gain power

More power

You would be the strongest

Be above millions

You could

Shut up

Rex glowed red

And eyes glowing with white hit light

Flying up slowly with electric current pulsing round his body

~the lighting caused Rex cells to go through an evolution due to compatibility of his LIP powers and immunity to electromagnetic energy~






Rojin wanted to teleport

”But Rex controlled his body to fly towards him and grabbed him and then smashed his head towards the concrete ground. And then rojin dissapeared but Rex stretched his hands and all the weapons and metal in the ruins floated and and stabbed towards the spot that rojin appeared in ||approaching the speed of pistol rounds||reaching speeds passing 1200mph. ”






The sound of liquid dripping



Rojin falls on his knees

And looks towards the sky and uttered I almost one

So what happened

Why why why


Wasn it going so well

How did I lose

Am I dying

I was winning

I WaS WinnINg


And his face contorted in rage and turned towards the other houses specifically Rex families home


And teleported in that direction

Rex face contorted in pure fear

And rapidly transmuted himself into lightning moving at Mach 3200 way faster than a lightning strike

But he was 0.5 secs late

The instant rojin teleported

He blew himself up

Everything within 300meters was ionized


Every martial artist below class 3 was vaporized any martial artist class 5died to 4th degree burns

One moment it was calm the next everything turned to hell on earth




And then

Rex flew down

And picked up the ashes on the ground

And Silence

Pure gut wrenching


~~ wife of Rex murdered by the church~~

~~children of Rex murdered by the church~~

~~895 citizen killed by the church~~

~~100 martial artist/adventurers killed by the church~~


Class: 7 35%


Title: Lighting flicker, the 10th seat


Height: 6 0

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