The Hybrid Billionaire

The Billionaire\'s Game FX

”Welcome my lady Danielle and Mr. Ferrer…Welcome! ”

Danielle Gustilo and Roger Ferrer sat in their respective places saying nothing about my greeting. The waiter approached us to take our orders. I sensed their aloofness to me that I changed my strategy, for them to catch my bait. I kept my silence looking at them squarely. They noticed the situation that Roger started to talk about.

”Marco Fernando, we
e glad to see you again. ”

”Me too, but it seems that your wifes…, ” my words trailing deep inside my throat.

”Forgive her Marco, shes happy too…but…, ” Roger stops and looks at his wife.

”I hated you so much Marco….that I want this meeting very badly, ” Danielle Gustilo said suddenly.

”Ohhh I see….then its the best time to talk to you, Danielle. Can I ask you why you hated me so much? ”

”You knew it, bastard! ”

”Me a bastard? Its you my Lady Danielle…looks at you now? Its the year of the Billionaire now…and you……a poor-struggling lady of the beautiful city of Dubai? ”

Danielle stops abruptly when she sensed my anger. She turned her head sideways to the left where she can view Mike Luna and three of my men sitting at another table.

”You know Danielle…Roger…I know all about the two of you….everything…that I heard…you want to talk to me? Am I right? ”

”Yes Marco, thats right, ” Roger answered. ”Sorry for my wifes behavior. ”

”Then…tell her to behave in front of me…you need me more than I need the two of you! ” I shouted at them, faking my way to get them.

”Sorry, Marco…Im very sorry… ” Roger Ferrer said while Danielle keeps her silent looking at me.

”Then, how can I help you? ”

”We need a large sum of money now…have to pay for our debts. ”

”How much? ”

”Five million US dollar!!. ”

”Five million? How can you pay for that amount Roger? ”

”Ill try my very best to pay you…., ” then Roger looked at his wife.

”Whats my assurance for this agreement? ”

Suddenly, Mike Luna signaled to me and I excused myself and stood up. He reported the additional subjects about the couple which gave me another idea in gaining the situation. I came back to the table and spoke.

”Forget it, Roger…I have an offer for you and your wife. I will double that amount if you agree with me. ” I make a sign to Mike about the suitcase and he hands over one folder to me.

”Roger…Danielle…read it…Ill give you thirty minutes to read and decide…you can leave and be back here after 30 minutes, okay? ”

”Okay, Marco. ”

They left at once heading to their hotel room without knowing that I instructed my men to monitor them on the CCTV. After five minutes, one of my men reported to me that the two are fighting over their decisions. Danielle wanted so much about the money and to take her revenge on me. While Roger has an inkling of her decision, keeps his stand but wanted the money very badly.

”Okay, continue monitoring them until theyll coming back here…go..go.. ”

”Yes sir…yes. ”

Mike and I waited for my men to report again, but I viewed them all coming to us on the table.

”Mike hurry…talk to them…and report to me even they
e here…go!. ”

When the couple appeared, I used my acting ability to persuade them even though Im not saying a word. Thats the way Ive learned when dealing with bastard people like Danielle. I observed that it works well, and I opened up my acting strategy. I posed Italian-style, shrugged my shoulders, and looked at them directly into their eyes.

”So, what can I expect from both of you now? ”

”Yes, Marco…I agree with your terms and conditions….all the way, ” Roger said confidently.

”Okay, then Roger….could you please step back…Id like to talk to Danielle alone? ”

”Yes, sure Marco. ”

Roger stood up, and sat beside Mike at another table nearby. I started to release what I want to say to Danielle.

”Now that you approved with my terms, I give you this chance, remember… ” I said to Danielle.

”Yes, Marco…. because I want you dead! ”

”Im sure you will…because you
e nothing now…and Im ahead of you a billion times…see Danielle…thats why I dare you to catch me…once and for all…or you still love me? ”

”You fool Marco…I hated you so much…Ill kill you this time to avenge for my children! ”

”So, you brainstormed them for your baleful motives? Oh, what a wonderful mother you are Danielle! They
e my children too! You took away from me…You knew that I loved them, thats why you kept away from me! ” I shouted with rage that Mike comes nearer to me, and pull me out behind the wall. He injected through my arm and I calmed down instantly. I went back to the couple, ”I expect both of you….don be late. ” I said to them before leaving the place. Mike and my attorney prepared the documents to be signed by them, explained fully the agreement, and answered their questions on the spot. The couple had no knowledge that I was inside my tinted car observing them.

Danielle Gustilo and Roger Ferrer left the hotel after signing the documents and my men were ever ready to monitor them a

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